Dallas Morayshire Monumental Inscriptions


Transcribed by Ken MacDonald



Da. 1

In memory of LACHLAN MACDONALD, husband of CATHERINE ROSS who died at Dallas 29.3.1927 aged 71. And the said CATHERINE ROSS who died 28.11.1957 aged 79.



Da. 2

In memory of ALEXANDER ALLAN who died 11.22.1947 aged 86. And his wife ISABELLA MASSON who died 28.12.1954 aged 91. And their sons JOSEPH, 2/6th Seaforth Highlanders, who died 15.2.1915 aged 21. Private DAVID ALLAN, 4th Seaforth Highlanders, who was killed in action at Ypres 2.8.1917 aged 25. And their daughter MARY, wife of Malcolm Douglas, who died 12.12.1941 aged 45.



Da. 3

2678 Private J. Allan, Seaforth Highlanders, 15.2.1915.



Da. 4

To the memory of WILLIAM CAMERON who died at Dallas 7.4.1912 aged 73. His wife JESSIE McLEAN died at Dallas 23.4.1934 aged 84.



Da. 5

In memory of JOHN HUDSON MURRAY who died at Dallas 16.12.1914 aged 43. His wife ELIZABETH MASSON who died 19.91964 aged 80.



Da. 6

In memory of ROBERT SKENE died 11.11.1936 aged 64. And his family JOHN ROBERT died 25.3.1910 aged 2. JAMES SHAW died in infancy. His wife ISABELLA MASSON died 9.9.1963 aged 80.



Da. 7

In memory of PETER CAMPBELL who died 5.4.1906 aged 61. His wife JESSIE MACKINTOSH who died 17.7.1927 aged 78. And their son JOHN, farmer, who died 23.6.1952.



Da. 8

In memory of JANE ANN FALCONER who died at Dallas 7.9.1904 aged 67. And ANNE STIVEN died at Pittsburgh U.S.A. 14.6.1941.


Da. 9

In memory of JOHN MENZIES who died at Dallas 24.6.1923 aged 78. And his sons JOHN died aged 17. His wife JANE RUSSELL died 2.3.1931 aged 85. Their son GEORGE ALEXANDER died 18.10.1956 aged 85. His wife MAGGIE ANN DOUGLAS DIED 9.11.1946 aged 70.


Da. 10

ALICE DOUGLAS DAVIDSON, wife of JOHN HOWISON of Ceylon 1868-1924. JOHN HOWISON 1887-1946.


Da. 11

To the memory of MARGARET NICOLL, wife of ARCHIBALD HOWISON, gamekeeper, who died at Dallas 28.7.1871 aged 72. The said ARCHIBALD HOWISON died at Knockando, 3.4.1874 aged 71. His son JOHN HOWISON died 12.11.1885 aged 42. ROBERT 3rd son of JOHN HOWISON died in action in France 16.5.1917 aged 34. JANE MITCHELL wife of JOHN HOWISON died Rothes 7.12.1921 aged 77. GEORGE, 5th son of JOHN HOWISON died 9.2.1951 aged 71.


Da. 12

To the memory of JAMES MACDONALD son of the late JAMES MACDONALD who died at the Manse of Dallas 20.5.1876.



Da. 13

MARY ANN, wife of Reverend JOHN MACCDONALD died 5.12.1865.



Da. 14

To the memory of Rev. JOHN MACDONALD, minister of Dallas, who died 26.7.1879 in the 33rd year of his ministry.



Da. 15

In memory of Rev. WILLIAM DAVIDSON, M.A. minister for 51 years in Dallas, born 2.5.1815, died 20.11.1895. And EMMA MARY ANNA WILKENSON, who died at Edinburgh on the 16th aged 86. And interred here 20.1.1921. Also of his son WILLIAM CHARLES, born 7.10.1867, died June, 1872.



Da. 16

In memory of our parents JANE STUART, died 5.7.1940, aged 88. And WILLIAM MORRISON died 14.2.1941, aged 81.



Da. 17

In memory of our son GEORGE BRANDER, died 30.9,1958, aged 18. And his mother CHRISTINA BRANDER DIED 29.8.1971, AGED 78. And his father DUNCAN BRANDER, died 25.10.1975, aged 84.






Da. 19

Erected by his widow in memory of ALEXANDER BURGES FALCONER, blacksmith, born 10.11.1885, died 15.4.1923. And the said widow ISABELLA FALCONER, born 17.11.1878, died 30.11.1969.



Da. 20

Erected by his widow In memory of WILLIAM PIRRIE BOWUE who died at Dallas 10.3.1949 aged 76. Also his widow JESSIE ISABELL WATT who died 28.11.1955 aged 86.



Da. 21

Erected by ALEXANDER ALLAN, In memory of his sister MARGERET, widow of JAMES TIERNEY, who died 19.3.1951, age 85. And their son JAMES, who died 9.11.1904, aged 5. Also MARY ALLAN, sister of the said ALEXANDER ALLAN, who died 17.10.1963, aged 87. And the said ALEXANDER ALLAN, who died 23.8.1966, aged 84. And his brother JOHN ALLAN, who died 13.2.1973, aged 88.


Da. 22

1890- Erected by MARGARET PHILIP, In memory of her husband ROBERT HAY, who died 5.5.1888, aged 70. And their son JOHN who died 1.7.1859, aged 3. And the said MARGARET PHILIP, who died Kellas, 10.1.1900, aged 88. And their grandson WILLIAM HUTCHESON, who died at Kellas, 20.11.1918, aged 35. Also their daughter ANN HAY, who died at Kellas, 3.6.1929, aged 87.


Da. 23

1898 – Erected by JANE HAY, In memory of her husband ALEXANDER ALLAN, who died KELLAS 18.7.1897 aged 56 years. And their son, KENNETH, who died 1867 aged 5 years. Also their daughter, HELEN, who died Forres, 22.5.1910 aged 37 years. And their son ROBERT, who died at Elgin Hospital, 19.5.1935 aged 55 years. And the said JANE HAY, who died 21.1.1938 aged 93 years. And their daughter ANN, who died 27.8.1942 aged 72 years.


Da. 24

In memory of JAMES A CATTANACH, Dallas, died, 23.3.1952 aged 66 years. And his wife ISABELLA ALLAN, DIED 11.11.1964 aged 90 years.




Da. 25

Erected In memory of WILLIAM MORGAN, for 36 years gamekeeper, Kellas, who died 18.3.1918 aged 87. And his sons JOHN, killed in action, France, 10.2.1916 aged 40 years. FRED, who died Kellas, 3.3.1919 aged 41 years. Also MARY CAVERS, wife of the said WILLIAM MORGAN, who died at Elgin, 13.12.1921 aged 70 years.


Da. 26

In memory of JOHN McKINTOSH, Dallas, who died 8.5.1940 aged 74 years. And His wife HENRIETTA GRANT, who died 31.1.1915 aged 49 years.





In memory of ELIZABETH McDONALD, wife of WILLIAM CUMMING, who died 2.2.1918 aged 39 years. Arid their son PETER who died in infancy. And their daughter ELIZABETH, who died 22.6.1950 aged 42 years. And their daughter JESSIE, who died Ayr, aged 39 years and the said WILLIAM CUMMING, Gamekeeper, Dallas and Knockando who died 15.9.1959 aged 83 years.


Da. 28


Erected by PETER and MARGARET ETTLES, in memory of the family, MARGARET and JANE, who died in infancy, interred Urquhart. Private DAVID, killed in action at Vimy Ridge, 8.4.1917 aged 23 years. R0SIE, died Forres, 23.6.1917 aged 12 years. Also MARGARET ROSE, wife of PETER ETTLES died 11.2.1948 aged 78 years. And the said PETER ETTLES, died Gray’s Hospital, Elgin, 25.1.1956 aged 81 years.


Da. 29

In memory of JESSIE McDONALD, died 5.3.1916 aged years. Erected by JAMES McARTHUR, and their daughter ELSPET, died 24.4.1933 aged 46 years.


Da. 30

In memory of WILLIAM TEMPLETON, who died, Dallas, 5.4.1917 aged 60 years. And his wife JESSIE THOMPSON, who died Dallas, 12.8.1949 aged 92.



Da. 31


To the memory of my son JOHN ALEXANDER DUNBAR (JOE) Flight Sergeant, R. A. F. V. R., posted missing at Hamburg, 30.7.1943 aged 27 years. In memory of our dad WILLIAM DUNBAR, who died 23.7.1927 aged 42 years.



Da. 32

In memory of my mother, ELIZABETH DUNBAR, who died 2.5.1959 aged 83 years.






