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Wakefield Family History Sharing

Persons of Note

Whites 1853 Directory

Classification of Trades & Professions A - E

Classification of Trades & Professions F - L

Classification of Trades & Professions M - Z

Persons of note in the Borough of Wakefield for the year of 1853

John Gregory esq, Mayor; Aldermen - James Micklethwaite; Joseph Holdsworth; Robert Hodgson;George Wm. Harrison; Thomas Clayton; Samuel Hurse; Henry Brown; Benhamin Walker.

Councillors - St Johns Ward, Thomas Hudson; Thomas Micklethwaite; Thomas Serle. Northgate Ward, James Holdsworht; William Kitching; George H Edwards. North Westgate Ward, Ebenezer Walker; Thomas Jennings; Edmund Green. South Westgate Ward, William Scarth; James Kershaw; Henry Clarkson. Kirkgate Ward, Joseph Boston; Joseph Wainright; Francis Cardwell; Samuel Seal; James Thompson; Thomas Haigh. Primrose Hill Ward, William Teall; Charles Exley; James Wade. Calder Ward, Gerge Kelshaw; William Ash; John Gregory.

Town Clerk - Mr James Whitham, Barstow Square; Chief Constable - Mr James McDonald; Superintendent of Police Mr James Aubrough Chipstead; Town Crier and Pinder - Thomas Shilito.

There are at the King Street Police Station 3 Inspectors and 19 Constables.

Clerk to the Magistrates - Mr J M Ianson; Coroner - Thomas Lee esq; Deputy Coroner - Mr Thomas Taylor esq.

Market Hall Superintendent - Mr Charles Hall; Fair Ground Superintendent - Mr Thomas Depledge.

Present Lord of the Manor of Wakefield - Sackville Walter Lane Fox esq (derived from his late father in law, the late Duke of Leeds in 1838).

Sir Thomas Pilkington, Bart., lessee of the Soke and the Fernandes Brothers are the millers.

Steward of the Manor Rolls - B S Rackham esq

Henry, Robert J and Frederick Lumb esqrs are Deputy Stewards of the Manor and Keepers of the Court Rolls

Senior Manor Bailiff & Court Crier- Mr William Senior

County Court Judge - T H Marshall esq. Clerk - G B Nelson esq. High Bailiff - Mr Ephraim Wood

Benjamin Dixon esq is Deputy Sheriff and Deputy Clerk of the Peace. Jno Atkinson of Leeds isClerk to the Lieutenancy.

Solicitor to the West Riding Magistrates - John Marsden esq. Clerk of Indictments - T W Rogers of Sheffield

Registrar - T B Hodgson esq. Deputy Registrar - Mr J E Dibb

William Errington, deputy West Riding Treasurer and High Constable of Lower Agbrigg,

Rev. Samuel Sharp A.M. is the Incumbent of the Parish Church (All Saints) (later to become the Cathedral) Assistants - Rev JSenior LLD, Rev James Taylor MA, Rev Thomas Ramsbotham. Clerk and Sexton - Mr James Heptonstall. The Rev Thomas Kilby is the incumbent of St Johns. Trinity Church - Rev William Tait. St Andrews Church - Rev W R Bowditch MA. St Marys Church - Rev Joseph Senior LLD.

Govenor of the House of Correction and Convict Prison - Mr Edward Shepherd. Rev.W T Alderson and Rev R V Reynolds are the Chaplains. Task Masters or manufacturers - Mr Henry France, Mr Frederick Parker. Matron - Mrs Paige. Steward - Mr W Robinson. Mr William Garbutt - Trveller. Messrs T J Jackson and B Mason are Clerks. Mary Ann Ainley - Schoolmistress. Schoolmasters - Messrs. C Winter, J Flockton, J Altree and J Burden.

Postmaster - Rowland Hurst

Gas Works Manager - Mr William Middleton. Secretary - Mr J Whitaker.

