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WW2 War Memorial

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John Agar John was the son of Francis and Annie born in 1891 in Egton. In 1901 the familylived at Egton Lane End, just a few doors away from Harry Hodgson and his family - Francis worked as a whinstone miner
John Agar John was the son of Edward and Annie and younger brother to Harry and born in 1893, also in Egton. In 1901 their address was Esk Valley. Edward worked as a whinstone miner to keep his family of 8
Harry Agar Harry was the son of Edward and Annie, being born in 1891 being the second child to Edward and Annie
William Agar  * William Burnett Agar was born in Ruswarp, the son of Matthew and Jane Ann Agar of Cross Farm, Egton and brother to John Agar (presumably, the John below). William married Jane Ann Potter in the summer of 1896 in the Whitby Registration District - which does include Egton. William enlisted in Whitby, joining the Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Regt., as Pte 4094. He was KIA on 18 September 1016 aged just 19 and he is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing along with many others whose final resting place is known only unto their God.
John Agar John was born in 1899 and brother to the William Abar list above
W Alderson  
E Bendon  
W Bean  
John Boanas  
Arthur Brown  
Charlie Brown  
J Broadley  
Tom Breckon  
F Bayley  
H Boanas  
Tom Corner Tom was born in 1889, the second son of Tom and susannah (see below)
George Corner It is also possible that George Robert Corner was a also a Corner sibling but he can't be found on the 1901 census. However, on the 1891 census he is there, born in 1890. Tom in 1891 worked as a fireman on a stationery engine
John Corner John W Corner born in 1887, was again a child of Tom and Susannan (see below)
Ernest Corner Earnest born in 1800, was the youngest child of Tom and Susannah (see below), living on Egton Street in the 1901 census
Joseph Corner  * Joseph Surr Corner was born in 1898 in Egton, the son of Tom and Susannah who in 1901 lived on Egton Street. Tom married Susannan Child in the winter of 1880 and worked as a general labourer to feed his family of 7 children, including Ernest listed above. Next door lived a Jane Corner, possibly his widowed mother ? By the end of the war the family lived at Woodbine Cottage, Egton but Joseph resided in Danby. Joseph enlisted in Whitby, joining the Yorkshire Regt., as 45602 but later transferred to the York and Lancs as pte 33389. He was KIA on 23 September 1918 aged 21 and rests in Vis-en-Artois Memorial
W Cockill  
Edwin Dalton Edwin Dalton was born in 1895 in Dringhouses or Askham, depending on the source, the son of Henry and Elizabeth Dalton who in 1901 were living in Mill Cottage, Egton where Henry worked as a gardener.
Henry Dalton Henry was born in 1897 in Askham, the brother of Edwin Dalton listed above
Matthew Dale Matthew H Dale was born in Ugthorpe in 1884, the son of John and Mary Ann. In the census of 1901 he was aged 17 and working as a joiners apprenctice. His father worked on his own accont as a farmer
Albert Dale  
W Derry  
A Dickenson  
F Frankland  * Francis Wilson Frankland was born in 1873 ineither Egton or Whitby - sources differ. His parents were John and Ann Elizabeth who in 1901 ran the Horse Shoe Inn, as well as John being a farmer and his sons being Ag Labs. John and Ann Elizabeth Wilson married in the summer of 1865. Francis served in the FRA as driver 50571 and died of wounds on 26 August 1916 aged 44 and he rests in St Sever Cemetery, Rouen.
J Greenless  
W Grayson  
Herbert Gibson  
Reginald Gibson  
George Gibson  
T Garnett  
J Headley  
R Hill  
Frank Hutchinson Frank or Francis was probably the son of William and Elizabeth who in 1989was a 12 year old scholar. William was an ironstone miner
Tom Hutchinson Tom was son of William and Elizabeth and probably the younger brother of Frank. In 1891 he was a young lad of 3.
John Hutchinson There is no John Hutchinson that seems to fit being in or around the area in the census that fits with someone who would have fought in WW1
Harry Hutchinson Harry was possibly the son of Thomas and Jane E Hutchinson who in the 1891 census was a scholar, his father worked as a stonemason
Alfred Hutchinson Alfred was born to Robert and Ruth in Egton in 1885. In 1891 was a scholar aged 6. It is more than likely that all these Hutchinson men are related in some way - all being on the same page of the census.
F W Hutchinson Francis W Hutchinson was born in 1882, the son of Thomas and Jane. Francis was the older brother to Harry, listed above.
Harry Hodgson  * Harry Hodgson was born in 1895 in Egton, the son of Thomas and Maria who in 1901 lived next door to the Frankland family, at Egton Lane End, where Thomas was a farmer. As to Harry's service in WW1 there are quite a few H or Harry Hodgson's but none that give a positive answer to which regiment he served in or where he rests or is remembered.
Robert Hodgson  
Frank Hodgson Frank born in 1897 was the brother of Harry, listed above and was aged 4 in 1901.
Tom Hodgson  
W Jobling  
C Moore  
H Moules  
H Maude  
J Moorfoot  
Ted Moore  
Arthur Pybus Arthur in 1901 was 3 years old, the son of Francis and Hannah and brother to Harry - see below.
James Pybus James was 10 in 1901 and again brother to Arthur and Harry.
Ernest Pybus Possibly John E Pybus who was 18 in 1901 and again a son of Francis and Hannah and sibling to the other Pybus men mention on this memorial
Harry Pybyus  * Harry was born in 1893 in Egton, the son of Francis and Hannah who in 1901 lived on Egton St, where Francis was a farmer with 10 children. Also in the household was Francis's widowed father then aged 77 and a retired farmer. Harry enlisted in Whitby, joining the Yorkshire Regiment as Pte 11434. He was KIA on 21 August 1915 aged 23 and he is remembered on the Helles Memorial along with over 20,000 other Commonwealth casualties who have no known grave
W Parneby  
Arthur Pearson  
Ralph Pearson  
James Pearson  
C Pearson  
T Readman  
R Rising  
P Rutland  
John Reed  
Robert Sparks  
Tom Sparks  
J Sayers  
James Scales  
Ralph Scales  
J W Scales  
Paul Stamp  
Arthur Spenceley  
Joseph Spenceley  
Harold Spenceley  
F Wellburn  
W Wellburn  
H Wellburn  
T Wood  
G W Welbury  * George Wompra Welbury was the born in 1889 in Newholm the son of George and Ann who in 1901 ran Greystone Farm in Newholm. George is found on the CWGC as George Wompra Welbury, but on the SWDTGW he is found as George Wompra. A search of the 1901 census had taken a downward spiral until the change of name was found in the sources. Which when a look at the marriate of George and Ann it is found that in the winter of 1890 one George Wompra married Ann Elizabeth Welbury - hence why it was a little hard to find them in the census and other sources.
In the summer of1916 George W married Mary J Roe. George enlisted in Whitby, joining the Yorkshire Regiment as Pte 36112. He was KIA on 2 April 1917 aged 28 and he rests in Henin Crucifix Cemetery along with 60 other casualties, two of which are unidentified.

The names in bold and * gave their lives in WW1


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