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Dallas Kirk Sessions

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1834 Dallas Kirk Session Records

List of Communicants - Male Heads of Families

19th July 1834

A final total of 69 heads of family


Adam Tenant, Weaver

Alexander Barron, Tenant, Branchil70

Alexander Chisholm, Tenant, Kellas

Alexander Douglas, Millbuie

Alexander Frigg, Tenant, Brokentore

Alexander Harrold, Tenant, Kellas

Alexander Harrold, Laborer, Village

Alexander Hay, Farmer, Auldnacuish

Alexander Roy, Farmer, Kellas

Andrew Sutherland, Farmer, Blackhills

Charles Bain, Laborer, Craigmill

Charles Grant, Whiterashes

David Ross, Carnickle

Donald Grant, Tenant, Auchness

Donald McPherson, Village

Donald Ross, Carnickle

George Christy, Schoolmaster

James Buie, Mason, Plain

James Clark, Tenant, Kellas

James Allen, Windy

James Anderson, Loan

James Anderson, Wangie

James Cumming, Tenant, Conachie

James Grigor, Tenant, Blackbanks

James Gordon, Tenant, Goatcraig

James Grant, Tenant, Auchness

James Nicol, Thatcher, Kellas

James Robertson, Elder, Craigend

James Roy, Tenant, Kellas

James Philip, Tenant, Aultachurn

James Wink, Tenant, Kellas

James Young, Schoolmaster, Dallas

John Anderson, Elder, Tomcork

John Anderson, Tenant, Bethlehem

John Barron, Tenat, Runavey

John Barron, Tenant, Badymichael

John Buie, Tenant, Newton

John Cameron, Shoemaker, Village

John Cruickshank, Tenant, Coldhome

John Grigor, Laborer, Shade

John Hardy, Tenant, Turacastle

John Hay, Coldburn

John Littlejohn, Tenant, Bads

John Littlejohn , Tenant, Bads

John McDonald, Tenant, Lannochburn

John Millar, Tenant, Buinach

John McDonald, Weaver, Anargid

John Smith, Merchant, Village, Assessor

Peter Nairn, Tenant, Branchil

Peter Grant, Soccoch

Robert Hardy, Sawyer

Robert Hay, Tenant, Coldburn

Robert Murray, Weaver, Alderg

Robert Philip, Tenant, Auldnacairn

William Buie, Tenant, Easter Kellas

William Buie, Tenant, Woodend

William Christy, Woodend

William Brown, Tenant, Kellas

William Grigor, Tenant, Craigend

William Garrow, Tenant, Auldnacuish

William McQuiban, Whitemoss

William Millar, Village

Thomas Gillan, Weaver, Waterloo

Thomas Anderson, Tenant, Berryknowes

William McKensie, Crofter, Bodnafleuch

William Scott, Crofter, Kirktowngreen

William Sheen, Tailor, Burntland

John Mitchell, Romach

John McKensie, Shoemaker, Kellas


Signed by

William Tulloch, Moderator of Session

James Robertson, Elder

John Anderson, Elder

James Young, Session Clerk


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