Erected by the family in memory of their father ALEXANDER FALCONER who died Dallas, 9.7.1880 aged 47 years. Also his grandchild, LIZZIE, who died Dallas, 25.1.1890 aged 9 years. Also their mother JESSIE ROSS, who died Dallas, 14.3.1924 aged 88 years. And their brother ALEXANDER husband of BARBARA FRASER, who died Dallas, 30.3.1924 aged 53 years. And their sister, ANNIE, died 3.2.1943 aged 81 years. And the said BARBARA FRASER, died 6.2.1953 aged 70 years.



Da 34


Erected to the memory of DUNCAN DUNBAR, 74th Regiment of Foot, who died at Kellas 2.1.1857 aged 74. And his wife JANET GRANT who died at Kellas 9.7.1868 aged 73 years. In memory of JOHN MACKAY who died at Kellas 24.8.1907 aged 82. And his daughter JESSIE who died 21 .10.1907 aged 47. JESSIE DUNBAR, wife of the said JOHN MACKAY, who died in Kellas 25.3.1913 aged 86.



Da. 35

In memory of MARGARET JAMES, wife of JOHN MACKAY, who died Rafford, 14.6.1938 aged 80 years. And the said JOHN MACKAY, who died 10.1.1941 aged 78 years.



Da. 36

In memory of GEORGE LESLIE, Dallas, died 20.6.1906 aged 74 years. And his wife, JESSIE ANDERSON, died 11.10.1906 aged 67. And their family ANNIE, wife of GEORGE GORDON, died, 27.5.1906 aged 42 years. WILLIAM, died 4.12.1929 aged 62 years. JESSIE, died 10.7.1941 aged 62 years.



Da. 37

Erected by WILLIAM GRIGOR, U.S.A., In memory of his father, JOHN GRIGOR, who died 28.10.1856 aged 79 years. And His wife CHRISTINA NORRIE, who died 10.7.1871 aged 63 years.



Da. 38

In memory of WILLIAM MILLER died 11.1.1851 aged 78. His wife JANE CRUICHSHANK died 12.1.1869 aged 85. Their children WILLIAM died 25.7.1847 aged 32. MARY died 7.11.1905 aged 88. Also NELLIE McDONALD died 14.3.1951 aged 79.



Da. 39

1866 – Erected by ALEXANDER CAMERON, shoemaker, Dallas, in memory of his wife ANN CLARK, 27.4.1866 aged 25 years.



Da. 40

Erected by ALEXANDER YOUNG, in memory of his wife, ANN MILLER, who died Bishopmill, Elgin, 6.11.1888 aged 59 and the said ALEXANDER YOUNG, who died at Dallas, 12.10.1923 aged 80 years. His mother MARGARET YOUNG, who died at Dallas 20.10.1898 aged 82 years.



Da. 41

In memory of MARGARET PHILIP, wife of JOHN YOUNG, who died 31.8.1869 aged 67 years. And the said, JOHN YOUNG, who died 29.5.1877 aged 80 years.



Da. 42

To the memory of ANN YOUNG, or PHINK, who died Dallas, 14.1.1972.




Da. 43

Erected by JAMES YOUNG, In memory of his nephew CHARLES PHINN, who died Dallas, 21.3.1874 aged 48.



Da. 44

To the memory of MARGARET YOUNG, who died Dallas, 18.1.1876 aged 82 years.



Da. 45

Erected by ANGUS CAMERON, Shepherd, in memory of his wife ELIZABETH MACKINTOSH, who died 2.4.1885 aged 22 years.



Da. 46

Erected by JANE CUMING, In memory of her husband, WILLIAM McKINTOSH, Farmer, Dallas, who died, 5.6.1882 aged 53 years. And the said JANE CUMMING, who died 21.8.1898 aged 71 years. In memory of GRACE GRANT, wife of JAMES MACKINTOSH, who died 5.4.1897 aged 28 years.



Da. 47

Erected by KENNETH MACKENZIE, gardener, Dallas, In memory of His wife ELSPETH MACKINTOSH, who died 8.9.1923 aged 55 years. And the said, KENNETH MACKENZIE, who died 31.3.1940 aged 78.



Da. 48

In memory of GEORGE GRNAT, who died 14.2.1930, aged 60. And His wife MARGARET GOW, who died 8.2.1964, aged 91. And their son WILLIAM, who died 26.5.1926, aged 11.



Da. 49

Erected by the sons In memory of their father JOHN MACDONALD who died at Lossiebank, Dallas, 10.4.1884 aged 85. His wife MARGERET CAMERON died 20.2.1876 aged 73. Their daughter ELIZABETH MACDONALD died Elgin 23.9.1913 aged 77.



Da. 50

Erected by ISABEL GRIGOR In memory of her only brother ALEXANDER GRIGOR died Elgarg, Dallas, 6.2.1835 aged 27. And her mother ANNA ADAM died in Blackhills OF Dallas 17.12.1842 AGED 80. Also her father WILLIAM GRIGOR died Blackhills 29.1.1850 AGED 87.



Da. 51

Erected by JANE SMITH in memory of her husband ALEXANDER STEWART, shoemaker, died Dallas 10.2.1903 aged 64. Their children JANE born 1.5.1866, died 12.10.1878, WILLIAM, MARY, CHARLES, GEORGE and LITICIA died in infancy. Also their daughter MARGARET died 4.7.1908 aged 40. And their son ALEXANDER STEWART, stonecutter, died 8.20.1912 aged 42. Also the said JANE SMITH died Dallas 8.5.1913 aged 70.



Da. 52

Erected by WILLIAM NICOL in memory of his wife ISABELLA PATERSON died 18.10.1943 aged 84.



Da. 53

Erected by ANNIE PHILIP in memory of her husband WILLIAM LESLIE who died in Dallas 25.12.1892 aged 63. Also their daughter ANNIE who died in Glasgow 1.3.1896 aged 27. The said ANNIE PHILIP died in Dallas 1.5.1903 aged 65.



Da. 54

Erected by WILLIAM ANDERSON, in memory of his wife JANE GORDON, who died at Tomcork, 8.5.1872, AGED 51. And the said WILLIAM ANDERSON, who died 8.5.1879, aged 73. Their son JOHN, who died 20.12.1911, aged 69. And their daughter ANNIE, who died 4.8.1933, aged 69.



Da. 55

Erected by JOHN YOUNG, in memory of his wife ANN MASSON, who died 16.4.1845, aged 30. And his son ALEXANDER, who died 18.4.1864, aged 19. And the said JOHN YOUNG, who died 25.10.1873, aged 71.



Da. 56

In memory of JAMES YOUNG, who died 16.12.1881, aged 82. Schoolmaster in Dallas for 51 years.



Da. 57

Erected by JAMES YOUNG, In memory of his parents ALEXANDER YOUNG, who died 24.10.1825. And JANET GRANT, who died 11.8.1858, aged 86.



Da. 58

In memory of ALEXANDER GALLON, who died at Dallas, 7.7.1909, aged 77. And his wife JANE PHILIP, who died at Dallas, 16.3.1907, aged 72. And their family, ROBERT, who died 1.9.1879, aged 15. ANN, who died 10.1.1890, aged 21. ALEXANDER, who died 19.3.1912, aged 45. JANE, who died 16.2.1937, aged 66. WILLIAM, who died 15.3.1946, aged 67. MARY, who died 22.5.1958, aged 82.



Da. 59

In memory of ALEXANDER MITCHELL, carpenter, who died 20.5.1926 aged 63. And his wife JOANNA ANDERSON who died 21.11.1957 aged 90. And their son JAMES DUNCAN who died 26.4.1960 aged 68.



Da.  60

In memory of JAMES MITCHELL who died at Dallas 1.2.1887 aged 64. And his wife MARY ELIZABETH McPHERSON who died 1.7.1886 aged 54.



Da. 61

Erected by WILLIAM MITCHELL In memory of his mother MARGARET STEWART who died 3.12.1830 aged 75. His father WILLIAM MITCHELL died 12.4.1832 aged 88.



Da. 62

In memory of JOHN GARROW who died 30.9,1883 aged 51. And His wife MARY ANDERSON who died 21.2.1911 aged 53. And their daughter MARGARET who died 12.12.1910 aged 4.



Da. 63

Erected by PHILIP ANDERSON In memory of His wife ISABELLA MITCHELL who died at Dallas 23.1.1890 aged 29. And the above PHILIP ANDERSON who died at Elgin 24.6.1893 aged 40. And their son JAMES who died 3.7.1963.



Da. 64

In memory of JANE YOUNG who died 2.7.1900 aged 55. Their sons JOHN who died 1.9.1891 aged 9. DONALD who died 13.8.1895 aged 25. Her daughter MATILDA who died 14.4.1927 aged 27. And son DAVID who died 25.9.1938 aged 64.



Da. 65

In memory of ROBERT YOUNG who died 24.8.1932 aged 82. And His wife CHARLOTTE DALLAS who died 8.10.1952 aged 92.



