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Houses and Property of Note in the City of Wakefield

Wakefield, the capital of The West Riding of Yorkshire, has over the past forty years lost the 'market town' feel. Many, many buildings have sadly gone. Some of these buildings held years of history within their walls. Some had great character. While others had no particular architectural interest, but had been part of Wakefield for many years and formed part of the busy town I grew up in, love and call home.

Luckily, others have survived, somehow managing to miss clearances for bypasses, town centre modernisation and something town planners have called 'making a better place' and have gone on to become houses and properties of special local interest or graded listed buildings.

This list is in no particular order  

Listed Buildings for other areas of Wakefield

  Listed Buildings  
Previous Residents Address Grade
The Old Grammer School, Brook Street (West side) II*
Thistleton Haxby, lawyer rented the property from 1827 till his death in 1844. St Johns Lodge, 2 Leeds Road (East side), now Cliff School. II
  The Cathedral Church of All Saints, Kirkgate (North side) A
  Railings on the northern boundary of the Cathedral grounds, Kirkgate (North side) II
  Lloyds Bank, 50 & 52 Westgate (North side) II
  Wakefield Bridge, Kirkgate (South end) I
Ministers have included :- Goodwin Barmby, John Cameron & William Turner Westgate Chapel (Unitarian), Westgate (North side) II*
The remaining gardens of Pemberton House, Westgate. The Orangery has also been used as Botanical Gardens. Milnes Orangery (Unitarian Chapel Hall), Back Lane (North side) II*
  Commemorative stone in burial ground to South of Milnes Orangery (Unitarian Chapel Hall), Back Lane (North side) II
  Working men's monument in burial ground to South of Milnes Orangery (Unitarian Chapel Hall), Back Lane, (North side) II
  County Hall, Bond Street (South West side) I
  The Black Rock Public House, 19 Cross Square,(South side), including 26 Bread Street (North side) II
  Probate Registry, Cliff Parade (South side) II
  Magistrates' Court, Cliff Parade (South side) II
  5 Crown Court (formerly Old Town Hall) II
  Bridge over Ings Beck, Denby Dale Road (East side) II
  Statue of Queen Victoria, Bull Rings (formerly in the Bull Rings, removed to Thornes Park and returned to Bull Ring) II
  Wakefield Library, Drury Lane II
  Zion United Reformed Church & Lodge to North East, George Street (North side) II
  Glad Tidings Hall, George Street (North side) II
  2-8 (even) Castrop-Rauxel Square,formerly Bond Terrace II
  Probate Office, 49 King Street II
  Chapel of St Mary, The Chantry Chapel (on East side of Wakefield Bridge), Kirkgate (South end) A
  Packhorse Bridge, formerly Little Bridge adjoining Wakefield Bridge, Kirkgate (South end) II
  The Cliff, Margaret Street Clinic, Margaret Street II
  Sorting Office, formerly Post Office, Market Street (West side) II
  Crowthers Almshouses, George Street (South side) II
  Grammer School Lodge, Northgate (East side) II
  Front wall & railings to Queen Elizabeth Grammer School, Northgate (East side) II
  Queen Elizabeth Grammer School, Northgate (East side) II
  War Memorial, in the grounds of Queen Elizabeth Grammer School, Northgate II
John Egremont and his family. Henry Brown, solicitor. Egremont House (The Registry Office), Northgate (West side) II
  Forecourt walls to Egremont House, Northgate (West side) II
  Church of St John the Baptist, St John's Square B
Miss Elizabeth Child, cousin to Mr Samuel Canning Child purchased the property c1923 Sunny Lawns (Child Memorial Home for the Blind), now Carlton House, Sandy Walk (West side) may also be know as The Old Vicarage II
  Forecourt walls to Sunny Lawns ( Carlton House) II
  No11 Market Street II

George Bennington, draper until 1850. Edward Simpson a soap manufacturer also lived here. Mackie family also lived here and later as tenants the Gissing family moved their prep school.

