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Abbreviations used in the Armed Forces. 

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They are mainly taken from WW1 and I hope they will help you when looking through Absent Voters Lists, War Diaries and Official Documentation.

 This list has been painstakingly compiled by members of the following Associations :--

 The Royal Naval Association

The Royal Engineers

The 8th Army Association

The Combined Services Association

and a thank you to visitors to the site who have filled in gaps, Sue Light, John Wainwright and Jim Parker, Donald J. Wagner, USN (Ret) ~ a very big THANK U

and finally

The Normandy Veterans Association, of which I am Honorary Secretary.

 Thank you, gentleman and ladies of the Associations for your time and trouble.

 And two very informative books from the reference section of the library whose titles I cannot remember, but gave detailed information on the many United Kingdom and Commonwealth Regiments. 

 Sometimes it pays to go to a library with no particular purpose and just wander.  Look what my wanderings have done!!




A.                           Prefix to regimental numbers of the King's Royal Rifle Corps

A.                            Prefix to regimental numbers of some Royal Scots Fusiliers, Scottish Rifles & Army Ordnance Corps

A.                           Acting (before a rank)

A.2ND.CPL.          Acting Second Corporal (Royal Engineers)

A.A.                       Anti-Aircraft (Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve)

A.A.N.S.                Army Auxiliary Nursing Service

A.B.                        Able Seaman

A.C.                        Ambulance Corps

A.C.                        Armourer's Crew (Royal Navy)

A.CPL.OF.H.         Acting Corporal of Horse

A.CYC.CORPS.     Army Cyclist Corps

A.D.S.                    Advanced Dressing Station - a first aid post

A.E.F.                     American Expeditionary Force

A.F.C.                     Air Force Cross

A.F.M.                   Air Force Medal

A.G.B.                    Adjutant General's Base

A.GYM.ST.           Army Gymnastic Staff

A.H.C.                    Army Hospital Corps

A.I.F.                      Australian Imperial Force

AIRLINE COY.     Airline Company, Royal Engineers (overhead communication cable)

A.L/CPL.                Acting Lance Corporal

A.L.STO.               Acting Leading Stoker

A.M.                       Air Mechanic (1st, 2nd & 3rd Class, e.g.: A.M.1)

Amm Coll               Ammunition Column - Each division had an Ammunition Column, manned by the Royal Garrison Artillery

A.M.B.                   Armoured Motor Battery - British armoured car unit

A.M.C.                   Australian Medical Corps

A.M.S.                   Army Medical Staff

A.O.C.                    Army Ordnance Corps

A.P.                        Aid Post - a first aid post

A.P.C.                     Army Pay Corps

A.P.D.                    Army Pay Department

A.P.O.C.                 Army Post Office Corps

A.P.S.                     Army Postal Service

AR.CR.                   Armourer's Crew (Royal Navy)

ARMR.                  Armourer (Royal Navy)

ARRC                    Associate of the Royal Red Cross

ART.ENGR.           Artificer Engineer (Royal Navy)

A.S.C.                     Army Service Corps

A.S.D.                    Army Schools Department

A.SGT.                   Acting Sergeant

A.SJT.                    Acting Sergeant

A. & S.H.               Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

ASSAM V.L.H.     Assam Valley Light Horse

ASST.PAYR.        Assistant Paymaster (Royal Navy)

A.T.COY.               Army Troops Company, Royal Engineers

A.V.C.                    Army Veterinary Corps (Royal post war)

A.V.S.                     Army Veterinary Service

A.W.O.CL.1.         Acting Warrant Officer Class 1 (CL.2 - class 2)

A.W.O.L                Absent Without Leave

AYR. YEO.            Ayrshire Yeomanry



B.                            Bankers (26th Bn) number prefix for Royal Fusiliers

B.                            Prefix to some King's Royal Rifle Corps, Rifle Brigade, and Scottish Rifles regimental numbers

B.A.C.                    Brigade Ammunition Column

BAR.TDR.             Bar Tender (Merchant Fleet Auxiliary)

Batt -                      Battery (or Bt)

B.COOK                 Boy Cook (Royal Navy)

Bde.                        Brigade

Bdr.                         Bombardier (Royal Artillery)