Da. 66

In memory of ROBERT YOUNG who died 9.1.1904 aged 89. His wife JANE GRIGOR who died 4.6.1902 aged 82. Their daughters JANET who died 1.4.1850 aged 4, MAGGIE who died 26.5.1920 aged 61. Their sons JAMES who died 14.5.1924 aged 74. WILLIAM who died 20.1.1925 aged 68.



Da. 67

Erected by ROBERT YOUNG In memory of his spouse JANET HARDIE who died 14.3.1852 aged 75. The said ROBERT YOUNG who died 15.10.1861 aged 84. And their daughter JANE who died 4.6.1867 aged 47.


Da. 68

Erected by JANET CANT In memory of her husband DONALD GRANT who died 23.5.1882 aged 78. And the said JANET CANT who died 26.2.1885 aged 64. And their daughter ANNIE who died 19.8.1932 aged 79.



Da. 69

Erected by DONALD GRANT In memory of his brothers and sisters ELSPET who died May, 1810, aged 3. WILLIAM who died 12.2.1839 aged 18, JOHN who died  8.3.1839 aged 25. ELSPET who died 21.1.1869 aged 50. JAMES who died 3.4.1979 aged 68. And his niece ELIZABETH McGRIGOR who died 18.4.1877 aged 25.



Da. 70

In memory of JOHN GRANT who died 18.2.1912 aged 50. And DANIEL GRANT who died 17.3 19 14 aged 56. And GEORGE GRANT who died 4.10.1919 aged 56.



Da. 71

Erected by GEORGE GRANT, In memory of his father PETER GRANT, who died 5.5.1824, aged 47. And his son DONALD died 7.11.1923, aged 19.



Da. 72

Erected by JOHN CRUICKSHANK In memory of his father JAMES CRUICKSHANK who died 20.7.1849 aged 82. And his sister ANN who died 8.5.1830 aged 20.



Da. 73

In memory of JOHN MACPHERSON, and his wife MARGARET GALLON. Also their daughter JESSIE who died 25.9.1946.



Da. 74

In memory of RACHEL MARR, who died 22.10.1967.



Da. 75

In memory of MURDO MACLENNAN, Rubber Planter, Dallas, who died 25.11.1939.



Da. 76

Erected by JOHN, THOMAS, JAMES and MARGARET GORDON, In memory of their father THOMAS GORDON, who died 8.9.1891, aged 80. And their mother ISABELLA CRUICKSHANK, who died 4.2.1870, aged 66.



Da.  77

In memory of JAMES McKINTOSH, who died 28.12.1891, aged 63. And His wife ELIZABETH GORDON, who died 11.8.1899, aged 72. And their daughter ISABELLA, who died 8.2.1908, aged 52.



Da.  78

In memory of JAMES GRIGOR, who died 28.10.1857, aged 85. And His wife JANET HAY, who died 9.4.1852, aged 73. And their children, JANE, who died 28.2.1858, aged 7 months. WILLIAM, who died 14.11.1863, aged 14 months, ANN, who died 6.3.1866, aged 7. JAMES, who died 18.4.1875, aged 23.



Da.  79

In memory of BETSY CAMERON, who died at Dallas, 18.8.1898, aged 35. And her son DAVID, who died 9.7.1911, aged 15. And her husband JOHN GRIGOR, who died 27.8.1926, aged 78.



Da.  80

Erected by MARY McGILLIVRAY, In memory of her husband ALEXANDER GRIGOR who died 14.4.1879, aged 63. And the said MARY McGILLIVRAY, who died at Dallas, 11.2.1900, aged 80.




Da. 81

In memory of JOHN GRIGOR, who died at Dallas 4.8.1903, aged 82. And MARGARET GRIGOR, who died 17.1.1890, aged 81.



Da. 82

In memory of CHRISTINA GRIGOR, who died at Inverness, 7.6.1900, aged 33. And her son ROBERT, who died February, 1900, aged 7 months.



Da. 83

In memory of WILLIAM GRIGOR, who died 28.1.1866, aged 84. And his wives MARGARET MITCHELL, who died 24.2.1834, aged 50. And ISABELLA ROY, who died 26.6.1869, aged 77. And his family, MARY, who died 20.7.1850, aged 24. WILLLIAM, who died 13.6.1850, aged 38. JANE, who died 18.3.1852, aged 24. MARGARET, who died 15.7.1856, aged 24. BETSY, who died 10.5.1869, aged 50. ROBERT, who died 4.2.1890, aged 49. ANN, who died 13.3.1897, aged 67. HELEN, who died 1.7.1898, aged 56. ALEXANDER, who died 28.2.1899, aged 77. MARGARET, ROBERT and BELLA, who died in infancy, CHARLES, who died 11.12.1902, aged 57. MARGARET, died 13.12.1901, aged 20. JAMES died in infancy. And JAMES, who died 15.11.1922, aged 84.



Da. 84


Erected by JOHN FRASER, butcher, Findhorn, in memory of his eldest son JOHN ALEXANDER, who died at Gray’s Hospital, Elgin, 17.9.1925, aged 28. And the said JOHN FRASER, who died 7.7.1941, aged 74. And his daughter HELEN ANN, who died at Leanchoil Hospital, Forres, 27.9.1952, aged 59. And his wife ISABELLA ROBERTSON, who died 12.11.1958, aged 86.




In memory of WILLIAM GRIGOR, who died at Dallas, 3.9.1892, aged 75. And his wife ANN GORDON, who died at Dallas, 30.8.1901, aged 76. And their son WILLIAM GRIGOR, who died at Inverness, 26.4.1955, aged 87.




Erected by JOHN GRIGOR, in memory of JANET GRIGOR, who died 14.8.1848 aged 54 years.

And the said JOHN GRIG0R, who died July, 1868 aged 81 years.


Da. 87

Erected by JOHN ALLAN in memory of his father ALEXANDER ALLAN, who died 8.2.1822 aged 62 years.



Da. 88

Erected by JAMES FINDLAY, In memory of his father, JOHN FINDLAY, who died 6.7.1839 aged 91 years. And his son JAMES, who died 13.5.1858 aged 29. And the above JAMES FINDLAY, who died 13.10.1870 aged 73 years. And His wife MARGARET WATT, who died 12.12.1888 aged 83 years.



Da.  89

Erected by HELEN ROSS, In memory of her husband ALEXANDER FINDLAY, who died 16.5.1881 aged 49 years. And their son JAMES, who died 4.2.1876 aged 14 years. And their daughter CHRISTINA, who died 9.2.1873 aged 4 years. And the above HELLEN ROSS, who died 21.8.1890 aged 59 years.



Da. 90

In memory of JANE CAMERON who died 29.7.1922 aged 73 years. Also her husband JAMES MACKENZIE who died 1.1.1925 aged 84 years.



In memory of my husband PETER ALLAN, who died 30.1.1947, aged 43 years. And his wife JEANNIE FALCONER, who died 12.12.1967.



Erected in memory of JOHN CAMERON, who died at Dallas, 11.3.1916 aged 86 years. And his wife ELIZABETH CUMMING, who died at Dallas, 13.4.1916 aged 75 years.



In memory of JAMES CAMERON, who died 10.10.1906 aged 73 years. And his wife ELSPETH CUMMING, who died 20.11.1914  aged 73 years. Their son JOHN, who died 6.2.1928 aged 65 years. And his wife CLARA GRANT, who died 30.11.1959 aged 80 years.



Da. 94

Erected by ALEXANDER JAMES, in memory of his spouse, JANE BOWIE, who died 19.2.1848 aged 58 years. His son WILLIAM, who died 4.3.1854 aged 39 years. The said ALEXANDER JAMES, who died 10.6.1856 aged 70 years. And his son JOHN who died 2.2.1889 aged 62 years. And MARGARET FORSYTH wife of JOHN JAMES, who died 20.3.1903 aged 77 years.



Da. 95

Erected by JOHN JAMES, in memory of his brother GEORGE, who died 21.6.1930 aged 65 years. And the said JOHN JAMES, who died 20.11.1936 aged 74 years.



Da. 96

In memory of our parents, JOHN MASSON, who died 4.12.1904 aged 61 years. And his wife MARGARET GARROW, who died 26.12.1904 aged 50 years. Their infant daughter MARGARET and their niece, ELIZABETH WILSON, who died 30.11.1922 aged 63. Their 2 grandchildren, MARGARET HELEN, who died 22.6.1927 aged 7 years and ANNIE SIMPSON, who died 28.6.1927 aged 3 years.



Da. 97

Erected by WILIAM CUMMING, In memory of his parents DAVID CUMMING, who died 23.9.1841 aged 73. And ELIZABETH WRIGHT, who died 1.5.1848 aged 76 years.



Da. 98

Erected by JAMES and JOHN CUMMING, in memory of their father ROBERT CUMMING, who died 1.12.1811 aged 71 years. And their mother ELIZABETH ALLAN, who died 13.9.1811 aged 53 years. And their brother ALEXANDER, who died 13.11.1813 aged 97.