Front Block to Cliff Hill House, Sandy Walk (West side) II
  The Black Swan Public House 6 & 8 Silver Street II
Head teachers have included Mrs P Walker and Mr R Walshaw. Teachers have included :- Mrs England, Miss Bull Urban Studies Centre, Thornhill Street (East side), formerly Thornhill Street Methodist School II
The Heywood Family, built c1802 Former Wentworth House at the Girls High School, Wentworth Street (West side) II
  St Austin's Roman Catholic Church & attached Parish Room, Wentworth Terrace (South side) II
  The Presbytery, Wentworth Terrace (Sout side) II
  The Original Alfred Moory's Public House, 12 Westgate (Little Westgate) (North side) II
  National Westminster Bank, 56 Westgate (North side) II
  Midland Bank, 66 Westgate (North side) II
  Yorkshire County Savings Bank, 72 & 74 Westgate (North side) II

Theatre Royal & Opera House, 92-100 (even) Westgate (North side) including 2 Drury Lane

Note: 2 Drury Lane is listed Grade II only

  51-55 (odd) Westgate (south side) formerly The Black Bull Tavern & Barclays Bank II
  Halifax Building Society, 57 & 59 Westgate (South side) II
  The White Horse hotel, 61 & 63 Westgate (West side) II
Mary Ann Anderson (1853) The Elephant & Castle Public House, 109 Westgate (Southside) II
  The City Museum, Wood Street (South side) II*
  The Town Hall, Wood Street (South West side). Formerly the Music Saloon and Public Rooms I
  Crown Court House, Wood Street (South West side) II*
  Police Box in grounds of Police Force Training School, Bishopgarth, Westfield Road II
  K6 Telephone Kiosk outside Crown Court, Wood Street (South West side) II
Milnes Family, cloth merchants. Built c1752. Henry Clarkson, land agent. The building now has connections with rail companies Pemberton House, 122 Westgate (North side) II
  Unity House, 79-83 (odd), Westgate (South side) formerly Wakefield Industrial Co-operative Society II
  Watermill at Rutland Mills, off Doncaster Road II
John Favel (1853) Wakefield Arms, Monk Street II
James Banks, William Stewart have both owned York House at various times York House, 12 Drury Lane II
Richard Charlseworth, Land Agent & Surveyor at 97. Thomas Towlerton, Malt Shovel at No99 87-99 Northgate. Now form part of West Yorkshire Police Headquarters II
John Scholey, Solicitor at No 3. Thomas Alder, Corn Merchant at No 4. 1-4 (consec) South Parade II
  5, 5a, 6-12 (consec) South Parade II
  14a South Parade II
  37a, 39a & 41 George Street (South side) II
  162, 164, 166 Westgate II
  10-18 (consec) Bond Street (North East Side) II
  18-20 Rishworth Street, including 2 Laburnum Road II
  2 - 9 St John's Squard II
  Rochford House, 15 Wentworth Street (West side) II
  No 10, Nos 11-20 & 21-23 consec St John's Square II
  No's 2-24 (even) St John's North (North side) II*
  158 Northgate II
  8, 10, 12 Barstow Square (East side) formerley 12, 14, 16 II
  No's 111 & 113 Westgate (South sdie) II
  105 Westgate (South side) II
  67, 69 Westgate (South side) II
  Austin House, 160 Westgate (North side) II*
  138-148 (even) Westgate (North side) II*
  136 Westgate (North side) II*
  147 & 149 Westgate (south side) II
  2 & 4 Wentworth Terrace (South side) II
  17 & 17a Bread Street (South sode) II
  19, 21, 23 Bread Street (South side) & No 32 Westgate (North side) II
  9 & 11 Bull Ring (South side) II
Now a solicitors Bank House, 1 Burton Street (West side) II
  15, 17, 19 & 21 Burton Street South West side) II
  Cliff Field House, Burton Street (West side) II
  19 Cheapside (West side) II
ex-Police House & home of Inspecter Walter Siddle and his wife Clara (nee Leonard) 26 King Street (East side) II