BEDF.R.                 Bedfordshire Regiment

BEDF.YEO.            Bedfordshire Yeomanry

B.E.F.                      British Expeditionary Force

BERKS.R.              Berkshire Regiment

BERKS.YEO.         Berkshire Yeomanry

B.F.P.O.. British Forces Post Overseas

B.G.                         Brigadier-General

Bglr.                        Bugler

BKR.                       Baker (Merchant Fleet Auxiliary)

BLK.                       Blacksmith (Royal Navy)

B.M.D.                   Bengal Medical Department

Bn.                          Battalion

Bndsmn.                Bandsman

Bomb. -                  Bombadier

BORD.R.                Border Regiment

BOY.1.                    Boy 1st Class (Royal Navy)

BOY.SIG.               Boy Signaller (Royal Navy)

B.Q.M.S.                Battery Quarter Master Sergeant

BR.COL.RGT.        British Columbia Regiment

B.R.C.S.                  British Red Cross Society

B.R.C.S. & O.ST.J.J. British Red Cross Society and Order of St. John of Jerusalem

BRIG.GEN.             Brigadier General

B.S.M.                    Battery Sergeant-Major (artillery)

BUCKS.YEO.        Buckinghamshire Yeomanry

BUTCHER.            Butcher

B.W.I.                     British West Indies Regiment

B.Y.H.C.                 Buckinghamshire Yeomanry Cavalry Hussars (on George IV coronation medal)

BZ.                          Bristol Division, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve



C.                            King's Royal Rifle Corps regimental number

C.                            Regimental number prefix for 1st Garrison Bn, Royal Munster Fusiliers and also some Middlesex Regt & Rifle Brigade

C.A.& A.A.           Coastal Artillery and Anti Aircraft

CAMB.R.               Cambridgeshire Regiment

CAMN.HIGHS.     Cameron Highlanders

Cpt.                         Captain  (or Capt)

CARPR.                 Carpenter

C.B.                         Confined to Barracks - a minor punishment

C.C.C.C.                 Cape Colony Cyclist Corps

C.C.S.                     Casualty Clearing Station - 800 bed tented RAMC hospital

Cd. Telegr              Cadet Telegraphist

C.E.A.                     Chief Electrical Artificer (Royal Navy)

C.E.F.                      Canadian Expeditionary Force

C.E.R.A.                 Chief Engine Room Artificer Artificer (Royal Navy)

CEYLON.PL.R.C. Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps

C de G.                   Croix de Guerre

C.GDS. or CG       Coldstream Guards

C.G.S.                     Chief of General Staff

CH.                         Chatham Division, Royal Marines

CH.ENG.                Chief Engineer (Royal Naval Engineer)

CHES.R.                 Cheshire Regiment

CHES.YEO.            Cheshire Yeomanry

CH.S.B.                   Chief Signal Botswain (Royal Navy)

CH.SHPT.              Chief Shipwright (Royal Navy)

CHT.                       Corps of Horse Transport - Army Service Corps (number prefix)

CH.WR.                 Chief Writer (Royal Navy)

CH.YEO.SIG.         Chief Yeoman of Signals (Royal Navy)

C.I.G.S.                   Chief of Imperial General Staff

CK.                         Cook (Royal Navy)

CK.MTE.               Cook's Mate (Royal Navy)

CMB.                      Prefix denoting Coastal Motor Boats - Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

C.M.M.P.               Corps of Military Mounted Police

C.M.P.                    Corps of Military Police

C.M.R.                    Cape Mounted Riflemen (South African campaigns)

C.M.R.                    Canadian Mounted Rifles

C.M.S.C.                Cape Medical Staff Corps

C.M.T.                    Corps of Motor Transport, Army Service Corps

C.O.                        Commanding Officer

C.O.A.                    Corps of Ordnance Articifers

C.OF.A.S.              Corps of Army Schoolmasters

C.OF.HRS.             Corps of Hussars

Col.                         Colonel

C.OF.LOND.YEO. County of London Yeomanry

C.OF.LRS.              Corps of Lancers

CONN.RANG.       Connaught Rangers

COY.                       Company

C.P.I                        Corps of Permanent Instructors

Cpl.                         Corporal

C.P.O.                     Chief Petty Officer (Royal Navy)