Da. 99

In memory of WILLIAM ALEXANDER MASSON, who died 3.7.1960 aged 69 years. And BENJAMIN and LESLIE, who died in infancy and his wife ANNE SMITH, who died 23.1.1965 aged 71 years.



Da. 100

Erected by JOHN GORDON, in memory of his father, JAMES GORDON, who died 25.5.1820 aged 78 years. And his son JAMES GORDON, who died 23.5.1808 aged 27 years.



Da. 101a

In memory of PETER CUMMING, who died at Blackhills, 14.4.1811 aged 85 years. And Mrs. ISABEL LESLIE, his spouse, who died at Blackhills, 30.11.1823 aged 90 years. And of WILLIAM DICK, esq., who died 8.10.1846 and his wife HELEN YOUNG, who died 17.10.1890.



Da. 101

In memory of LACHLAN CUMMING, who died 19.11.1836 aged 80 years.



Da. 101c

In memory of JOHN GORDON, Road Contractor, who died at Bishopmill 12.9.1859 aged 47 years. And his spouse ISABELLA FORSYTH who died in July 1862 aged 36 years. And his mother ISABELLA PHILIP who died 30.9.1860 aged 89. And his daughter ISABELLA who died 6.8.1877 aged 20.


Da. 102

Erected by WILLIAM MACKENZIE, In memory of his daughter, CHRISTINA ANN, who died at Keith, 23.8.1901 aged 16 years.



Da. 102

In memory of HUGH MACKENZIE, who died at Dallas 15.6.1894 aged 72 years. And His wife ELSPET MAN, who died 30.7.1885 aged 63 years. Also ISABEL McPHERSON, wife of CHARLES McKENZIE, who died 16.7. 1927 aged 67 years. And the said CHARLES McKENZIE, who died 10.8.1929 aged 72 years.



Da. 104

In memory of ROBERT MACKENZIE, who died at Elgin 16.12.1900 aged 34 years.



Da. 105

In memory of ALEXANDER McLENNAN, who died 19.7.1945 and His wife ANN McRAE, who died 25.2.1950.



Da. 106

In memory of my father RICHARD R. HAROLD, who died at Dallas, 5.5.1953 aged 82 years. Also his grandson, RICHARD D. HAROLD, who died in England, 23.6.1951.



Da. 107

In memory of HELEN BARRON, who died 13.3.1911 aged 81 years. Wife of JOHN McPHAIL, who died, 17.10.1920 aged 85 years. And GEORGE MACDONAL.D, who died at Dallas, 31.8.1893 aged 37 years. His wife JEMIMA McPHAIL, who died 15.8.1891 aged 29 years.



Da. 108

In memory of JOHN HARDIE, who died at Elgin, 23.3.1938 aged 89 years. And His wife, MARGARET LESLIE, who died 18.4.1924 aged 68 years. And their daughters ELSIE, who died in infancy. MARY, who died at Dublin, 18.10.1948 aged 63 years. Their son JOHN, who died 15.7.1949 aged 55 years. And ROBERT ALEXANDER, who died at Fielding, New Zealand 29.1.1958 aged 59 years.



Da. 109

Erected by JOHN HARDIE, In memory of his father, JOHN HARDIE, who died at Forres, 1.2.1868 aged 94 years. His wife MARGARET MASSON, who died, 17.4.1871 aged 49 years. And the said JOHN HARDIE, who died at Pluscarden, 7.3.1896 aged 85 years.



Da. 110

Erected by ROBERT CUMMIN, In memory of his father, JOHN CUMMMING, who died 14.9.1840 aged 68 years. And the said ROBERT CUMMING, who died 24.10 1874.



Da. 111

Erected by ISABELLA McLEISH, In memory of her husband JOHN CUMMING, who died 15.1.1884 aged 53 years. And the said ISABELLA McLEISH, who died at Elgin, 14.12.1900 aged 61 years.




Da. 112

Erected by ANNIE STEWART, In memory of her husband CHARLES GRANT, who died at Dallas, 2.1.1901, aged 81. And their son ALEXANDER, who died in infancy. Also his wife ANNIE STEWART, who died 12.9.1922, aged 94. And their daughter EMILY, who died 13.9.1922, AGED 66. And their son WILLIAM, who died 12.10.193`, aged 61. Daughter JANE, who died at Llanbryde 20.7.1939, aged 72. And their grand daughter BARBARA MORRISON, who died at Rothes, 14.6.2957, aged 80.



Da. 113

Erected by HELEN GRANT, In memory of her husband WILLIAM BUIE, who died at Dallas 12.1.1827, aged 80.



Da. 114

Erected by JOHN BUIE, In memory of his spouse ISABELLA McKAY, who died 5.10.1828, aged 52. And their son JOHN, who died 22.12.1811, aged 8 months.



Da. 115

In memory of DANIEL ROSS, his spouse MARGARET PHEAREN who died June 1769. Also their children. And his second spouse CATHERINE COUPER, 1781.



Da. 116

Erected by A. and R. Hay In memory of their mother JANE JAMES who died 24.12.1886 aged 75. And their sister CHRISTINA who died 1.1.1886 aged 68. And their grandchild ALEXANDER FORSYTH who died 23.1.1897 aged 3.



Da. 117

Erected by ALEXANDER HAY In memory of his father ROBERT HAY died 28.11.1799 aged 71 and the above ALEXANDER HAY died 1.10.1834 aged 74.



Da. 118

In memory of our father WILLIAM HAY, who died 31.10.1856, aged 82. And our mother JANET DUNBAR, who died 12.2.1849, aged 80.



Da. 119

In memory of ALEXANDER HAY, who died 30.6.1878, aged 78. And his spouse JANE YOUNG, who died 16.8.1884, aged 79. And of their daughters JANET, who died 5.3.1846, aged 11, MARGARET, who died 1.1.1884, aged 47. CHARLOTTE, who died at Dallas, 21.2.1898, aged 52. And WILLIAM HAY, their son who died at Dallas, 16.10.1918, aged 86.



Da. 120




No further information given.



Da. 121

1883 Private A.G. ROY, Seaforth Highlanders 23.1.1915, aged 22.



Da. 122

In memory of JAMES ROY, who died at Kellas, 22.4.1911, aged 77. And His wife CATHERINE GALLON, who died 2.7.1924, aged 86.



Da. 123

In memory of WILLIAM BOWIE, who died 25.2.1851, and his spouse ANN JAMES, who died 26.5.1873.



Da. 124

Erected by JOHN GORDON, In memory of his father GEORGE GORDON, who died 22.12.1866, aged 52. And his mother ELIZABETH MURDOCH, who died 10.1.1886, aged 68. And his sister JANE, who died 26.5.1903, aged 54. His brother ALEXANDER, who died 22.12.1903, age 45. And PHILIP, who died at Elgin, 24.3.1919, aged 73. And his sister LILY, who died 7.6.1935, aged 74.



Da. 125

Erected by JAMES GORDON, In memory of his spouse LILLIE GORDON, who died 17.3.1825, aged 62. Their daughter JESSIE, who died 7.2.1859, aged 46. And the said JAMES GORDON, who died 1.6.1860, aged 81.



Da. 126

In memory of MARY ANN BEATTIE, who died 11.10.1936, aged 69. And JEAN SUTHERLAND, who died 8.7.1941, aged 32. And JOHN ROSS, who died 12.2.1949, aged 85. And JAMES ROSS, who died 23.3.1972, aged 70.



Da. 127

In memory of THOMAS DALGLIESH BROWN who died 17.8.1970 aged 67.



Da. 128

In memory of DUNCAN KENNEDY who died 6.9.1904 aged 61. His wife JESSIE CAMPBELL who died 17.6.1897 aged 56. And their daughters BELLA who died 1.2.1897 aged 17. Their son ALEXANDER who died 7.8.1898 aged 22.



Da. 129

Erected by the family In memory of their father DONALD NICOLSON who died at Dallas 24.8.1897 aged 77. And his daughter MARGARET ANN who died 22.7.1883 aged 29. And His wife JANET DAVIDSON who died 4.1.1902 aged 77.



Da. 130

Erected by Mrs. GEORGE ROSS In memory of her father JAMES BARRON who died 20.12.1862 aged 66. And her mother JANE HARROLD who died 21.11.1886 aged 88. And her sister ELSPET who died 2.2.1900 aged 76. And her brother JOHN who died 19.10.1911 aged 85.



Da. 131

In memory of JOHN BARRON who died 10.1.1942 aged 75. And His wife MARGARET JAMES who died 18.8.1969 aged 86.



Da. 132

Erected by JAMES PHILIP In memory of his daughter ALICE JANE who died at Elgin 11.8.1866 aged 11 days.



