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Heckmondwike War Memorial

1914- 1919
To the Glory of God
and In Honoured
Memory of the Men
of Heckmondwike
Who Gave Their
Lives That Others
Might Live in

Let Those Who Come After
See To It That Their Names
Are Not Forgotten

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Ackroyd, Louis Louis was the son of Dan and Mary J Ackroyd who in 1901 were living at Popely (?) Buildings, Liversedge. Louis at the time was one of 6 children aged between 6 and 22 born in Heckmondwike or Liversedge. Dan worked as a woollen mill mechanic. Louis enlisted in London, joining the RE's and became Cpl.,106514. He died of wounds on 3 October 1915 aged 24 and is remembered at Mazingarbe Communal Cemetery (between Lens and Bethune), He rests with over 120 other casualties.
Aitkin, Albert Albert Aitken (as he is found in other sources) was living in 1901 with his parents James and Sarah and his 4 siblings at 81 Brighton St, Heckmondwike. His father, born in Leeds, worked as a packer of dress goods. His eldest sister, Beatrice aged 13 worked as a chenille rug ticketer. Albert enlisted in Batley where he joined the KOYLI as 1396. He rose to become a Sergt. Albert died of wounds on 18 September 1915 aged 21 and is buried in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery.
Akeroyd, John Possibly :- John Akeroyd who enlisted in Wakefield, joining the KOYLI as 202179 and was KIA on 1 July 1916 and is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial to The Missing along with many others.
Allen, Ernest Ernest Allen was the son of John and Jane and 1 of 7 children living at 14 Roebuck St, Heckmondwike. Although John was a miner 3 of his children worked in the local mills. Ernest enlisted in Heckmondwike, joining the Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own (Yorkshire Regt.,) and became Pte., 36330. He stated upon enlistment that he lived at Kilpin Hill Lane, nr Dewsbury. He was KIA on 4 October 1917 and is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial along with many others whose final resting place is known only unto their God.
Allen, George George was the brother of Ernest (above). As to his enlistment and place of death there are a number of references to a George but not that can be determined
Armitage, Lothair Lothair was living with his uncle William, a farmer of 88 High St, Heckmondwike in 1901. In 1891 he was living with his grandmother Elizabeth Firth and Edith Armitage, a widow - could this be his mother ? Lothair joined the KOYLI and became Pte., 3/1532. He died of wounds on 2 March 1915 aged 25 and is buried in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery
Aspin, Horace Horace was the son of Alfred, a carding overlooker, and Elizabeth who in 1901 were living at 22 Regent St, Heckmondwike. Horace enlisted in Bradford where he joined the East Yorkshire Regt., and became Pte., 41826. He died of wounds on 7 September 1918 aged 19 and is buried in Bagneux British Cemetery, Gazaincourt.
Ball, Geo. Fredk Possibly :- George Frederick Ball who in 1901 was living with his gransparents, Joseph and Jane Woodcock of Church Lane Villa, Heckmondwike
Bartle, Fredk De Forge Frederick De Forge Bartle was the son of Frederick and Lizzie Bartle who in 1901 were living with their children at 49 Market Place, Heckmondwike where Frederick snr was a watchmaker and jewellery shopkeeper born in Caistor, Lincolnshire. Frederick jnr enlisted in Heckmondwike, joining the Duke of Wellington's and became Pte., 306527. He was KIA on n3 May 1917 and is remembered along with many others on the Arras Memorial
Batley, Fred  
Batley, Geo. Cook George was the son of Ben and Annie who after the Great War lived at Mayville, Dymond Road, Heckmondwike. George served in the RAMC as Private DMZ/190606. He died on 5 December 1918 aged 30 and is buried in Caudry British Cemetery.
Baxter, John Alfred John was the son of Charles Samuel and Lavinia Baxter. In 1901 Lavinia was a widow living with her children at 165 High St, Heckmondwike. John was born in Bramley but enlisted in Heckmondwike where he joined the Duke of Wellington's Regt., as Pte., 19491. He was KIA on 12 October 1916 aged 31 and is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing.
Beldon, Harry Harry was born in Ravensthorpe and said his place of residing on enlistment was Heckmondwike. He joined the KOYLI as 27143 but was transferred into the Loyal North Lancashire Regt., when his army no. changed to 23374. He died of wounds onn 9 Marcy 1917 and is remembered on the Basra Memorial
Bellerby, Wm Edward Was the son of Frederick and Mary of Dewsbury. In the census of 1901 the family were living at 134 Bradford Road, Dewsbury. William was born in Mirfield but at the time of his enlistment lived in Leeds. He joined the West Riding Regt., as 5991 but was later transferred to the DLI and became Pte., 250773. William died of wounds on 3 August 1917 aged 31 and is buried at Godewaersvelde British Cemetery along with nearly 1000 Commonwealth burials and 19 German.