C.Q.M.S.                Company Quarter Master Sergeant

C.R.I.                      Chinese Regiment of Infantry

C.Sig                       Corps of Signals

C.S.C.                     Commissariat Staff Corps

C.SGT.                    Colour Sergeant

C.S.M.                    Company Sergeant-Major

C.& T.C.                  Commissariat and Transport Corps

CTN.ASST.           Canteen Assistant

CTN.MNGR.         Canteen Manager

C.W.G.C.                Commonwealth War Graves Commission

C.Y.S.                     Chief Yeoman of Signals (Royal Navy)

Cy                           Company

CZ.                          Clyde Division - Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve



D.                            Dragoon Guards and Dragoons regimental number prefix

D.A.C.                    Divisional Ammunition Column

D.B.                        Discharge Badge (for services rendered)

D.C.L.I.                   Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry

D.C.M.                   Distinguished Conduct Medal

DEAL.                    Deal Division, Royal Marines (number prefix)

DENBIGH.YEO. Denbigh Yeomanry

D.E.O.V.R.             Duke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles

DEVON.R.             Devonshire Regiment

D.F.C.                     Distinguished Flying Cross

D.F.M.                    Distinguished Flying Medal

DG.                         Dragoon Guards (number prefix)

D.H. or D.HD.       Deck Hand (Royal Navy)

DIV.                        Division - a unit of approximately 18000 men

D.L.I.                      Durham Light Infantry

D.L.O.Y.                 Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry

DM.                        Driver Mechanised Transport (Army Service Corps number prefix)

D.M.T.                   District Mounted Troops (after town name on Boer War medals)

DNKYMN.            Donkeyman (Merchant Fleet Auxiliary equivalent to "Stoker" in Royal Navy)

DNS.                       Dragoons

D.of CORN.L.I.     Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry

D.of LANCS.O.Y. Duke of Lancashire's Own Yeomanry

DORA                    Defence of the Realm Act

DORSET.R.           Dorset Regiment

DORSET.Y.           Dorset Yeomanry

D.O.W.                   Died of Wounds

DRESSER.             A dresser of wounds, this was a civilian post

D.R.S.                     Divisional Rest Station

D.S.                         Dressing Station

D.S.C.                     Distinguished Service Cross

D.S.M.                    Distinguished Service Medal

D.S.O.                     Distinguished Service Order

D.S.Q                      Dockyard Sick Quarters

DURH.L.I.              Durham Light Infantry (or DLI)

DVR.                       Driver



E.                             Empire Battalion (17th Bn Royal Fusiliers) prefix

E.A.                        Electrical Artificer (Royal Navy)

E.B.S.R.V.R.           East Bengal State Railways Volunteer Rifles

E.D.                         Excused Duties

E.E.F.                      Egyptian Expeditionary Force

E.F.C.                     Expeditionary Forces Canteens

E.LAN.R.               East Lancashire Regiment

E.M.                        Electrical Mechanician (Royal Navy)

ENGN.                    Engineman (Royal Navy Reserve)

ENGR.                    Engineer (Royal Navy)

E.R.A.                     Engine Room Artificer (Royal Navy, 5 classes, e.g.: E.R.A.1)

E.R.of YORK. Y. East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry

ESSEX.R.               Essex Regiment

ESSEX.YEO.          Essex Yeomanry

E.SURR.R.             East Surrey Regiment

E.YORK.R.             East Yorkshire Regiment

EX.FCE.CAN.       Expeditionary Force Canteen



F.                             Football Battalions, prefix signifying 17th & 23rd Bns Middlesex Regiment

F.A.                        Field Artillery

F.A.                        Field Ambulance

F.A.B.                     Field Artillery Brigade

F.AMB.                  Field Ambulance

F.A.N.Y.C.             First Aid Nursing Yeomanry Corps

FAR.                       Farrier (Army Ordnance Corps)

F.A.U.                    Friends Ambulance Unit (non-combatants - poss made up from religious orders i.e. Quakers and objectors)

F.H.                         Field Hospital

F.I.D.                      Field Intelligence Department

F.SGT.                    Flight Sergeant (Royal Air Force)

FLT.S.LT.              Flight Sub-Lieutenant (Royal Naval Air Service)

F.M.                        Field Marshal

Fmn.                       Fireman (Merchant Fleet Auxiliary)

F.M.O.                    Field Marching Order - equipment carried by infantrymen

