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Morley War Memorial

1939 - 1945

incl. Drighlington, Gildersome, Churwell and East and West Ardsley

not in strict alphabetical order

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Walter Armitage
Ronald Arnfield  
Dennis Balmforth  
Harry Barker  
Rufut Baines  
Cyril Barraclough  
Stanley Barraclough  
Sam E Barron  
Francis Bedford  
Eric Beever  
Walter Benbrook  
Leslie Bennett  
Duncan Bentley  
Orlando Bolland  
Harry Botterill  
William bottomley  
John Bramham  
Thomas F Britton  
Frank Brook  
John Brook  
Stanley Brook  
Tom Brooke  
William W burnley  
Roland Butler  
Herbert Castle  
Thomas Corbett  
Raymond M Cross  
Clarence Crowther  
Wm R Crowther  
Dennis currie  
James F Davis  
Harold Dawson  
J Albert Dean  
G Leslie Driver  
John Durham  
Arnold W edmondson  
Arthur Ellis  
Clifton B Farrow  
Travis Foggitt  
Ernest Gash  
Ralph Goff  
Arnold W Habergham  
Tom L Hambergham  
R Martin Haigh  
Tom Hall  
Arthur Hardcastle  
Harold Hinchliffe  
Eric Holmes  
Joseph B Hope  
J Leslie Johnson  
Stanley A Johnson  
Howard Kent  
Frank Lee  
Frank Lord  
Joe Lupton  
Harold Matthews  
Arthur E Naylor  
Edward Naylor  
Frances C Donnell  
Norman Parker  
Raymond Peel  
Stanley Priestley  
Alfred H Pyrah  
Maurice V Rafton  
Eric Ramsden  
Arthur R Rayner  
S Kenneth Rayner  
Thomas B Robson  
Horace Rose  
Kenneth Rowley  
John T Sanderson  
Walter Scott  
Maurice Sharp  
John Short  
Harold Smith  
Jack Smith  
Laurence Smith  
Robert W Smith  
Thomas A Smith  
Alfred Smithson  
Wilfred Stead  
Wm H Thackray  
J Edward Thomas  
Ralph Thompson  
Frank Wade  
James W Wardle  
Austin Waring  
Ewart G Waring  
Jack Warrington  
John G Watson  
Edgar Webster  
Norman Westwood  
Joseph Williamson  
Sam Wilson  
Andrew Yates  
Frank Pickard  
Rawden Brooke  
Sydney C Brown  
Andrew R Davis  
William Green  
Arthur Ellis  
Ernest B Field  
Kenneth Garnett  
W Stewart Monger  
Leslie Norton  
George Parkinson  
Kenneth Pumphrey  
East and West Ardsley
Thomas Armriding  
John D Armstrong  
Norman H Ashworth  
Walter Aveyard  
Thomas Baldwin  
Eric Barker  
Edgar Bedford  
Cyril Broadbent  
Kenneth H Carver  
Frederick W Cobbold  
Hendry Crawford  
James F Crossley  
Willie Crossley  
Albert V Dale  
Albert A Doncaster  
Cyril Doyle  
Raymond Elliott  
Joseph A Etheridge  
George Green  
Jesse Greenwood  
Willie Hirst  
John Ibbeson  
Percy Ingham  
John Kellett  
John Kelly  
Arthur A Latimer  
Charles W Linford  
Kenneth Linford  
Joseph Lockwood  
William MacDonald  
Reginald Marshall  
Joseph E Mortimer  
Willie Morton  
D Oswald Moss  
Edgar Noble  
Harry Noble  
Horace Pape  
Arthur Pyrah  
John C Richardson  
George R Rimmington  
Kenneth Roberts  
Joseph M Surr  
James Taylor  
Ronald Tempest  
Harold Wainwright  
Willie Wainwright  
Clarence Wilkinson  
Levi Yates  
John M Barrass  
William Bastow  
Donald W Bowers  
Kenneth A Brooke  
Harold Brown  
Alfred Cushing  
Eric P Dixon  
Ronald C Dowson  
Eric Eastwood  
Ronald Hampshire  
Fred Haigh  
George Hawkin  
John E Hardcastle  
Herbert A Holdsworth  
Raymond Hornsby  
Alfred J Keeling  
Harold Kershaw  
Stanley Malins  
P Andrew Merrington  
Cyil Oddy  
Clarence Smith  
Henry Waterworth  
William T Watson  
Edward Armitage  
Ronnie Armitage  
Leslie W Denning  
Edward Dove  
Herbert Drake  
Alfred Duerden  
Clarence E Dumville  
George Fleming  
Stanley L Foxton  
Denis B Haley  
Arthur D Heron  
Arthur Holt  
Richard Ingle  
Frederic Jones  
Lawrence Ramsden  
George E Roddy  
Arthur Smith  
Edith Stead  
Chris W Stogdale  
Rowland Totham  
Jack Turner  
Walter Wardell  
George Webster  
Leonard Wilson  



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