Da. 133

Erected by GEORGE PHILIP In memory of his spouse ELIZABETH GRANT who died 12.11.1845 aged 28. And his father DAVID PHILIP who died 24.2.1842 aged 75. And his mother MARGARET CRICKSHANK who died 8.1.1858 aged 88. And his son WILLIAM who died 19.2.1863 aged 9.



Da. 134

In memory of CHRISTINA SMITH who died 15.4.1875 aged 50. And her husband GEORGE PHILIP who died at Dallas 8.12.1884 aged 74. Their son ROBERT who died 30.4.1884 aged 29. And His wife CATHERINE McLAREN who died 27.10.1887 aged 33. And their daughter ANNIE TINA PHILIP who died at Elgin 16.12.1932 aged 64.



Da. 135

In memory of JAMES PHILIP who died 10.7.1911 aged 70. His wife CATHERINE GRANT who died at Forres 7.6.1929 aged 86. And their daughter MARGARET GRANT who died 1.10.1945 aged 76. And their son JAMES GRANT who died 2.8.1948 aged 77. And His wife CATHERIN MacLEAN who died 12.10.1965.



Da. 136

Erected by WILLIAM PHILIP in memory of his wife MARGARET FRASER who died at Dallas 15.10.1874 aged 35.



Da. 137

Erected by ALEXANDER BUIE, London, in memory of his mother MARGARET PHILIP who died at Elgin 21.8.1852 aged 63.



Da. 138

In memory of ROBERT PHILIP who died 7.5.1887 aged 85. And his wife MARGARET GARROW who died 29.11.1887 aged 81. And their daughter ISABELLA who died at Dallas 13.12.1920 aged 75.



Da. 139

In memory of our father ROBERT PHILIP who died at Dallas 13.9.1876 aged 48. And our mother HELEN ANDERSON who died at Dallas 5.7.1908 aged 81.



Da. 140

In memory of JOHN MURDOCH who died 9.12.1892 aged 73. And his wife JANE FINDLAY who died 18.9.1870 aged 32. And their son JAMES who died 11.10.1950 aged 91. And His wife MARY DOUGLAS who died 19.1.1961 aged 93.



Da. 141

In memory of ELIZABETH ROSS who died 17.10.1966 aged 69. And her son ALEXANDER BEATTIE who died 10.1.1928 aged 8 months. And her husband ANDREW ROSS who died at Forres 4.3.1978 aged 94.



Da. 142

In memory of JAMES ROSS STUART who died 26.2.1943 aged 4 ½ years.



Da. 143

In memory of JAMES HARDIE who died 9.11.1859 aged 47. And his wife ANN SOUTER who died 8.10.1908 aged 98. And their daughter JESSIE who died at Rafford 23.7.1922 aged 72.



Da. 144

In memory of my mother MARY CHRISTIE BYRSE who died 14.12.1909 aged 34.



Da. 145

Erected by ALEXANDER HARDIE in memory of his spouse JANET CLARK who died 25.10.1809 aged 44. And MARGARET BREMNER who died 8.4.1829 aged 55. And his daughter HELEN who died 6.8.1858 aged 43.





Da. 146

In memory of JANE MARY SUTHERLAND, only daughter of ALEXANDER SUTHERLAND and JANE HAY, who died at The Park, Dallas, 26.5.1900 aged 21. Also the SAID ALEXANDER SUTHERLAND, farmer, The Park, who died there 24.11.1904 aged 78. His wife JANE HAY died 30.11.1928 aged 90. LOTTIE DOUGLAS, wife of ALEXANDER SUTHERLAND for 52 years died in Dallas 9.12.1955 aged 80. Also the said ALEXANDER SUTHERLAND who died in Dallas 10.3.1960 aged 90. His brother ANDREW died in New Westminster, B.C., Canada, 26.10.1968 aged 96.



Da. 147

MARGARET HELEN JAMIESON, died Kellas, House, 29.6.1935, aged 21,



Da. 148

In memory of JOHN GRIGOR who died at Whitemoss, Dallas 29.11.1917 aged 61. His son GEORGE died 31.12.1908 aged 21. His wife ANN FINDLAY died 16.12.1938 aged 71.



Da. 149

Erected by JOHN McQUIBAN, in memory of his wife MARGARET CUMMING, died 24.9.1861, aged 47. Also the said JOHN McQUIBAN died Village Dallas, 28.12.1889, aged 77. His son JAMES, died 11.11.1902, aged 62. And his wife MARGARET McPHAIL, died 23.12.1913, aged 73.



Da. 150

ROBERT McQUIBAN, died at Village Dallas, 28.11.1946, aged 70. His wife EMILY STEWART, died 25.8.1955, aged 77.



Da. 151

JAMES YOUNG, husband of ALICE HUTCHIESON, died Tombrae, 14.1.1945, aged 70.



Da. 152

In memory of JOHN YOUNG, Brokintore Cottage, who died 28.2.1964 aged 87.



Da. 153

Erected by BENJAMIN, and MARGARET FINDLAY in memory of their son WILLIAM, died Forres, 27.1.1909, aged 23. Also MARGARET SCOTT, wife of BENJAMIN FINDLAY, died Rhininver, Dallas on 17.10.1926, aged 62. Also the said BENJAMIN FINDLAY, died Woodside, Dallas, 8.3.1937, aged 72.



Da. 154

ROBERT WALKER BROWN, M.B., Ch.B., husband and father, born at the Manse (Dallas) 11.7.1888, died 19.3.1962, aged 73 years. Also, his wife MARY JANE MITCHELL, born 30.5.1888, died 6.5.1964, aged 75.



Da. 155

ELIZABETH KATHERINE (LAL) eldest daughter of Rev. JOHN L. BROWN, minister of the parish, died 20.7. 1897 aged 12.



Da. 156

JOHN LOW BROWN, for 44 years minister of this parish, died 29.9.1924, aged 72. His wife AMELIA DUTHIE SUTHERLAND, died 5.9.1901. Their daughter ELIZABETH CATHERINE BROWN, died 20.7.1897, aged 13. And their sons who fell in battle for their country.



Da. 157

Erected by the parishioners of Dallas, In memory of Rev. WILLIAM TULLOCH, minister of that parish for 25 years, died 23.11.1845, aged 68. Also JANE CUMMING, his wife, died 24.4.1844, aged 47.



Da. 158

ANDREW SUTHERLAND, late farmer, Blackhills, died at Craigend, Dallas, 20.9.1904 aged 81.



Da. 159

JAMES CLARK, farmer, Bougbuie, died 29.3.1847 aged 79. His wife JEAN LITTLEJOHN died 3.2.1849 aged 80. Also CHARLES CLARK, son of JOHN CLARK died at Elgin 12.5.1872 aged 24. Said JOHN CLARK died Bogbuie 19.11.1893 aged 84. And His wife HELEN GRANT who died at Bogbuie, Kellas 24.3.1877 aged 65.



Da. 160

JOHN GRANT died 15.1.1857. Also MARGARET G. NICOLSON wife of D. NICOLSON, Pulteneytown, died 21.1.1857 aged 36.



Da. 161

Erected by WILLIAM FERGUSON, Parkhill, Rathven, In memory of his wife CATHERINE KESSON died Blackmyre 19.3.1925 aged 66. Their son JAMES died Hillside, Dunblane, as a result of an accident, July, 1891 aged 16 months.



Da. 162

Erected by ALLAN GEDDES In memory of his brother JOHN GEDDES, merchant, Dallas, died 25.6.1908 aged 80. His sister BETSY died 23.8.1907 aged 70.



Da. 163

Erected by ROBERT SCOTT and JANET GRIGOR, hillockhead, in memory of their son ROBERT who died 25.5.1813 aged 8. The said ROBERT SCOTT died 7.6.1845 aged 67. And his wife JANET GRIGOR died 18.4.1869 aged 84.



Da. 164

GEORGE SCOTT, Dallas, born 3.7.1814, died 13.11.1884. And his children GEORGE born 7.11.1842, died January, 1844. And MARGARET born 3.2.1850, died 10.4.1857. Also HUGH, son of HUGH SCOTT, born 8.10.1882, died 5.3.1885. The said HUGH SCOTT died 23.2.1897 aged 52.



Da. 165

In memory of our mother JANE READER, widow of HUGH SCOTT, died 31.3.1928 aged 75. Their son WILLIAM died 28.4.1924 aged 49. And their daughter MARGARET who died 10.10.1919 aged 32.


Da. 166

JAMES STUART, shoemaker, died at Schoolbrae, Dallas, 18.12.1900 aged 91. His wife ANN GRANT died 29.12.1897 aged 83. Their son JOHN died at Elgin 28.9.1895 aged 56. Their daughter JESSIE died 24.10.1884 aged 33. Their grand daughters ANN died December, 1878 aged 21, and LIZZIE died at Forres April, 1906 aged 28. Their daughter MARGARET died April, 1919 aged 82. Also their great great grandson Private JOHN MacDONALD, first 6th Seaforth Highlanders died of wounds in France aged 21. Their daughter ISABELLA died 11.5.1936 aged 78.


