World War I & II + other conflicts  
  1914-1918 Regiments  
  Abbeton & Lagenhoe Roll of Honour  
  Accrington Pals  
  Aftermath of WW1  
  The Leaning Virgin of Albert A soldiers tale fro WW1 in the Somme
  An Unfortunate Region WW1 info, names, epitaphs. Very informative site
  Anzacs Who Died at Gallipoli Names of Officers + other information
  1st Australian Imperial Force  
  Anne Frank Educational Trust  
  American Battle Monuments  
  Arlington National Cemetery  
Arnhem 1944  
  Australian Boer War info  
  Australian Roll of Honour  
  Australian War Graves  

Australian War Graves in South Africa

  Aviation badges & wings  
  Battlefield Tour Guide  
  Belgian War Graves  
  Bloodiest Battle in History The Battle of Verdun
  Bradford Brothers  
  British Army in the Great War  
  British Red Cross  
British Regiments + histories  
  British War Cemeteries  
  Burch, Acting Sgt Charles D RMLI  
Burma Star Association  
  Calderdale War Memorials  
  Canadian Soldiers Shot at Dawn  
  Chindits - Black Watch  
  Colne Valley Soldiers Killed in WW1  
  Commonwwealth War Graves Comm  
  Dormant Bank Accounts WWII
  Eden Camp Historical POW camp + museum
  Enemy Property Info. on property taken during war
  Eye Witness Accounts of WW1  
  First World War Facts  
  Flanders Fields Museum  
  Florence Nightingale Museum, history + nursing
  French Government War Graves Dept  
  Friends of War Memorials  
  Friends of War Memorials - Maritime  
  German War Graves All site is none English
  The Glorious Gloucesters  
  The Golden Virgin of Albert Notes from WW1 around the Albert region of France
  The Great War  
  The Great War in Flanders  
  The Great War Society  
  Hell Fire Corner  
  Holocaust Educational Trust  
  The Imperial War Museum  
  The Iron Harvest  
  King & Empire  
  Knaresbrough Roll of Honour  
  Leeds Pals  
  Leaving Cheltenham Men of Cheltenham who went to war
  Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades Association  
  Military and Operational Records Tom Tulloch-Marshall's site for 20th Century
  Naval & Military Press Publishers
  Men of Kent  
  Militia Listings  
Normandy D-Day June 6th Wreck information but could be of use
  Old Contemptables  
Orders and Medals Research Soc.  
  Peterborough War Memorial  
  The Queens Royal Lancers  
  The Regimental Warpath  
The Royal British Legion  
  Scapa Flow Wrecks  
  Scots at War  
  Shot at Dawn Info + names of soldiers shot at dawn
  Simon Weisental  
  South Africa Military History Society  
  Sussex Police During WW1  
  Trenches on the web  
  Through Mighty Seas NE of England Merchants Ships
  U-Boat war Info on subs, losses, dates etc
Victoria Cross Recipiants  
  Vietnam War Roll of Honour  
Western Front Association Photographs + information
  WW1 Document Archives Assembled by Volunteers
Ypres - WW1  




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