F.M.R.                    Frontier Mounted Rifles

F.O.O.                     Forward Observation Officer (artillery spotter)

F.O.P.                     Forward Observation Post

F.P.                         Field Punishment

F.S.M.O.                Field Service Marching Order - equipment carried by infantrymen

Fus.                        Fusilier

FT.CDT.                 Flight Cadet (Royal Air Force)

FT.PAYR.              Fleet Paymaster (Royal Navy)

Fwm.                      Forewoman (Queen Mary's Auxiliary Army Corps)

F.W.V.R.               Friends War Volunteer Relief (made up from religious groups i.e. Quakers and/or objectors



G.                            Garrison Bns (1st, 2nd & 3rd) Royal Irish Fusiliers number prefix

G.                            Regimental number prefix found on Home Counties regiments, e.g: Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment

G.GDS.                   Grenadier Guards

GDS.M.G.R.           Guards Machine Gun Regiment

G.H.Q.                    General Headquarters

GLAM.YEO.          Glamorgan Yeomanry

GLOUC.R.              Gloucestershire Regiment

G.M.P.                    Garrison Military Police

Gnr.                         Gunner

G.O.C.                     General Officer Commanding

GORD.HIGHRS.     Gordon Highlanders

G.R.C.                     Graves Registration Cross

G.R.O.                     General Routine Order

G.R.STD.                Gun Room Steward (Royal Navy)

GS.                          Home Counties regimental number prefix (New Army men and later)

GS.                          Cavalry regimental number prefix (General service - hostilities only)

GS.                          General Service - prefix to regimental numbers or any official issue item

G.S.O.                     General Staff Officer

G.S W                     Gun Shot Wound 

Gsr.                         Greaser (Merchant Fleet Auxiliary)

GSSR.                     General Service Special Reserve number prefix

G.S.W.                    Gun Shot Wound



H.                            Hussars prefix

H.A.C.                    Honourable Artillery Company

H.A.C.ART.          Honourable Artillery Company Artillery Section

H.A.C.INF.            Honourable Artillery Company Infantry Section

HAMPS.R.            Hampshire Regiment

HAMPS.YEO.       Hampshire Yeomanry

H.C.C.                     Hospital Conveyance Corps

H.E.                         High Explosive

HEREFORD.R.      Herefordshire Regiment

HERTS.R.              Hertfordshire Regiment

HIGH.CYC.BN.     Highland Cyclist Battalion

H.K.RGT.               Hong Kong Regiment

H.K.S.                     Hong Kong and Singapore

H.L.I. or HIGH.L.I. Highland Light Infantry

H.M.COAST.GD. His/Her Majesty's Coast Guard

H.M.S.                   His/Her Majesty's Ship

HOUSEHOLD.BN. Household Battalion

H.Q.                        Headquarters

HRS.                       Hussars

H.S                         Hellenic Ship

HUNTS.CYCLIST.BN. Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion



I.C.                          In Command (2IC = second in command)

I.GDS. or IR.GDS. Irish Guards

I.M.D.                     Indian Medical Department

I.M.R.                     Imperial Military Railways

I.M.S.                     Indian Medical Service

Instr.                       Instructor

I.R.V.C.                 Imperial Railways Volunteer Corps

IWDRE                  Inland Waterways & Docks, Royal Engineers.

I.W.G.C.                 Imperial War Graves Commission

I.W.T.                     Inland Water Transport (Royal Engineers unit)

I.Y.B.                      Imperial Yeomanry Bearer Coy

I.Y.H.                      Imperial Yeomanry Hospital



J.                             Judean (Jewish) Battalion number prefix, 38th, 39th, 40th Bns Royal Fusiliers



K.                            Regimental  number prefix to Royal Lancaster Regt; and also to some Cambridgeshire Regt

K.A.R.                    King's African Rifles

K.EDW.H.             King Edward's Horse

KENT.CYC.BN.    Kent Cyclist Battalion

K.I.A.                     Killed In Action

K.O.S.B.                 King's Own Scottish Borderers

K.O.Y.L.I.               King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

K.R.                        King's Regulations

K.R.R.C. or K.R.RIF.C. King's Royal Rifle Corps (or KRR)

K.S.L.I.                   King's Shropshire Light Infantry



L.                             Lancers and some Royal Artillery prefix regimental numbers L. Home Counties Regiments number prefix (regulars)

