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Ferrybridge War Memorial

'Lest We Forget'

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19141 - 1918
Appleyard, Squire  
Armitage, Charles W  
Atkin, Frank L  
Bailey, Herbert  
Baker, James  
Brown, George  
Burnell, Arthur  
Dean, George A  
Farr, Albert  
Hatfield, Frank  
Johnson, James  
Lingard, John  
Lodge, Robert H  
Massey, Fred  
Mercer, John  
Norton, John R  
Pearson, Francis H  
Poulson, Harry  
Pratt, John T  
Roberts, William B  
Robinson, Harry  
Shepherd, Charles B  
Sinfield, William  
Skinner, Jack  
Smith, George  
Spink, Edward H  
Taylor, Ernest  
Taylor, Harry  
Thorpe, George  
Wagstaff, Thomas H  
Wake, Sidney  
Warren, Ambrose  
Watson, William H  
Watts, Richard  
Wellburn, Henry  
Whitfield, Samuel  
Wild, Henry  
Wright, Walter  
1939 - 1945
Booth, Thomas B  
Carr, Albert  
Greenaway, Geoffrey E  
Hutchinson, Kenneth  
Tennant, George W  
Winter, Albert C  
Winter, Charles E  
Dobson, William  
Machen, Derek  
Wileman, Fred W  
Steele, Guy  
King, Lionel  
Johnson, Herbert  

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