Names found on the Gildersome Census for 1851

as transcribed by a member of the group in the early 1990's for his personal research

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All that part of the Township of Gildersom from the north west side of Gelderd Road opposite Philadelphia Mill to the new Mill in Moor Head Lane comprising the houses north west of Gelderd Road to Branch Road end with all the houses north of the road leading through Gildersome and east of Moor Head Lane.                       James Crowther 5 April 1851


Area Names
Moor Head Lane Thomas Hornby, David Siddle, Robert Denison, widower aged 76 retired drysalter, Anna M Stephenson and Martha Stephenson, grandaughters, William Denison, brother, Sarah Ingram, Elizabeth Stead, Anna Haigh, Joshua Peat aged 71 woollen cloth maker (possibly party to Indenture 27 March 1823), Jeremiah Hartley aged 60 woollen cloth maker.
Town Street Robert Denison aged 52 plumber and glazier, William Hornby, George Crowther master bootmaker, Montager Booth apprentice, William Stead apprentice, George Firth apprentice, John Gomersall bootmaker apprentice, John Jackson woollen cloth mfr, James collinson, Isaac Marsden 35 Innkeeper and farmer of 7 acres, Hannah Langley, James Gomersall coalminer, George Steward, Joseph Dixon, james Balmforth aged 59 farmer of 17 acres, Jeremiah Sowden aged 39 woollen cloth maker, Elizabeth Dixon, James Lobley, Sarah Stephenson landed proprietor, Ann Boulton, ann Walker, James Hardisty, Richard Buttrey farmer of 13 acres, Emma Oates (grandaughter of Richard Buttrey unm 21 dressmaker born Gildersome christened Batley 19 April 1829 daughter of Joseph Oates and Ann - poss cousin to Eliza Oates, Isaac Beaumont, Benjamin Clapham butcher and farmer of 9 acres, Clegg, Ann Secker, James Atkinton, Sarah Smith, Esther Hall, Henry Hawkswell, Sarah Frith
Rayner's Fold John Nursey, Rose Greenwood, Joseph Saville coalminer, Matthew Greenwood, James Stephenson, George Marshall, George Matthewman aged 19 lodger, Lavinia Firth, Sarah Webster
Town Street Benjamin Beck, Adolphus Driver, Elizabeth Booth, Jacob Stead, James Stead, Hannah Morris, James Dixon, Terrance Morrison, Manuel Bains
Town End Joseph Crosley, Joseph Lobley, John Bedford, William Rinder, William Firth, Mary Charlesworth
Clay Hill James Dixon, William Allwright Chelsea Pensioner, Hannah Peat
Bottoms Joseph Parkinson, Hannah Newton, James Richardson
Clay Hill James Webster, Jeremiah Smith, Joseph Hargreaves, Betty Hargreaves, Charles Shaw
Bottoms Samuel Smith, James Lockwood, George Groundwell, MIchael Stead, John Cliff father in law widower 75 pauper green grocer, Damiel Maud, Benjamin Wright, Sarah Wood, Anna Riley, Hannah Naylor
Clay Hill Joseph Wilcock
Bottoms George Marshall, Sarah Blakey, George Smity, Mary Stead
Hill Side Hannah Autey, John Hirst cordwainer,  John Mitchell, James Brook, Martha Cauldwell, Augustus Driver, Sarah Booth
Stoney Gate Benjamin Rycroft, Amelia Duxbury, William Gomersall, Wallace Sykes, Mary Johnson
Black Bank Edward Brooksbank
Stoney Gate William Baxendale, Benjamin Hartley, David Mitchell, George Gilpin
Harthill Lane Bottom George Gilpin, Daniel Stephenson, Ann Smithies, William Stead, James Firth, Squire Bedford pauper coalminer (mentioned in Joseph Rycroft's will dated 2nd September 1842, Elizabeth Rayner
Harthill Lane End Samuel Mitchell, Richard Oddy, Mary Beaumont, Ann Webster, Grace Hartley, Mary Lobley
Harthill Lane Bottom Susannah Bradshaw, Ann Sykes, Sarah Stephenson, Benjamin Wood
Town Green
Benjamin Dixon, William Gomersall, William Rhodes, Thomas Robertshaw, Henry Stephenson, Caroline Bradshaw, Joseph Morley, Thomas Rycroft, David Henderson, Thomas Beevers butcher and farmer of 40 acres, Thomas Marshall, Joseph Briggs, Noah Stimson, Jonathan Stead, John Stephenson, Matthew Stead, William Marshall, John Brook
Poor House, Town Green Charles Greenwood, Priscilla Gomersall
Town Green Benjamin Firth, Ann Jackson, John Johnson, James Halliday, Jeremiah Parkinson, John Drake, Thomas Marshall, Ada Gomersall
Town End Road James Stead, Sarah Stephenson
Town End Peter Aveyard
Town Green Thomas Hemingway, Benjamin Mawson, George Lumb