Da. 167

CHARLES JAMES (Cheddie) eldest son of JAMES STUART Schoolbrad, died at Gray’s Hospital, Elgin, 10.8.1935 aged 24. His daughter ROBINA McCOOK died in infancy. The said JAMES STUART died 3.2.1960 aged 75. And His wife ELIZABETH McCOOK died 10.9.1962 aged 73.


Da. 168

ISAAC WRIGHT, died 21.3.1918. His widow ANN M. ANDERSON, died 25.2.1935, aged 77.



Da. 169

Erected by MARGARET DUNCAN, In memory of her husband JOHN ANERSON, died Findhorn 26.9.1866, aged 49. Their son JAMES, lost at sea, 10.1.1871, aged 18. The said MARGARET DUNCAN, died Dallas, 9.2.1890, aged 63. Their son-in law, DAVID ROTHNIE, died Dallas, 12.6.1914, aged 57. And His wife WILLIAMINA ANDERSON, died Dallas, 2.3.1948, aged 86. Their son JOHN ROTHNIE, died of wounds in Belgium, 22.10.1918, aged 25.



Da. 170

Erected by ANN GARROW, In memory of her husband ALEXANDER MILLER, farmer, Lenoch, died 3.6.1847, aged 61. Also the said ANN GARROW, died 13.2.1863, aged 73.




Da. 171

Erected by ALEXANDER JAMES, In memory of His wife ANN MILLER, died Brooks, Cottage, Kellas, 7.10.1903, aged 43. And the said ALEXANDER JAMES, died Brooks Cott. 7.7.1919, aged 60. Their son ALEXANDER, died of wounds received in action in France, 24.1.1917, aged 31.



Da. 172

ALEXANDER CAMERON, late Feuar, Village of Dallas, died 26.5.1857, aged 77. His spouse JANET DUNBAR, died 21.11.1887, aged 94.



Da. 173

GEORGE DOUGLAS, died Alteyuish, Dallas, died 4.4.1899, aged 74. His daughter JESSIE, died 29.4.1896, aged 35, Also ANN PHINN, His wife died at village of Dallas, 3.8.1927, aged 98. Also his son JAMES DOUGLAS, died Sandy hillock, Calcots, 18.5.1940, aged 84. Also JANE WATSON RIACH, wife of the said JAMES DOUGLAS, died Sandyhillock, Calcots, 22.2.1941, aged 72.



Da. 174

Erected by George and Mary Ann Ritchie in memory of their daughter KATIE who died in Dallas 9.20.1902 aged 23. And the said GEORGE RITCHIE who died 1.1.1908 aged 65. Their daughter MARY J. DRYDEN died in Capetown, S.A. in February 1919 aged 43. Also MARY ANN SOUTER, wife of the said George Ritchie, died in Dallas 22.11.1926 aged 85.



Da.  175

Erected by Alexander Winchester in memory of his son ALEXANDER who died at Craigroy 28.6.1868 aged 20. Their son JAMES died 22.12.1885 aged 33. Their son CHARLES died 1.12.1890 aged 32. Their son ANDREW died 10.7.1891 aged 38. And His wife ANN SHEED died 28.9.1899 aged 80. The said ALEXANDER WINCHESTER died 26.5.1904 aged 87. Their son MACKIE WINCHESTER died 8.8.1907 aged 46.



Da. 176

Erected by DANIEL GRANT, Dallas Village in memory of his wife MAGGIE MARR, died 25.2.1890, aged 49. Also ALEXANDER MARR GRANT, their son, died 11.3.1871, aged 7 years, 10 months. And MAGGIE GRANT, their daughter, died 11.10.1876, aged 11 months. And the said DANIEL GRANT, died 21.5.1914, aged 81.



Da. 177

Erected by GEORGE GRANT, in memory of his wife ISABELLA McPHERSON, died 26.3.1867 aged 36. And their 2 children who died in nonage.



Da. 178

Erected by John Phimister in memory of his father ALEXANDER PHIMISTER, Farmer, Torwinnie, who died 5.1.1865 aged 49. And his mother ANN GRIGOR who died at Dallas Village, 4.3.1894 aged 82 years. Also his brothers who died at Dallas Village, ROBERT GRIGOR on 10.2.1877 aged 22 and JAMES on 23.11.1891 aged 33. Also his wife CATHERINE FALCONER who died in Glasgow 15.1.1912 aged 53 years. The said JOHN PHIMISTER died in Dallas Village 30.8.1927 aged 84 years.



Da. 179

Erected by Jane Philip in memory of her husband WILLIAM CHRISTIE, Feuar, Village of Dallas, who died 11.12.1874 aged 75 years. Also his spouse JANE PHILIP who died Dallas Village 14.12.1891 aged 87.



Da. 180

In memory of ALEXANDER McHATTIE, Hatton, Dallas, aged 64 years. His wife ANNIE GARROW aged 84 years. Their children WILLIAM aged 5 years, ELIZABETH aged 16 years and MAGGIE JANE aged 20 years.



Da.  181

ALEXANDER McHATTIE died at Invererne Farm, Forres, 10.12.1949 aged 72 years. His wife ELSPET SCOTT died at Invererne Farm 23.12.1964 aged 79.



Da. 182

WILLIAM McKENZIE, Carpenter, husband of ANNIE SIEVEWRIGHT, died Dallas as the result of an accident, 31.10.1939 aged 55 years. Said ANNIE SIEVEWRIGHT, died 22.8.1975 aged 83 years.



Da. 183

In memory of our friend, JAMES McDONALD, born, Kirriemuir, Angus, 19.12.1897, died Thrums, Dallas, 3.10.1943. EVA ROSEMARY DUNCAN, 8.1.1946 – 30.11.1946.



Da. 184

ALEXANDER YOUNG died at Moor of Granry, 22.3.1867 aged 79 years. His spouse HELEN PETRIE died suddenly two days previously, 20.3.1867, aged 72 years. Both were interred here on 25.3.1867. Also their children ELIZABETH died 1848 aged 15 years. ROBERT died in Jamaica. WILLIAM died in S.A. 11.1.1884 aged 54 years. JESSIE died at Moor of Granry 1.12.1884 aged 49 years. Their grandson ALEXANDER YOUNG died 5.5.1875 aged 28. Their daughter HELEN died in Elgin 23.12.1891 aged 63. Their daughter CHRISTINA YOUNG or McKINTOSH died at The Dell, Dallas, 2.8.1902 aged 84 years.



Da. 185

ROBERT McINTOSH, retired Shoemaker, Fleurs Cott., Elgin, died Newton, near Elgin, 16.1.1939 aged 81. His wife ISABELLA McINTOSH, died Forres, 1.1.1939 aged 80 years.



Da. 186

JAMES DUNCAN, Reygall, Dunphail, died 25.9.1920. ANNIE ANDERSON, his wife, died 2.11.1912. Their family JAMES McQUEEN, died 14.12.1954. WILLIAM ANDERSON, died 24.5.1954.



Da. 187

Erected by John Dunbar, Yellowbug, Dallas, in memory of his brother JAMES who died 30.6.1834 aged 20 years. His father ALEXANDER DUNBAR who died 12.5.1863 aged 91. His mother ELIZABETH GARROW who died 13.2.1865 aged 87 years. The said JOHN DUNBAR died 11.4.1887 aged 72 years. His brother ALEXANDER DUNBAR died 15.12.1888 aged 75 years.



Da. 188

Erected by JOHN RIACH, Farmer, Dichhead, In memory of his mother, MARGARET CUMMING, died 22.11.1833 aged 41 years. His father JOHN RIACH, died 28.11.1865 aged 80. His brothers THOMAS, died 9.6.1847 aged 31 years. And ALEXANDER, died 5.2.1853 aged 28 years. Said JOHN RIACH, died 26.10.1899 aged 78 years. His sister JANE, died 4.2.1912 aged 93 years.



Da. 189

Erected by KENNETH McLEAN In memory of his sister MARJORY McLEAN who died 17.10.1819 aged 16 years.



Da. 190

Erected by 1868 by ALEXANDER DEAN, Builder in Sydney, New South Wales. In memory of his father JAMES DEAN, at one time parochial Schoolmaster of this Parish and afterwards of Rothes, at the Schoolhouse of which place he died 23.3.1832. His spouse CHRISTINA SMITH, died Bishopmill, Elgin, 1.9.1842. Also their son WILLIAM, born Schoolhouse, Dallas, 5.1.1816, died Berbice, 1845, and JAMES, born at Schoolhouse, Rothes, 27.4.1822 died Barbice 1852. Also their daughters, ISABELLA, wife of ROBERT MORRISON, Pinefield, Elgin, where she died 26.1.1867 aged 41 years interred in New Elgin. And CHRISTINA, died Elgin, 6.7.1867 aged 44 years interred here. And their eldest daughter, ELIZA, born 1816 died 20.4.1892.



