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Robin Hood War Memorial

To the Glory of God
and in Memory of the

Men of Robin Hood and Rothwell Haigh
who gave their lives for their country
in the Great War 1914-1918

"Their name liveth for evermore"

Eric Armitage
Eric was born in 1898 in Carlton.  He was the son of George and Annie of Westfield House, Carlton. George was a stone merchant, brick maker and quarry owner and Eric was one of five children.  The household also consisted of two domestics, one general domestic nurse and one trained sick nurse.  Eric was a member of the Royal Flying Corps and died of wounds on 4 October 1917 by this time his mother had died.  Eric is remembered at Izel-les-Hameau Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.  Eric lies with 5 other casualties of WW1 in this village cemetery.
Herbert Blackburn
Herbert Edwin was the son of John William Blackburn of Rothwell Haigh and was born in 1893.  He enlisted in Leeds where he joined the coldstream Guards and became 15364 and rising to L/Cpl.  He was KIA on 15 September 1916 aged 23 and is remembered on the Theipval Memorial.
John W Blackburn
John William Blackburn was born in Rothwell and enlisted in Leeds, where he joined the West Yorkshire Regiment and became Pte., 306327.  He was KIA on 15 August 1918 and is remembered at Cerisy-Gailly Military Cemetery.
Vincent Bray
Vincent was born in Stainland, the son of George and Pheobe in 1884 one of nine children. He enlisted in Chelsea while living in West Bridgeford.  Vincent married Emily of Hopewell House,  Robin Hood.  Emily later became Mrs Oakes.  Vincent died on 16 August 1916 aged 32 and is remembered at Salonika, Lambet Road, Military Cemetery.
George Brown
No extra information at this time
Horace W Cass
Horace William was the son of John William and Ellen of Pawson Street, Robin Hood, being born in 1896. Horace enlisted in Wakefield where he joined the KOYLI as Pte., 3631.  He was KIA on 28 December 1915 aged 19 and is remembered at Bard Cottage Cemetery.
Charles E Cornish
No extra information at this time
Arthur Field
Arthur was born in Robin Hood, the son of John and Eliza who in 1901 were residing in Rothwell.  Arthur married Jane Hannah and lived at Angel Row, Rothwell.  He enlisted in Leeds, joining the Yorkshrie Regiment as 20395.  He was KIA on 4 October 1917 aged 40 and is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial to the Missing.
Matthew H Glover
Matthew Henry was the son of Walter and Mary - Walter being born in Wakefield and Mary in Flockley, Leic.  Matthew was born in 1893 in Normanton.  By 1901 the family were living in York as Walter was a Railway Engine Driver.  Matthew married Elisie Mary and they lived at Queen Victoria St, The Mount, York.  He died of wounds and is buried in York Cemetery.
George E Harrup
No extra information at this time
Hubert Hollings
Hubert was the son of Tom and Jane of Middleton Lane, Rothwell Haigh, being born in 1897.  He served in the Royal Airford and became a 2/Lieut.  He died on 28 September 1918 aged 19 and is remembered at Larch Wood (Railway Cutting) Cemetery 4 km south east of Ypres and lies with over 530 other casualties.
Thomas H Lake
No extra information at this time
Edmund Kirkby
Edmund was born in 1896 in Thornes, Wakefield, the son of Harry and Mary who in 1901 lived at Chestmut Villas, 72 Denby Dale Road - Harry being the General Manager of the Co-op Stores aged 32. Edmund served as Able Seaman  TynesideZ/10884 on SS Ottaker.  By the time of Edmunds death on 11 December 1917 his father had become a JP, living at Chapel View, Robin Hood.  Edmund is remembered at the Chatham Naval Memorial.
Harry Mawson
Harry was born in 1883 in Woodhouse.  In 1901 he was living with his uncle and aunt, Thomas and Fanny Fozzard in Queen Street, Carlton.  He enlisted in Leeds but lived in Rothwell with his wife Ethel Beatrice.  He joined the West Yorkshire Regt and became Pte., 306466.  He died on 23 June 1918 aged 35 and is remembered at Hamburg Cemetery and lies along side over 700 WW1 casualties and nearly 2000 from WW2
George Newbould
George was 6 years old when the census of 1901 was being taken.  He was living with his parents, Ernest and Ellen and 5 siblings at Leasome View, Hunslet. George enlisted in Leeds where he joined the West Yorkshrie Regt., as no 30684 and was KIA on 22 september 1917 aged 22.  George is remembered at Favreuil British Cemetery.
Harry Prust
Poss :  Harry Prust who in 1901 was living with his grandmother in Scarborough aged 6 and her daughter Ada.  His parents in later documentation are said to be David and Ada Prust of Castle Road, Scarborough.  He enlisted in Dewsbury where he joined the Army Cylist Corps as 79, later transferring to the Kings (Liverpool Regt.,) as no 57658. He was KIA on 9 September 1917 aged 22 and he is remembered at Wancourt British Cemetery 8 km SE of Arras. He lies alongside over 1100 other Commonsealth Casualties.
Rupert Scorthorne
Rupert was born in Morthen in 1893.  The son of George of Whiston and Annie of Stubbs Walden.  Rupert married a lady called Mary and they lived at Leadwell Lane, Robin Hood.  He enlisted in Lincoln where he joined the Lincolnshire Regt., as no 241588.  He died of wounds on 17 April 1917 aged 24 and si remembered at Ligny-en-Cambresis Communal Cemetery.  This communal cemetery is the final resting place of 40 Commonwealth Casualties, of which, only 19 are identified.  There were German casualties in the same cemetery, but they have now been removed.
Harry Sowery
No extra information at this time
George R Turner
No extra information at this time
John Wales
Poss : John, born in Armley and enlisted in Rothwell.  He joined the South Staff Regt., as 29402 and later transferred to the Labour Corps as 15459.  He died on 10 November 1918.
Adolphus Walker
Adolphus was born in 1897 and in 1901 was living with his grandparents, Thomas and Margaret in Union Street, Wakefield.  Adolphus enlisted into the Duke of Wellington's and became a 2/Lt.  He died of wounds on 15 April 1918 aged 21.  By this time his parents had died. Adolphus is remembered at Gezaincourt Communal Cemetery Extension, nr Doullens, Somme, France.  He lies alongside over 590 Commonwealth Casualties and 76 German Casualties.
Oliver Ward
Oliver was the son of George and Amy who in 1901 were living at Armitages Cottages, Lofthouse.  Oliver joined the RFA as Gunner 1738.  He married (spouse only known as Mrs M Ward) and lived at Milner Lane, Robin Hood. Oliver was KIA on 30 June 1916 and is remembered at Bouzincourt Communal Cemetery Extension, nr Albert.  He lies alongside over 400 other Commonwealth Casualties.
James H Woolford
Poss :  James Henry son of James and Margaret E Woolford who in the 1901 census were living at Sandown Street, Ardwick, Manchester.  He enlisted into the Manchester Regt., as no. 43453.  James was KIA on 4 October 1917 aged 22 and is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial.



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