Newhaven Canadian Engineers Memorial

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Lest We Forget
To the Memory of the 
Membrs of the Corps of
Royal Canadian Engineers
who Lost Their Lives
in the Raid on Dieppe
France 19 August 1942 
Newhaven was an 
Embarkation Point
Spr Harold E Barnes  
  Oliver L Bercey  
  William N Bisset  
  Leslie E Bockus  
  Raymond A Breau  
  William Albert Brown  
  Peter Charbotte  
  Frank Cowlishaw  
  Alexander R Davidson  
  Delbert A Elliott  
L/Cpl Thomas R Gage  
  Alfred H Hall  
Spr Cyril Hodson  
  Joseph J Maville  
  William H McCaslin  
  Chester McGie  
Lieut-Col Gordon H McTavish  
Lieut William A Millar  
Sgt Ronald C Murray  

Sydney C Oliver

  John Ramsay  
Cpl Thomas D Russell  
Spr Clarence J Sharp  
  Elmer Shova  
  Hugh Smith  
  Stuart Williams  




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