Bennett, Joseph Joseph was the son of Joseph and Mary Bennett who in 1901 lived at w & 4 Cemetery Road, Heckmondwike with their 8 children. Joseph owned a local pawnbroker business. Young Joseph enlisted into the RASC as 266813, later being transferred to the Tank Corps as 91332. He was KIA on 20 November 1917 and is remembered on the Memorial at Cambrai.
Bennett, Thomas Thomas was an elder brother of Joseph (above). He enlisted in Dewsbury while living in Saville Town. He joined the Coldstream Guards and became Pte 20081. He was KIA on 9 October 1917 aged 35 and is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial. He left a widow, Ada of 67 Savile Road, Savile Town, Dewsbury.
Benson, Arthur Possibly :- Arthur the son of Sarah Benson, widow of Beckett Nook, Dewsbury. He enlisted in Heckmondwike, joining the RFA and became driver 1460. He died of wounds on26 July 1916 and is remembered in Mesnil Communal Cemetery Extension, just north of Albert. He rests with over 300 identified and unidentified casualties
Blakeley, Thomas Hy Possibly :- Thomas the son of Henry Blakeley, a widow in 1901 with 1 child and his mother living at 22 Kilpin Hill. No information about his service can be determined
Bowker, Allan Allan was the son of Henry and Mary Jane Bowker, born in Dewsbury in 1882. Henry worked as a warehouseman in a local carpet works. In the 1901 census Allan was the youngest of 4 children. He enlisted in Liversedge, joining the West Riding Regt., as 19743. He later transferred to the Loyal North Lancashire Regt., as Pte., 26361. He died of wounds on 5 August 1918 aged 36 and is buried in Heckmondwike Cemetery.
Brayshaw, Tom George and Emily were the parents to Tom and his 4 siblings who in 1901 were living at Milton Row, Liversedge. Tom enlisted in Halifax where he joined the Northumberland Fusiliers as 29887. He died of wounds on 14 April 1917 and is remembered at Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun
Brearley, Joseph Joseph in 1901 was living with his aunt and uncle, Sarah Ann and James Brearley and their children at Bank Top, Soothill. He was born in Dewsbury and enlisted there, joining the KOYLI as Pte., 3/1511. He was KIA on 18 November 1916 aged 28 and is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial to The Missing. He has been Mentioned in Despatches. He left Norah, his wife, who later became Mrs Marsden of Back Battye St, Dewsbury.
Briggs, Norman Norman was the son of Sam and Ada who in 1901 lived at 95 Brighton St, Heckmondwike with an uncle, Abraham Briggs aged 66. Norman was a member of the RNVR, no. KP/856, Hood Bn, RN Div. He died on 27 December 1915 aged 25 and is remembered in Redoubt Cemetery, Helles. Norman left a wife, Polly of Cemetery Road, Heckmondwike.
Broderick, James James in 1901 was living with his aunt Ann Macarthy at 4 Strawberry Square, Heckmondwike. He enlisted in Cleckheaton where he joined the Northumberland Fusiliers as 6120. He was KIA on 26 June 1916 and is remembered at Dartmoor Cemetery, Becordel-Belcourt.
Brooke, George Hy  
Cartwright, Ned  
Corcoran, Joseph Wm  
Coulton, Leonard  
Coward, Norman  
Crane, William  
Crossley, Lennox  
Crowther, Russell  
Culbert, John Arnold  
Cushworth, Christopher  
Dent, Thomas Firby  
Dobson, Sidney  
Donnelly, William  
Doran, Thomas  
Duffin, Arthur W  
Duthie, Ronald  
Dye, Harry  
Dyson, Law  
Exley, Charles Wm  
Exley, Ernest  
Exley, Thomas Wm  
Farrell, Robert  
Faulkener, Daniel  
Fawcett, Luke  
Fieldhouse, Joseph  
Firth, Fred  
Firth, John  
Fisher, Allatt  
France, Herbert  
Franklin, Gilbert  
Gale, George  
Gibson, Joseph  
Gill, Miles  
Gladman, Louis  
Gladman, Robert  
Goodall, George  
Goodall, Percy  
Greenwood, Albert E  
Haddon, John Thomas  
Hallam, Christopher  
Hanson, Albert  
Hanson, Reginald S  
Hedley, Harry  
Hepworth, John Thomas  
Hinchliffe, Alfred  
Hinchliffe, Tom  
Hirst, Clifford  
Hirst, Haydn  
Hirst, John W  
Hirst, Raymond A  
Hoffland, William Geo  
Holmes, Ernest  
Hold, Harold Binns  
Hagan, John W  
Henkinson, Rowland  
Kaye, Frank  
Keach, Naylor  
Law, Alfred  
Lawford, George W  
Lawton, Thomas  
Ledgard, Arthur  
Lees, Norman  
Lindsay, Thomas Wm  
Lister, Raymond  
Lister, Rhodes  
Maplebeck, George N  
Moffatt, Arthur C  
Morris, George Henry  
Morris, James Wm  
Morton, James  
Naylor, Walter  
Nelson, James W  
North, Fred  
North, George A  
Oddy, Edgar  
Orman, Percy  
Parker, Clifford  
Parker, William  
Pearce, Charles E  
Peel, Joseph E  
Pogson, Clement  
Preston, George F  
Preston, Leonard  
Priestley, John Willie  
Quarmby, Albert E  
Quarmby, Leonard  
Radbone, Charles  
Redhead, frank  
Rhodes, Lawrence E  
Robinson, Alfred H  
Roe, George  
Schofield, Benjamin  
Schofield, James A  
Schofield, Percy  
Scorer, John R  
Sharp, William  
Simpkin, Travers  
Smith, Ernest  
Smith, Harry  
Smith, Norman  
Spink, Joe W  
Sutcliffe, Edgar  
Tattersfield, Allan  
Tattersfield, Ernest  
Taylor, Robert H  
Townend, George H  
Trevitt, Charles G  
Turton, George  
Wadsworth, John  
Walker, Herbert  
Walker, Percy  
Walker, Ralph  
Walker, Thomas  
Walshaw, Norman  
Ward, Victor C  
Weaver, charles  
Whitaker, Leonard  
Willett, Edwin  
Wilson, Sherman  
Winn, John B  
Wood, Arthur  
Wright, Harold  
Wright, Joe  
Yeadon, Albert E ?  