Da. 191

ALEXANDER MOORE, Dallas, died there, 10.7.1869 aged 77 years. His wife MARGARET DEAN or MOORE, died, 6.3.1859 aged 65 years. Their sons WILLIAM died 16.9.1876 aged 52 years. ALEXANDER, died 16.1.1871 aged 39 years, near Summit, Sierra Valley, Plumas County, Upper California. JOHN and GEORGE, died in infancy. Their daughters MARGARET, died Dallas, 9.5.1906 aged 77 and MARY, died 12.2.1913 aged 85 years. Their son DAVID, died 18.3.1923 aged 86 also JANE CLARK, wife of the above DAVID MOORE, died Dallas, 17.11.1926 aged 78 years.



Da. 192

Erected by JOHN BROWN, postman, Kellas, in memory of his daughters MARY, died 3.1.1895, aged 21. JANE, died 5.9.1897, aged 21. His son JOSEPH died Leith, 17.9.1900, aged 29. The said JOHN BROWN, died Connachie, Kellas, 3.5.1913, aged 85. His wife ANN CUMMING, died 6.7.1906, aged 74.



Da. 193

1886 – Erected by JAMES SMITH, carpenter, Dallas, in memory of his wife ISABELLA MACPHESON, died 19.10.1885, aged 57. His daughter CHARLOTTE, died 22.8.1886, aged 18. The said JAMES SMITH, died 15.11.1895, aged 77. Their daughter MARY, wife of J.D. CHESTER, Regents Park, London, died 11.4.1931, aged 72.




Da. 194

WILLIAM GRANT, Junior, died Soccuth, 16.3.1883, aged 11.



Da. 195

Erected by the family in memory of their father ALEXANDER ANDERSON, late farmer, Bellachraggon, died 18.5.1867, aged 80. Also their sister and brother ANN and GEORGE died in childhood. Also their mother ANN GARROW, died 18.12.1890, aged 82. Also WILLIAM, son of the above, died 17.12.1903, aged 75. And their son ALEXANDER, died Woodside, Tindland, 27.9.1909, aged 79.



Da. 196

JOHN GARROW, mason, Woodside, Dallas, died 5.7.1881 aged 61. His wife ELIZABETH MITCHELL died 29.5.1860 aged 34. Their children WILLIAM aged 7 years, and JOHN aged 5, both drowned in the Lossie at Torcastle 3.5.1856. Also JANE DOUGLAS, wife of Alexander Garrow, who died 20.11.1920 aged 63. Their children JOHN died 29.12.1889 aged 22 months and ALEXANDER was killed in action in Flanders, 20.10.1917 aged 25. The said ALEXANDER GARROW died 10.9.1931 aged 75. ANNIE GARROW died in R.N.I., Inverness, 21.11.1946 aged 62.



Da. 197

ELIZABETH PHILIP, wife of ALEXANDER GARROW, I.R., died 25 Reidhaven Street, Elgin, 23.5.1897, aged 51. Also JANET GRANT, wife of the said ALEXANDER GARROW died 18 Hay Street, Elgin, 28.12.1921, aged 70. And the said ALEXANDER GARROW, died 18 Hay Street, Elgin, 29.4.1928, aged 81. His father ROBERT GARROW farmer, Alteyuish, Dallas, died there 30.11.1850, aged 34. His daughter MARGARET, died Elgin, 28.1.1975, aged 86.



Da. 198

Dr. ROBERT PHILIP GARROW, born 6.10.1884, died 1.3.1971. His wife JANET HELEN HEDGE, died 13.6.1974, aged 80.



Da.  199

In memory of our father and mother, HUGH A. DOUGLAS, died Ardoch, 15.2.1915, aged 69. And ANNIE  DOUGLAS, died Dallas, 11.8.1921, aged 79.



Da. 200

JOHN HARDIE died at Dallas 2.4.1899 aged 27. His grandmother ELIZABETH RIACH wife of ALEXANDER THOMSON, died 12.3.1904 aged 80. Also ELIZABETH THOMSON died Leanchoil Hospital 23.1.1926 aged 65. And ALEXANDER THOMSON died 4.11.1932 aged 75.



Da. 201

Erected by THOMAS RIACH late master gunner, R.A., in memory of his wife ELSPET CAMERON, died Forres 11.4.1877 aged 29.



Da.  202

Erected by WILLIAM CHISHOLM, Thistleflat, Pluscarden, In memory of his father JAMES CHISHOLM died there 8.5.1883 aged 60. Also his brother ANDREW died 28.2.1870 aged 11. Also his nephew WILLIE CHISHOLM died 22.6.1900 aged 40. And his mother JESSIE WATSON died Green Howe, Pluscarden, 10.2.1922 aged 91.



Da. 203

Erected by his parents in memory of their son WILSON C.CAMPBELL, who died at Leanchoil Hospital 8.7.1934, aged 18 years. Also his father ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, who died same place, 2.12.1952, aged 64 years. And his mother who died same place, 17.11.1875, aged 85 years.



Da. 204

Erected by Wilson Campbell, Farmer, Blackhills, in memory of his wife ANNABELLA CAMERON, who died in New Elgin 15.6.1926. And the said WILSON CAMPBELL who died in New Elgin 22.4.1931 aged 74 years.



Da. 205

To the memory of JOHN CAMPBELL, Teacher, Kellas, who died 8.7.1885 aged 66 years. And his family HENERY W., who died in March 1877 aged 3 years. AGNES who died 2.1.1867 aged 5 months. JOHN who died 18.7.1877 aged 22 years. ALEXANDER who died 26.3.1866 aged 24. Also their grandmother MARY A. SANNDUS, died 21.7.1885 aged 87 years. And AGNES SANNDUS, wife of the said John Campbell, who died at Elgin 8.2.1900 aged 73 years.



Da. 206

Erected by JOHN FINDLAY in memory of his father JAMES FINDLAY, Farmer, who died 21.9.1877 aged 74. And his wife JANE RHIND who died at Cummingston 3.11.1892 aged 76.And his son ALEXANDER who died 3.11.1863 aged 26. And their daughters JANE who died 2.4.1864 aged 22 years and ANNIE who died 3.3.1927 aged 78 years. MARGARET died 19.11.1928 aged 76.






In memory of WILLIAM SKENE who died Dallas, 29.12.1918 aged 43 years. And his wife MARGARET FRASER who died 9.2.1949 aged. 70 years. And their daughter ANNIE who died 29.1.1921 aged 10 years




Erected by JAMES CLARK in memory of his father- in-law, ALEXANDER FINDLAY, Farmer, who died 22.1.1892 aged 86 years. And his wife MARGARET JOHNSTON, who died 13.2.1882 aged 80 years. And their son JAMES who died 4.12.1880 aged 41 years.




Erected by Mrs. DOUGLAS in memory of her husband LEWIS DOUGLAS, who died Dallas, 17.5.1895 aged 75 years. And her son LEWIS, who died 20.9.1881 aged 33 years. And the said Mrs. DOUGLAS who died Dallas, 3.1.1907 aged 87 years. And their son-in-law, ALEXANDER COLLIE, who died 11.9.1925 aged 60 years. And his wife JESSIE DOUGLAS, who died 8.8.1925 aged 73 years




Erected by WILLIAM DOUGLAS, in memory of his father, JAMES DOUGLAS, who died 20.1.1857 aged 40 years. And his son JOHN DOUGLAS, who died at Kellas, 17.1.1885 aged 26 years. And of JANE BLUNTOCH, wife of the said JAMES DOUGLAS, who died Kellas, 31.7.1891 aged, 61. WILLIAM DOUGLAS, died 27.9.1927 aged 73. His wife JESSIE ANN FlNDLAY, died 7.7.1940 aged 85 years.




In memory of BENJAMIN and ALEXANDER CAMERON who died in infancy




CAMERON, Alexander died in infancy.




Erected by his son in memory of their father JAMES HARDIE died 10.1.1877 aged 60 and his daughter JESSIE died 27.4.1872 aged 18 and his wife MARY GRIGOR died at Dyke 5.11.1914 aged 94.




In memory of Private JOHN GRANT, who died of Malaria in North Africa, 15.7.1943, aged 27.




Erected by JOHN GRANT, farmer, Dallas, and his spouse JANNET WINKS, in memory of their son ROBERT, who died 17.4.1839, aged 16. Their daughter ANN, who died 8.3.1899, aged 82. Their son JAMES, who died 9.4.1902, aged 75. His wife ANN FRASER, who died 27.3.1913, aged 65. Their son JOHN, who died 1.2.1939, aged 70. Their daughter MARGARET, who died 7.11.1944, aged 60. Their son WILLIAM, who died 1.2.1949, aged 75.