L.                             Regimental number prefix to some 3rd Bn South Wales Borderers

L.A.B.                     Light Armoured Battery - British armoured car unit

LAB.CORPS.         Labour Corps 

LANARK.YEO.     Lanarkshire Yeomanry

LAN.FUS.              Lancashire Fusiliers

L.CPL.                    Lance Corporal

LEIC.R.                  Leicestershire Regiment

LEIC.YEO.             Leicestershire Yeomanry

LEINS.R.                Leinster Regiment

L.G.                         Lewis Gun

L.GDS.                    Life Guards

Lieut.                      Lieutenant

LINC.R. Lincolnshire Regiment

LINC.YEO.             Lincolnshire Yeomanry

L.N.LAN.R.           Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

L of C.                    Lines of Communication

LOND.R.                London Regiment

LOTH.& BORD.H. Lothian & Border Horse

LOVAT'S.SCTS.     Lovat's Scouts

L.P.                         Listening Post

L'POOL.R.              Liverpool Regiment

L.S.                         Leading  Seaman (Royal Navy)

L.Sgt.                      Lance Sergeant

Lt.                           Lieutenant

Lt. Cdr.                   Lieutenant Commander (Royal Navy)

Lt.Col.                    Lieutenant Colonel

LZ.                          London Division, prefix Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve



M1.                         Army Service Corps, Mechanical Transport Section

M2.                         Army Service Corps, Electricians

M.A.A.                  Master At Arms (Royal Navy)

M.A.C.                   Motor Ambulance Convoy (RAMC unit)

MANCH.R.           Manchester Regiment

M.C.                       Military Cross

M.D.S.                    Main Dressing Station

MECH.                   Mechanician (Royal Navy)

M.E.F.                    Mediterranean Expeditionary Force

M.F.A.                   Mercantile Fleet Auxiliary

M.F.P.                    Military Foot Police

M.G.C.                    Machine Gun Corps

M.G.C.CAV.          Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry)

M.I.A                     Missing in Action

M.I.                         Mounted Infantry (after name of Regiment)

M.I.D.                     Mentioned In Dispatches

MIDD'X.R.            Middlesex Regiment

Mil. Hos.                Military Hospital

M.M.                      Military Medal

M.M.                      Motor Mechanic (Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve)

M.M.G.C.               Motor Machine Gun Corps

M.M.G.S.               Motor Machine Gun Service

M.M.P.                   Military Mounted Police

M.M.R.                  Mercantile Marine Reserve

M.O.                       Medical Officer

M.P.                        Military Police

M.P.D.                    Military Prisons Department

M.P.S.C.                 Military Provost Staff Corps

MONMOUTH.R. Monmouthshire Regiment

MS.                         'Mechanical Specials', Army Service Corps prefix

M.S.C.                    Medical Staff Corps

M.S.M.                   Meritorious Service Medal

M.S.S.C.                 Military Store Staff Corps

MT.                        Mechanical Transport, Motor Transport - Army Service Corps

M.T.O.                   Motor Transport Officer

Mus.                       Musician

M.W.TEL.O.         Marine Wireless Telegraph Operator (Royal Marines)



N.                            Regimental number prefix to some Royal Army Medical Corps

N.A.A.F.I.              Navy, Army & Air Force Institute

N.C.C.                    Non Combatant Corps (made up from religious groups and objectors)

N.CYC.BN.            Northern Cyclist Battalion

N.C.O.                    Non-commissioned Officer

N.IR.H.                   North Irish Horse

NORF.R.                Norfolk Regiment

NORF.YEO.           Norfolk Yeomanry

NORTH'D.FUS.     Northumberland Fusiliers

NORTH'D.YEO.    Northumberland Yeomanry

NORTH'N.R.         Northamptonshire Regiment

NORTH'N.YEO. Northamptonshire Yeomanry

NOTTS.& DERBY.R. Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment (The Sherwood Foresters)

N.SOM.YEO.         North Somerset Yeomanry

N.STAFFS.R.        North Staffordshire Regiment

N.V.A.C.                Naval Volunteer Ambulance Corps

N.Y.D.                    Not Yet Diagnosed (RAMC casualty abbreviation)