53 & 55 Northgate +

2 - 14 (evens) Gills Yard & 57 Northgate



  23 Cross Square (South side) II
  62 George Street (North side) II
  Crowthers Almshouses, George Street II
  Hatfield Villa, 1 Hatfield Street (North side) II
  11 & 13 Kirkgate (North side) II
  17, 19 & 21 Kirkgate (North side) II
  1 & 3 Marygate (South side) II
  2 - 10 (even) Northgate (Eastside) including 2a Westmorland Street (South side) II
  2 & 4 Cheapside (Eastside) including 70 Westgate II
  1 Tammy Hall Street II
  7 Tammy Hall Street II
The Gissing Centre 2 & 4 Thompson's Yard II
  24 Trinity Church Gate II
  1 St Johns Square II
  5-13 (odd) Wentworth Street (West side) II
  15a Wentworth Street (West side) II
Wakefield School of Nursing No 3 Wentworth Terrace (North side) II
  Nos 14 - 22 (even) Westgate (North side) II
  Nos 24 - 28 (even) Westgate (North side) II
  30 Westgate (North side) II
  60 & 62 Westgate (North side) II
  65 Westgate (South side) II
  101 & 103 Westgate (South side) II
  153 Westgate (South side) II
  159 Westgate (South side) II
  4 & 6 Westmorland Street (South Side) II
  8 Westmorland Street II
  16 & 18 York Street (South side) II
  20 Rishworth Street & 2 Laburnum Road II
  143 & 145 Westgate (South side) II
  Places of Particular Local Interest  
  Boundary wall to St John's Lodge (Cliff School), Leeds Road  
  Clayton Hospital, Northgate  
  Registry of Deeds, Newstead Road. The home of West Yorkshire Archives  
  Cliff Villa, part of Wakefield District College  
  The Roundabout Public House, Back Lane  
Joseph Harrap (1853) The Black Horse Public House, Westgate  
Joshua Ellis (1853) The Woolpacks Hotel, Woolpacks Yard, off Westgate (no 51 Westgate)  
  The Tramways Social Club, Market Street  
The vicarage was moved to Sandy Walk and this building was purchased by Edward Green, ironfounder. Renovated and opened as the Conservative Club c1880 The Conservative Club, Zetland Street (now individual small shop units) This building was built as the Vicarage for The All Saints Church (The Cathedral)  
  Former British Gas Offices, off Warrengate  
  The Regal Cinema, Kirkgate (now closed and awaiting development)  
  Grove Road Methodist Chapel (now used for industrial purposes)  
Thomas Dobson (1853) The Grey Horse Public House, 215 Kirkgate  
  Buildings on the Banks of the River Calder  
  Rutland Mills, off Doncaster Road  
  Wall to 3 Sandy Walk  
  4-6 Sandy Walk  
  2-8 Cliff Parade  
  11-17 (odd) Cheapside  
  104-106 Westgate  
  115-115a Westgate  
  17-29 (odd) Barstow Square  
  Warehouse behind 21-27 Barstow Square  
  2 Carter Street  
  22 Silver Street  
  13-19 (odd) The Bull Ring inclusive  
  14-18 (even) Cross Square  
  9 & 11 Cross Square incl. 16 & 18 Bread Street  
  11-15 (odd) Bread Street  
  8 Westgate  
  11 Market Street  
  43 George Street  
  32 Westmorland Street incl. Teall Street  
  29-35 (odd) Kirkgate  
  1 Union Square, off Kirkgate  
  136 & 136a -144 (even) Kirkgate  
  8 Avison Yard, Joiners workshop, off Kirkgate  
  162 & 164 Kirkgate  
  188 & 188a - 192 (evens) Kirkgate  
  Depository at the junction of Thornhill Street and Charlotte Street, part of 21 Thornhill Street  



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