East Ardsley Primary School


East Ardsley Junior & Infant School

The mixed Junior School (above) opened in 1892 and took in girls and infants. The boys attended the school built around 1874 on the site at the junction of Bradford Road and Thorpe Lane, now demolished and a modern office sits on the land. The boys eventually had their schooling moved to the girls and infants school with the boys school later becoming a youth club in 1966.

Ernie Wise of the comedy duo Morecambe and Wise was brought up near the railway station in East Ardsley and attended the boys school. He later returned with his partner in December of 1967 and opened the youth clubs coffee bar.

East Ardsley Primary School in June 2004





The picture on the right over the door 'Girls' can be seen, denoting this was the girls entrance. The infants entrance on the right and was later blocked up.


Demolition work starting to take place and by the June of 2004 all the children attending the school were now having their lessons in porta-cabins on the infant school site.



Twelve months on - June 2005

The school is near completion and will be opened for the start of the new scholastic year in September





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