1939       To The Glory of God         1945
And in Proud Remembrance of
The Men of Heckmondwike who Paid The
Supreme Sacrifice
"Their Names Liveth Evermore"

Ainley, Albert  
Asquith, Alec R  
Atkinson, Leonard  
Boothroyd, Herbert  
Branwell, Dennis  
Brown, Ernest  
Burns, John  
Clough, Joseph W  
Crossley, Kenneth  
Dutton, Theodore E  
Ellis, Jack  
Etherington, Joseph  
Farrar, Luke  
Forbes, Albert  
Goodlad, Thomas  
Green, Thomas Gordon  
Hanson, John E  
Harpin, Jack  
Harrison, Kenneth  
Heaton, Herbert  
Hemintway, Marchant  
Hepworth, Harold  
Hill, Thomas  
Hinchcliffe, Raymond  
Hopkinson, Jack  
Howarth, Harry Haslam  
Hutchinson, Leonard Fred  
Ingham, Clarence A  
Kitchingman, Richard  
Lawrence, Stanley  
McKenna, John T  
Marlow, William  
Meer, Eric Peter  
Middleton, Joseph  
McLoughlin, John  
Morrison, Orlando  
Morton, Horace  
Newton, Ernest  
Pearson, Harry  
Pickering, Clifford  
Powell, Wilson  
Radford, Clifford  
Rhodes, Robert Lionel  
Rowan, W H  
Rowles, Sydney  
Scholefield, Jack  
Shaw, Harold  
Stakes, Kenneth  
Taylor, Wilfrid Trevor  
Thompson, George A  
Turner, Lewis  
Walker, George H  
Whitehead, Cecil E  
Willacy, Herbert  
Wilson, John  
Williams, Frank  
Womersley, Frank Edward  
Woodward, Herbert James  
Wrigley, Ernest  


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