St Paul's War Memorial

1914 - 1918
To Keep in Rememberance the names
of the Men from This Church who
gave their Lives during The Great War
that others might live in Freedom
Charles Wilfred Drury Charles, born in 1888, in Robin Hood, was the son of Chalres and Mary Ann. Charles worked in 1901, as a Quarryman, probably, at the quarry just off Rein Road, to feed his family of 5 children and living at 66 High Street (North). Charles enlisted in Leeds, joining the Northumberland Fusiliers and rising to Corporal 16668. He was KIA on 26 November 1916 aged 29 and he rests in Grandcourt Road Cemetery, Grandcourt.
Frank Forbes Frank was born in Morley, the son of J W and Mary Jane Forbes who lived in New Street, Morley. Frank enlisted in Morley, joining the York and Lancs Regt., as Ptdn 37929. He was KIA on 28 September 1917 aged 19 and is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial to the Missing.
Henry Gibson  
Oswald Peel Hartley Oswald was born in 1893, in Morley, the son of George of Ardsley and Louisa from Holbeck. In the census of 1901 Oswald was living on Scotchman Lane, the son of a spinner in a local woollen mill. By 1911 Oswald was 1 of 4 children living at 17 St Paul St, Morley. His elder sister Hemione Isabell was a shorthand typist ; Ella was a milliner improver ; his younger brother Vernon was aged 9 and at school, while Oswald was an 18 year old drapers assistant. He served in the ROSC as 2nd Corporal, O/7469 and died on 14 January 1919 aged 26. He rests in Mikra British Military Cemetery, Kalamaria, Greece
John James Lister John was born in 1898 in Royston, the son of Joseph and Martha who in 1911 lived at 22 Townend, Morley. Joseph and his eldest son, also a Joseph, worked in the mines, while John was a 13 year old woollen piecer. John enlisted in Morley, joining the KOYLI and becoming Pte 202108. He was KIA on 27 November 1917 and is remembered on the Cambrai Memorial, Louveral, France.
Harry Newton Harry, was born in 1891 in Morley, the son of George and Emily, who in 1901 lived at Newport Street, Morley. George, born in Adwalton, worked as a locomotive driver in a local colliery and his eldest son, Albert was apprenticed to a plumber. Harry enlisted in nearby Dewsbury, joining the KOYLI and becoming Pte 12/1044. He was KIA on 18 September 1918 aged 28 and he is remembered along with many others on the Vis-en-Artois Memorial.
Charles B Rodgers  
William Siddle William, born in Morley in 1898, was the son of Benjamin and Ann, who in 1901 lived at 17 Wakefield Road, in the Woodkirk Parish. Benjamin, born in Wakefield, worked as a grocer on his own account. William attended the local Grammar School and attested, aged 18, in Morley in June of 1916, joining the York and Lancs Regtr., as Pte 38968. William was 5' 7" tall with a 32" expanded chest and weighing 112 lbs. By 1917 he had rejoined from the Reserve Lists an was posted to France - embarking at Folkstone on 12 April 1914 and landing in Boulogne later in the day. By the next day he is in Etaples. He was KIA on 13 October 1917 and rests in Hooge Crater Cemetery.
On November 23 1921 Rennie Siddle, William's sisters signed a receipt to acknowledge his sons medals being sent to him, as next of kin. She was also to acknowledge receipt of his personal property, namely : Testament, Prayer Book, Purse, Small Crucifix, Diary, Letters and Photo's.
Charles Verity Charles was born in Morley in 1893, the son of William W and Mary E Verity. In the 1901 census William worked as a Willeyer in a local woollen mill and lived on Peel Street, Morley. Charles enlisted in Colsterdale into the West Yorks Regt., and became 1039, later becoming 30300 in the East Yorks Regt. He was KIA on 7 June 1918 aged 25 and rests in Lille Southern Cemetery. Charles had married Lily Whiteley in the winter of 1914 and she lived after the war at 2 Elmfield Grove, Oldfield Lane, Wortley.
James William Firth

James was born in 1892, the son of George Albert and Susan Firth, who in 1901 lived on High Street, in Paul's Parish, Morley. George at that time worked as a plumber and an emloyer of men. By the time of the 1911 census the family of 5 were living at 2 South Queen Street a 7 roomed house. Susan did infact have 4 children.
James William served as a Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force and died on 1 October 1918 aged 28. He is remembered on the Arras Flying Services Memorial commemorating nearly 1000 of the Commonwealth airmen from all the services