N.Z.M.R.                New Zealand Mounted Rifles

N.Z.R.B.                 New Zealand Rifle Brigade



O.                            Rifle Brigade regimental prefix

O.B.L.I.                   Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

O.C.                        Officer's Clerk (Royal Navy)

O.C.                        Officer Commanding

O.H.A.                    Osmanli Horse Artillery (can be found on Crimea medals)

O.I.C.                      Osmanli Irregular Cavalry (can be foundon Crimea medals)

O.M.D.                   Ordnance Medical Department

ONT.RGT.             Ontario Regiment

O.O.                        Ordnance Officer

ORD.                      Ordinary Seaman (Royal Navy)

O.S.                         Officer's Steward (Royal Navy)

O.S.C.                     Ordnance Staff Corps

O.T.C.                     Officer Training Corps

OX.& BUCKS.L.I. Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

OXF.YEO.              Oxfordshire Yeomanry



P.                             Police regimental prefix

P.                             Some Dragoon Guards regimental number prefix

P.A.V.G.                Prince Albert's Volunteer Guard

PAYR.                    Paymaster (Royal Navy)

PEMBROKE.YEO. Pembrokeshire Yeomanry

PLY.                        Plymouth Division (Royal Marines)

P.M.                        Provost Marshal

PNR.                       Pioneer (Royal Engineers)

P.O.                         Petty Officer (Royal Navy)

PO.                          Portsmouth Division (Royal Marines)

P.O.M.                    Petty Officer Mechanic (Royal Naval Air Service)

P.O.S.M.                Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic (Royal Navy)

P.O.W.                   Prisoner of War

P.P.C.L.I.                Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry

PS.                          Public Schools number prefix to 18th, 19th, 20th & 21st Bns Royal Fusiliers and 16th Bn Middlesex Regt (Public Schools battalions)

P.T.                         Physical Training

Pte.                         Private

P.T.I.                       Physical Training Instructor

P.U.O.                     Pyrexia of Unknown Origin, an abbrev. used in the RAMC

PW.                        Public Works battalions (18th, 19th & 26th Bns Middlesex Regt) prefix



Q.A.I.M.N.S.         Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service

Q.A.I.M.N.S.R.     Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Special Reserve

Q.A.R.N.N.S.         Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service

Q.M.A.A.C.           Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps

Q.M.S.                    Quarter Master Sargeant (or Qr Mst Sgt)

Q.O.C.G.                 Queen's Own Corps of Guides

Q.O.H.C.                Queen’s Own Household Cavalry

Q.O.R.GLASGOW.Y. Queen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry

QUEENS.S.R.        Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment

Q.O.Y.D.                Queen’s Own Yorkshire Dragoons



R.                            Army Remount Section, Army Service Corps number prefix

R.                            King's Royal Rifle Corps regimental number prefix also a few Manchester Regt

R.A.                        Regiment of Artillery, Royal Artillery

R.A.C.                    Royal Armoured Corps

R.A.CH.D.             Royal Army Chaplain's Department

R.A.E.C.                 Royal Army Education Corps

R.A.F.                     Royal Air Force

R.A.M.C.               Royal Army Medical Corps

R.A.O.C.                Royal Army Ordnance Corps

R.A.P.                     Regimental Aid Post

R.A.P.C.                 Royal Army Pay Corps

R.A.V.C.                 Royal Army Vetinerary Corps

R.B.                         Rifle Brigade

R.BERKS.R.           Royal Berkshire Regiment

R.C.N.                     Royal Canadian Navy

R.D.                        Royal Naval Reserve Officers Decoration

R.D.C.                     Royal Defence Corps

R.DEVON.YEO. Royal Devon Yeomanry

R.DUB.FUS.          Royal Dublin Fusiliers

R.E.                         Royal Engineers

R.E.KENT.YEO. Royal East Kent Yeomanry

R.F.A.                     Royal Field Artillery

R.F.C.                     Royal Flying Corps

Rfm.                        Rifleman

Rfmn.                      Rifleman

R.F.R.                     Royal Fleet Reserve

RFRA.                    Royal Artillery pre-war reservist

R.FUS.                    Royal Fusiliers

R.G.A.                    Royal Garrison Artillery

R.GUERNSEY.L.I. Royal Guernsey Light Infantry

R.G.R.                     Royal Garrison Regiment

R.H.A.                    Royal Horse Artillery

R.H.GDS.               Royal Horse Guards

R.HIGHRS.            Royal Highlanders (The Black Watch)

