Hanging Heaton War Memorial
in the grounds of St Paul's church

You could also visit - St Paul's, Hanging Heaton Roll of Honour as the names
of some of the young men are on both memorials

Erected by the inhabitants of Soothill Upper
To the Glory of God, in Honour of Those who served faithfully in H.M. Forces
During the war 1914 - 1918 and in Sacred Memory of the men who died for their Country
Names hereon Inscribed
Ackroyd H  
Allerton W  
Arnitage E  
Atkins S  
Bailey J  
Bailey J H  
Bateman E H  
Beswick F  
Booth W  
Bray W  
Brearey A  
Brearey A B  
Brearey E  
Brearey J  
Bree D  
Breadhead E  
Brooke A  
Burns R A  
Calvert P  
Carson G A  
Cartwright G A  
Cllinson F  
Crossley A  
Crowther B  
Darton B J  
Denton J S  
Dixon J B  
Dixon J G  
Dixon S  
Eagleton A  
Elliott A  
Ellis E  
Ellis J J  
Firth D  
France P B  
Gamble F  
Gaunt H  
Gillson A  
Goldthorpe S  
Hagger C  
Haigh C  
Haigh H  
Hall W  
Hatfield W  
Haythorne F  
Heaps S  
Heaton A  
Hemingway F  
Hemingway T H  
Hill F  
Hill J  
Hill P  
Hirst C  
Hirst H  
Hornsby G H  
Hudson F  
Ineson C B  
Inman E  
Jackson F  
Jackson J  
Jaques H  
Jennings J  
Jessop E  
Kendall J C  
Kershaw T E  
Labourn F  
Labourn W  
Leather G  
Leach J  
Lewis A E  
Lodge Jack A  
Lodge Jos A  
Loryman J  
Longbottom G S  
Luty J W  
Major C W  
Marshall J  
Milnes G H  
Mitchell J J  
Moorhouse J A  
Mowforth F  
Nelson E  
Newsome A  
Ormerod E  
Parkinson J K  
Parkinson W C  
Pearce W  
Pollard T  
Pratt E  
Preston A G  
Priestley H  
Race T  
Ramsden J  
Rayner H  
Redgwick T  
Richardson H  
Richardson W  
Riley T  
Riley W  
Roche P  
Rodgers A  
Rymer J C  
Scholefield G L  
Senior G H  
Senior S  
Simpson C  
Slater J  
Smith J  
Speight A  
Speight J W  
Speight W  
Spink H  
Squires F  
Squires R  
Stead H  
Stephenson G H  
Stubley J G  
Summers H  
Summerscales A  
Summerscales H  
Summerscales W  
Sykes J  
Sykes V  
Talbot W  
Teale E  
Teale R P  
Thewlis P  
Thompson G  
Thompson W H  
Thraves J T  
Walton T  
Ward A  
Watson A  
Webber K  
Whitehead L  
Whitehead T  
Williamson B  
Winstanley J  
Wood J A  
Wood N  
Wrigley G H  
Also Remembering The Fallen From
World War 11 1939 - 1945
Anderson H Balden R A
Balden W D L T Beaumont C K
Brown J Burridge S
Byram D S Dale A V
Darrington G Dickson S
Farrar D W Gleming R
Garfield B Garner H
Gill C Green G
Hamer J Hill A E
Hunter D Ineson H
King W Lobley W
Lodge E Lunn B P
Midgley T Norton D
Pollard A Pyne N
Pyrah A Ramsden J
Robertshaw A E Rogers R
Senior R Senior S
Sheldon L Smith L
Squires F Stubley L
Swainston R P Sykes C E
Thompson A Turner A
Walker F Watson J C


The men that worked for England they have their graves at home and bees and birds of England above the cross can roam.

But they that fought for England, following a falling star. Alas, alas, for England they have their graves afar

extract from a poem by G K Chesterton


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