Joseph Gerrish Joseph Hemingborough Gerrish was born in 1897 in Morley, the son of Walter and Eliza. In 1901 the family lived at 285 Fountain Street, where Walter worked as an engine stoker in the local stone quarry and Joseph was the youngest of 5 children. Ten years on the family are now living at 43 Worral St, Morley and Walter and his wife have been married 30 years. Joseph H is aged 14 and still the youngest child. Joseph enlisted into the YLI as 29783, later being transferred to the Border Regt., as Pte 27191. Joseph died on 16 July 1918 aged 21 and rests in Cologne Southern Cemetery.
Joseph was awarded, as many other men who never saw the end of the war, the British and Victory Medals, who would have been sent to his next of kin.
James Gibson James McLintock Gibson was born in Paisley in 1896, the son of John Robert and Jane Bryce Gibson. In the 1911 census the family were living at Somerset House, King Street, Morley where John worked as a medical practitioner. In this census James is transcribed as James Whitvwell Gibson but a look at the orginal form does give his correct name. He enlisted in London, joining the London Regt., as Pte 5493. He was KIA on 1 July 1916, aged 21 and is remembered with many others who died on that day on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing
Harry Herbert Harry was born in 1898, in Deepcarr, Sheffield, the son of Walter and Hannah. In the 1911 census the family are living on Manchester Road, Stocksbridge where Walter is a stationery engine driver. Walter and Hannah being married 21 years by this time and were parents to one child, Harry. Harry enlisted in Morley, becoming Pte 37766 in the York & Lancs Regt., He died of wounds on 6 Febuary 1918 aged 20 and rests in Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery along with over 10,000 other men and one woman
Rowland Naylor Possibly, Rowland, born in 1882 Morley, the son of James and Emma. He served in the YLI as 3807, transferring after 1916 to the MGC and becoming Pte 25841. He died pm 3 January 1918 and rests in Merville Communal Cemetery Extension.
He left a widow, Alberta, who after the war lived at Syke Lane, West Ardsley.
Albert Rodgers Possibly - Albert who served in the KOSR's as 21746 and later transferred to the Seaforth Highlanders as Pte 204660. He was KIA on 31 August 1918 and is remembered as A Rogers in Brown's Copse Cemetery, Roeux.
Thomas Edward Richardson Thomas was the son of Edward and Martha of Aire Street, Ravensthorpe. By the time of the 1911 census Thomas had been married to Ethel for 7 years and was the father of 3 children, working as a journeyman butcher and living at 106 Bank Street, Morley. He enlisted in Leeds, joining the Suffolk Regt., as Pte 50656, he died of wounds on 23 March 1918 and is remembered on the Arras Memorial. By the end of the war Ethel and her family were living at 26 Granny Avenue, Churwell.
Spowers Smith Joseph Spowers Smith was born in 1883 the son of Hubert and Sarah who in 1891 lived at 20 Marshall St, Morley. By 1901 Sarah has re-married and is now Benn - in the house is Thomas Benn, Sarah and Sarah's two children to her previous marriage, Alice and Joshua, living at 32 Foster St, Morley. Joshua enlisted in Dewsbury, joining the KOYLI as Pte 202396. He died of wounds on 22 July 1918 aged 35 and is remembered on St Imoges churchyard, France. His mother, Mrs Benn was still at 32 Foster St, New Brighton, Morley.
Percy Burnan Ward Percy was born in Coalville. He enlisted in Morley, joining the RASC as M/299936, later transferring to the KRRC as Rifleman R/39075. He was KIA on 21 September 1917 and is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial to the Missing.
Arthur Webster Arthur was born in 1893, the son of Arthur and Harriet who in 1901 lived at 1 Jubilee Place, Morley, where Arthur worked as a rag grinder in a woollen mill. By 1911 Arthur and Harriet, who had by now been married 30 years, was a fish merchant, and Arthur jnr was a railway porter, still living at 1 Jubilee Place. He enlisted in Morley and served in the Northumberland Fus as 11288, then the RFA as 144877 transferring to the KOYLI as Pte 6663. He was KIA on 17 September 1916 aged 23 and rests in AIF Burial Ground, Flers


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