R.H.OF CAN.        Royal Highlanders of Canada

RIF.BRIG.              Rife Brigade

R.INNIS.FUS.        Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

R.IR.FUS.               Royal Irish Fusiliers

R.IR.REG.               Royal Irish Regiment

R.IR.RIF.                Royal Irish Rifles

R.LANC.R.            Royal Lancaster Regiment

R.M.                       Royal Marines

R.M.A.                   Royal Marine Artillery

R.M.B.                    Royal Marine Band

R.M.BRIG.             Royal Marine Brigade

R.M.E.                    Royal Marine Engineers

RMF                      Royal Munster Fusiliers - (disbanded in 1922 with other Southern Irish Regiments)

R.M.F.A.                Royal Malta Fencible Artillery

R.M.L.I.                  Royal Marines Light Infantry

R.M.O.                   Regimental Medical Officer

R.N.                        Royal Navy

R.N.A.S.                 Royal Naval Air Service

R.N.A.S.A.A.C.    Royal Naval Air Service Anti-Aircraft Corps

R.N.D.                    Royal Naval Division

R.N.DEVON.YEO. Royal North Devon Yeomanry

R.N.R.                     Royal Naval Reserve

R.N.V.R.                 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

R.O.C.                     Royal Observer Corps

RRC                        Royal Red Cross

R.R.F.                     Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

R.SCOTS.              Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment)

R.SC.FUS.              Royal Scots Fusiliers

R.S.M.                    Regimental Sergeant Major

R.SUSS.R.              Royal Sussex Regiment

R.T.O.                     Railway Transport Officer

R.T.U.                     Returned to Unit

R.W.FUS.              Royal Welsh Fusiliers

R.W.KENT.R.       Royal West Kent Regiment

RX.                         Army Remount Section, Army Service Corps number prefix



S.                             Supply - Army Service Corps number prefix

S.                             Highland regiments, wartime number prefix

S.                             Home Counties regiments number prefix (3rd Bn)

S.                             Some Rifle Brigade, Dorset Regt, Royal Munster Fusiliers, Army Ordnance Corps, Royal Artillery & Royal Army Medical Corps prefix

S.A.A.                    Small Arms Ammunition

S.A.C.                     South African Constabulary

S.& A.H.                Southerland & Argyll Highlanders.  Later became known as A.& S.H. - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders

S.A.I.RGT.             South African Irish Regiment

S.A.N.L.C.             South African Native Labour Corps

S.A.S. S                  Special Air Service Regiment

S.B.                         Stretcher Bearer

SB.                          Stockbrokers' Battalion (10th Bn Royal Fusiliers)

S.B.A.                     Sick Berth Attendant (Royal Navy)

S.B.S.                      Sick Berth Steward (Royal Navy)

S.C.I. (or I.S.C.)     Indian Staff Corps

SCO.RIF.                Scottish Rifles (Cameronians)

S.C.P.O.                 Stoker Chief Petty Officer (Royal Navy)

SD.                          South Downs battalion number prefix - 11th, 12th & 13th Bns Royal Sussex Regiment

SE.                          Army Veterinary Corps number prefix (special enlistment for duration of war)

SEAFORTH.         Seaforth Highlanders

SEA.HIGHRS.       Seaforth Highlanders

S.GDS.                    Scots Guards

SGT.                       Sergeant

SH.CK.                   Ship's Cook (Royal Navy)

SH.CPL. Ship's Corporal (Royal Navy)

SHER. FOR            The  Sherwood Foresters

SHER.RANG.        Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry

SHPT.                     Shipwright (Royal Navy)

SHROPS.L.I.          Shropshire Light Infantry

SHROPS.YEO.      Shropshire Yeomanry

SIG.                         Signaller (Royal Navy)

S.IR.H.                    South Irish Horse

S.I.W.                     Self Inflicted Wound

SJT. S                     Serjeant

SKR.                       Skipper (Royal Naval Reserve)

S.LAN.R.               South Lancashire Regiment

S.L.I.                       Somerset Light Infantry

S.Mjr.                     Sergeant Major

SMN.                      Seaman (Royal Navy)