Erected by PETER NAIRN, farmer, Dallas, in memory of his spouse MARJORY GRANT, who died 5.12.1838, aged 64.




In memory of DUNCAN CAMERON, who died 12.3.1899, aged 44. His wife ANNIE NAIRNE, died 20.5.1913, aged 56. Their daughter BESSIE, died

28.12.1898, aged 17.




In memory of MARGARET MARY SINCLAIR who died Dallas, 22.10.1935, aged 62. Wife or WILLIAM CANT, who died 30.9.1954, aged 85. Their daughter JESSIE, died Aberdeen, Infirmary, 26.5.1942, aged 33. Their son JAMES, died 20.12.1954, aged 42.




In memory of ANNIE COOK ALLARDYCE HAY, second daughter of WILLIAM HAY, Dallas Lodge, who died Leanchoil Hospital, 26.12.1924, aged 17. And their third daughter ADELENE ISABEL, who died in a motor accident 24.3.1937, aged 26. Also the said WILLIAM HAY, who died Wishaw, 19.12.1940, aged 69. And his wife CATHERINE STORRIE, who died 14.3.1970, aged 91.



Da 221

In memory of ROBERT RIACH, farmer, who died 19.2.1915 aged 79. And his daughter JESSIE who died at Urquhart 28.4.1924 aged 52. And his wife ANN HAY, who died 3.9.1926 aged 84. Also his sister MARGARET who died 19.9.1931 aged 88. And his grand-daughter ELSIE ANN, daughter of GEORGE RIACH, who died at Urquhart 10.11.1940 aged 18. Also his sons JOHN who died aged 71/2 years and WILLIAM who died in infancy.




In memory or Dr. ALEXANDER GARROW, born 11.12.1876 and died 12.4.1966. And his wife JENNY STEEL GUTHRIE born 27.11.1876 and died 28.11.1956. Also their grand-daughter JANE GARROW who was born 11.6.1948 and died in infancy. IAN GRANT GARROW, son or the above, born 24.8.1908 and died 28.3.1976. WILLIAM GUTHRIE GARROW, grandson or Dr. Alexander Garrow, born 29.8.1950 and died 3.4.1976.



Da. 223

In memory of CHARLES GRANT who died at Dallas 2.12.1926 aged 78. And his wife MARGARET DOUGLAS who died at Dallas 30.9.1950 aged 86.




In memory of GEORGE D. GARROW died 24.2.1976 aged 80. Husband of EDITH STOTT.




In memory of RAYMOND G. GARROW died 5.9.1952. aged 5 1/2.




Erected by ALEXANDER BLUNTOCH, farmer, Kellas, in memory of his father ALEXANDER BLUNTOCH who died at Forres 17.9.1893 aged 74. Also ALEXANDER son of the said ALEXANDER BLUNTOCH died 17.3.1894 aged 8 months. Also JOHN ALEXANDER son of the said ALEXANDER BLUNTOCH who died 2.10.1902 aged 8 months. Also WILLIAM son of the said ALEXANDER BLUNTOCH killed in action, France, between 12th and 14th April, 1915 aged 23. Also THOMAS, brother of the said ALEXANDER BLUNTOCH who died at Kellas 22.11.1922 aged 66. And of the said ALEXANDER BLUNTOCH who died 7.7.1941 aged 87. His wife MARGARET BROWN who died 15.11.1954 aged 91.




JAMES CUMMING, farmer in Bleaside, died 19.4.1803 aged 66. His spouse DINALI McQUEEN died 4.1.1800 aged 42. Their children ? CUMMING died February, ? aged 13. ISABEL CUMMING died 1.2.1797 aged 9. ? of Kellas.




MARGARET ANN MacKENZIE, died 24.6.1966 aged 76.

Her husband JAMES MacKENZIE, died 30.3.1972 aged 84 years.




In memory of LACHLAN JAMES FRASER, husband and father, died 27.1.1966 aged 47 years.




In memory of my husband DAVID RATTRAY, died 25.11.1965




WILLIAM CAMERON MORGAN, died 5.6.1965 aged 62 years.




In memory of my husband JOHN MASSON, late of Nether Branchill, Dallas, who died 22.12.1964 aged 77 years. And his wife HELEN JANE LONGMUIR, who died in Elgin 8.1.1975 aged 86 years.




In memory of our infancy son ROBERT MacKENZIE, Hillockhead Cottages, died 9.8.1964.




SUSAN DUNCAN or PATERSON, Schoolhouse, Kellas, died, 15.7.1964 aged 59 years. Also her aunt, SUSAN DUNCAN, last of the Duncan family of Fochabers, died Elgin, 14.2.1968 aged 92 years. Wife of DONALD MACKAY, died 1911.




ALEXANDER BURGESS, died 20.10.1963 aged 75 years. His wife ELSIE ANN McADAM, died 17.11.1967 aged 80 years.




JOSEPH FRASER MENZIES, died Rowan Cottages, 18.9.1958 aged 72 years. His wife MARGARET CAMPBELL, died 29.3.1970 aged 80 years.




In memory of JANE DICK died Forres, 2.7.1958




GEORGE SCOTT FINDLAY, died Glen Cottages, Da1las 11.4.1967 aged 72 years. His wife JANET GEORGE, died 1.6.1968 aged 78 years.




ROBERT GEORGE, died 17.5.1975 aged 87 years.




In memory of JOHN G. MASSON, husband and father, died 2.4.1971 aged 49 years. Also our daughter CAROLINE, died suddenly at Tonintoul, 4.1.1976 aged 18 years.




JESSIE A. MITCHELL, died 6.6.1975 aged 82 years.




MARGARET McCORKINDALE, born Bellshill, 7.9.1888 died New Galloway, 13.4.1967, for 55 years the wife of IAN ALEXANDER BROWN, 2nd son of the Rev. JOHN LOW BROWN, Minister of the Parish, born Da11as, 12.1.1883, died Birkenhead, 13.11.1967




ANNIE P. SUTHERLAND, wife of HERBERT BEY, died 28.12.1964 aged 48 years.




MALCOLM JAMES MACKELLAR, died 14.8.1973 aged 19 years,




HUBERT FREDERICK JOHNSON, of Baguta, Sindia Rhodesia and Parkmore, Dufftown, died 20.12.1969, aged 71. His wife ANNE HARDIE, born Westerton, Pluscarden died Kitwe, Zambia, 24.8.1974.




In memory of my husband HEINZ JOBS, died 22.10.1968 aged 45 years.




Erected by JOHN FRASER, in memory of his wife MAY McPHERSON, died 5.3.1967 aged 70 years. Said JOHN FRASER, died 4.5.1970 aged 81 years.




Erected by CHARLOTTE JESSIE SIM, in memory of her foster father JAMES MURRAY, died Spynie Hospital, Elgin. 11.4.1963 aged 85 years.




JAMES A. MACKAY, died 30.12.1970 aged 85 years




JANE GARROW, died 13.12.1967 aged 67 years. Wife of ALEXANDER THOMAS WATT.



FRANK STEPHEN, died Hatton, 1.2.1974 aged 82. Husband of MARY T. INGRAM.



JOHN MACDONALD, died 31.3.1975 aged 75 years. Husband of HELEN FARQUHARSON.



In memory of our sister ANN FRASER, died Foresterhill Hospital, Aberdeen, 21.11.1973 aged 65 years. Youngest daughter of the late JOHN FRASER, Butcher, Elgin



FRANK ROSS, Farmer, Manachie, Forres, died 9.11.1974. Husband of LILIAS CAMPBELL, who died at Leanchoil Hospital, Forres 7.1.1976.



IAN GEORGE HENRY HOULDSWORTH, D. L., T. D., of Dallas, Major - Seaforth Highlanders. Husband of CLODAGH, and father of DAVID, JOANNA PHILIPPA, SIMON and MARK, only son of HENRY and KATHERINE HOULDSWORTH of Dallas, died 30.7.1963 aged 41 years.



Brigadier Sir HENRY WALTER HOULDSWORTH, K. B. E., D. S. 0., M. C., of Dallas, late Seaforth Highlanders, Lord Lieutenant of the County of Moray. Husband of KATHERINE, son of late JAMES and ALBINIA HOULDSWORTH, of Coltness and Dallas, born, 28.1.1896 died 9.10.1963.



WILLIAM MUNRO, died 6.10.1977. Husband of MARGARET H. GALLOWAY.



GILBERT MENZIES, died 24.10.1977 aged 66 years. Husband of AGNES McARTHUR.



Rev., JAMES A. MATHESON, M. A., J. P., Minister of Dallas High Church, 1922 – 1952, died 6.6.1961.



JOHN McBAIN, died 22.12.1977 aged 57 years. Husband of ELSA McDonald



JOHN GIBB STUART, died 5.3.1978 aged 66 years. Husband of JESSIE WRIGHT ROBERTSON



In memory of my wife ANNIE NEWLANDS, died 25.5.1974.





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