Methodist and other Non-Conformist Churches

in the Wakefield Area

if you know of any that are missed email information to be included

Chapel Locality Denomination
Ackworth Weslyan Methodist
Hillside Ackworth Primitive Methodist
Allerton Bywater Weslyan Methodist
Lock Lane Altofts Primitive Methodist
Altofts Common Altofts Weslyan Methodist
Bottomboat Primitive Methodist
Mount Pleasant, Gospel Hall Batley Baptist
Healey Lane End Batley Primitive Methodist
Hick Lane Batley Weslyan Methodist
Talbot Street, Trinity Batley Primitive Methodist
Taylor Street, Broomhill Batley Methodist New Connexion
Wellington Street Batley Primitive Methodist
Upper Road Batley Carr Primitive Methodist
Carlton Primitive Methodist
Chapel Street Carlton Weslyan Methodist
Castleford Congregational
Bradley Street Castleford Primitive Methodist
Carlton Street Castleford Weslyan Methodist
Duke Street Castleford Weslyan Methodist

Duke Street - formerley Wheldale Lane

Castleford Primitive Methodist
Oxford Street Castleford Weslyan Methodist
Pontefract Road Castleford Primitive Methodist
Powell Street, Providence Castleford

Weslyan Reformers / United Methodist Free Church

Smathorne Lane Castleford United Methodist Free Church
Temple Street Castleford Primitive Methodist
Chickenley Weslyan Methodist
Mount Zion Crigglestone Primitive Methodist
Crigglestone Methodist New Connexion
Crofton United Methodist Free Church
Darrington Weslyan Methodist
Centenary Dewsbury Weslyan Methodist
Salem Dewsbury Methodist New Connexion
Eastborough Dewsbury Weslyan Methodist
Granville Street Dewsbury Weslyan Methodist
Moorlands Dewsbury Weslyan Methodist
Wellington Road Dewsbury Primitive Methodist
Dewsbury Moor Dewsbury Primitive Methodist
East Ardsley Primitive Methodist
Zion Eaast Ardsley United Methodist
Featherstone United Methodist Free Church
Loscoe Featherstone Weslyan Methodist
Featherstone Lane Featherstone Primitive Methodist
Ebenezer Featherstone United Methodist Free Church
Featherstone South Featherstone Primitive Methodist
Wilson Street / formerly South Featherstone Featherstone United Methodist Free Church
Zion Gawthorpe Congregational
Bethseda Gawthorpe Methodist New Connexion
Front Street Glasshoughton Weslyan Methodist
Leeds Road Glasshoughton Primitive Methodist
Commonside Hanging Heaton Weslyan Methodist
Batley Road Heckmondwike Primitive Methodist
Greenside later Parkside Heckmondwike Weslyan Methodist
Westgate Heckmondwike United Methodist
Castleford Road Hopetown Primitive Methodist
Hopetown formerly Normanton Common Hopetown United Methodist Free Church
High Street Ebenezer Horbury Primitive Methodist
High Street Horbury United Methodist
Millfield Road Horbury Junction Weslyan Methodist
Trinity Hightown, Liversedge Primitive Methodist
St Johns Hightown, Liversedge
Highfield Methodist Church Hightown, Liversedge Primitive Methodist
Lofthouse Weslyan Methodist
Scholey Hill Methley United Methodist Free Church
Zion Methley United Methodist Free Church
Thornhill Road Middlestown Weslyan Methodist
Normanton Primitive Methodist
St Johns Normanton Weslyan Methodist
Beckbridge Normanton Primitive
Castleford Road Normanton
Pontefract Road, Providence Normanton
Wakefield Road Normanton Weslyan Methodist
Dale Street Ossett Weslyan Reformers
Kingsway formerly Gawthorpe Dewsbury Road Ossett Weslyan Methodist
Queen Street, Mount Zion Ossett Primitive Methodist
Wesley Street Ossett Weslyan Methodist
South Parade, Trinity Ossett Common Primitive Methodist
Bolus Lane Outwood Primitive Methodist
Newton Hill, Rehoboth Outwood United Methodist Free Church
Newton Lane End, Bourne Methodist Church Outwood Primitive Methodist
Newton Lane End, St John Outwood Weslyan Methodist
Ouzlewell Green Weslyan Methodist
Halfpenny Lane Mission Pontefract United Methodist
Horsefair Pontefract Weslyan Methodist
Micklegate Pontefract Primitive Methodist
Newgate Mission Pontefract Weslyan Methodist
Tanshelf Mission, Newgate Pontefract Primitive Methodist
Townville Pontefract Primitive Methodist
Rothwell Weslyan Methodist
Marsh Stret, Ebenezer Rothwell Primitive Methodist
Savile Town Weslyan Methodist
Sharlstown Common Primitive Methodist
later known as Trinity South Elmsall Weslyan Methodist
Barnsley Road South Elmsall
Coalfields later Mill Lane Mission South Kirkby Weslyan Methodist
Stockingate, Mission Hall South Kirkby Weslyan Methodist
Stanley Lane End Stanley
Streethouse Primitive Methodist
Thornhill Edge Primitive Methodist
Thornhill Lees Weslyan Methodist
Tingley Common Weslyan Methodist
Wakefield Baptist
Zion, George Street Wakefield Congregational
John Street Wakefield Congregational
Salem Wakefield Congregational
Wakefield Preparative Meeting Wakefield Quaker
Grove Road Wakefield Methodist New Connexion
Market Street Wakefield Primitive Methodist
Market Street Wakefield United Methodist Free Church
Thornes Lane, Bethal Wakefield United Methodist Free Church
West Parade Wakefield Weslyan Methodist
Doncaster Road, Belle Vue Wakefield Primitive Methodist
Oxford Street, Belle Vue Wakefield Weslyan Methodist
Whitwood Weslyan Methodist
Pottery Street and Leeds Road Whitwood Mere United Methodist
Woodlesford Weslyan Methodist
Wrenthorpe United Methodist Free Church

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