SOM.L.I.                Somerset Light Infantry

S.P.O.                     Stoker Petty Officer (Royal Navy)

SPR.                        Sapper

SPTS.                     Sportsmans number prefix of 23rd & 24th Bns Royal Fusiliers

S.R.                         Scottish Rifles (The Cameronians)

S.R.                         Special Reserve

S.R.D.                     Supply Reserve Depot (typically found on rum jars, which could also store lime juice and recently found on excavations around the Ypres area)

S.S.                         Supply Special - Army Service Corps supply tradesman number prefix

S.S.                         Sanitary Section - RAMC

S.S.A.                     Ship's Steward's Assistant (Royal Navy)

S.STAFFS.R.         South Staffordshire Regiment

STAFF.YEO.         Staffordshire Yeomanry

S.& T.C.                 Supply & Transport Corps (Indian Army)

STD.                       Steward (Mercantile Fleet Auxiliary)

STK.                       Stockbroker number prefix of the 10th Bn Royal Fusiliers

STO.                       Stoker (Royal Navy)

SUFF.R.                 Suffolk Regiment

SUFF.YEO.            Suffolk Yeomanry

SUSS.YEO.            Sussex Yeomanry

S.WALES.BORD.  South Wales Borderers



T.                            (T1, T2, T3 & T4) (Horse) Transport, Army Service Corps number prefix

T.                            Army Ordnance Corps number prefix

T.                            Territorial number prefix

TANK CORPS.     Tank Corps

Tel.                         Telegraphist (Royal Navy)

TF.                          Territorial Force number prefix - e.g. Royal West Kents, East Surreys & Royal Sussex

T.F.N.S. Territorial Force Nursing Service

T.F.E.M.                 Territorial Force Efficiency Medal

T.F.W.M.               Territorial Force War Medal

T.M.                       Trench Mortar

T.M.B.                    Trench Mortar Battery

Tptr.                       Trumpeter

TR.                          Training Reserve

TS.                          Transport Specials - Army Service Corps specialists prefix

TSR.                       Transport Special Reserve - Army Service Corps prefix

TZ.                          Tyneside Division - Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve



U.V.F.                     Ulster Volunteer Force

U.S.S                      United States Ship




V.A.D.                    Voluntary Aid Detachment

V.C.                         Victoria Cross



W.                           Wirral number prefix of the 13th Bn Cheshire Regt

W.                           Welsh Artillery (38th Division, Royal Artillery) number prefix

W.A.A.C.              Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (became QMAAC from April 1918)

W. Telegr .            Warrant Telegraphist

WARWICK.YEO. Warwickshire Yeomanry

W.A.F.F.                West Africa Frontier Force

W.C.L.C.               Western Command Labour Company

WELSH.H.             Welsh Horse

WELSH.R.             Welsh Regiment

WEST. & CUMB. YEO. Westmoreland & Cumberland Yeomanry

W.GDS. Welsh Guards

Wgnr                      Waggoner, Army Service Corps trade

WILTS.R.              Wiltshire Regiment

WILTS.YEO.         Wiltshire Yeomanry

W.I.R.                     West India Regiment

Wkr.                       Worker (QMAAC)

W.N.I.                    Work of National Importance (work done by objectors and those of certain religious groups)

W.O.                       War Office

W.O.                       Warrant Officer    CL1  (Class 1)  CL2 (Class2)

WORC.R.               Worcestershire Regiment

WORC.YEO.         Worcestershire Yeomanry

WR.                        Waterways and Railways - Royal Engineers prefix

W.R.A.F.               Women's Royal Air Force

W.RID.R.               West Riding Regiment (or WRR)

W.R.N.S.                Women's Royal Naval Service

W.SOM.YEO.       West Somerset Yeomanry

Wtr.                        Waiter (Royal Navy)

W.YORKS.            West Yorkshire Regiment








Y.                            King's Royal Rifle Corps number prefix (early wartime recruits)

YEO. OF SIGS.      Yeoman of Signals (Royal Navy)

Y & L.R.                 York & Lancaster Regiment

Y.M.C.A.               Young Men's Christian Association they  provided canteens, kitchens  etc

YORK.DNS.          Yorkshire Dragoons

YORK.HRS.           Yorkshire Hussars




Z.                            Rifle Brigade number prefix




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