Water Works Manager - Mr Edward Haigh (also Secretary)

West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum Resident Physician and Director - C C Corsellis MD

Govenors of the Wakefield Charities - H Wormald; T G Wright; Rev S Sharp; Jeremiah Glover; W Thomas; J F Carr; Edward Tew; Rev J Pullein; Rev J P Simpson; E Tomlinson; J Barff; T H Holdsworth; Hon. and Rev. P Y Saville; J D Charlsworth. Agent for the Charities - Mr Henry Walker.

Miscellany of Gentry, Clergy, Partners in Firms and others not arranged in Classifications of Trades and Professions

Rev. Wm Thompson Alderson BA, Chaplain of the House of Correction; Mrs Sarah Allen, Pincheon Street; Mrs Mary Allett, Thornhill Terrace; Wm Allison, schoolmaster, Wood Street; Rev George Ambler BA, 14 Burton Street; Misses A & E Ambler, 8 Burton Street; Mrs Margaret Archer, Westgate Common; Mr William Armitage, Hatfield Road; Mr Thomas Armytage, Albion Place; Mr John Atkinson, College Grove; Mrs Ann Atkinson, 14 St Johns; Mr Charles Atkinson, matress maker, 89 Northgate; Mrs Mary Atrkinson, Red Lion Yard, Kirkgate; Jno Backhouse, bill poster, yard 25 Kirkgate; Mrs Elizabeth Bailey, St Johns; Wm Bailey, Clerk, 4 Hansons Terrace; Elizabeth Baker, cutler, 67 Kirkgate; Mr John Bakewell, Park Street;Mrs Mary Baldwin, George Street; Mrs Eliza Barff, Cliff Field House; John Barff esq mert. house in St Johns; William Barff, Grove House; Mr Denis Barker, Queen Street; Mr Joshua Barker, Thornes Lane; Mr John Barratt, 77 Northgate; Joseph Barras, horse breaker, Smith Street; William B Barstow, coal agent, 127 Westgate; Rev Ebenezer Bates MA principal of Proprietary School, house at 31 St Johns; John Bates, agent, Croft House; William Bateson, blacking mfr, 45 Northgate; Mrs I Beatley, Back Garden Street; Mary Bedford, housekeeper, Dispensary; Mrs Mary Beeston, Strafford Square; George Bennington, draper, house Cliff Terrace; Mrs Elizabeth Bennington, Hatfield Road; Ann Bennett, business owner, Northgate; Mr Charles Bennett, Market Street; Mrs Elizabeth Bennett, Red Lion Yard; Mrs Alice Benton, Westgate; Mrs Billington, Dispensary Yard; Capt. C H Binstead RN 108 Northgate; Benjamin Bishop, Clerk, Park Place; Mr & Mrs Benjamin Blackburn, Thornes Lane; Mr John Blackburn, 234 Kirkgate; Joseph Blackburn, reg office, Barstow Square; Thomas Blakey, gent, 23 St Johns; Rd. Bold, Law Clerk, Elm Street; Thomas Bolton, agent & secretary of Savings Bank, Burton Street; Edward Boocock, steward, Proprietary School; Wm Boocock, law clerk, Providence Street; Reuben Booth, underground steward, York Street; Rev Wm Renwick Bowditch MA, incumbent of St Andrews, Warren Terrace; John Braden, schoolmaster, Albion Street; Rd Bradley, engineer, Westgate Common; Rt Braithwaite, postman, Southgate; Thomas Bramley, gent, 9 St Johns; Mrs Hannah Brammall, 4 Cliff Place; William Brier, manager, Northgate; Wm Brier, breeches & glove maker, 3 Northgate; Mrs Sarah Bright, 107 Westgate; Broadbent John, carrier, Calder Row; Samuel Brockbank, agent, Hansons Terrace; Edward Brook, registrar, White Hart Yard; Mrs Mary Brooke, Bond Street and Elizabeth, Market Street; William Brooke, vessel owner, Wellington Street; Misses My & A Brooke, 13 St Johns; Mrs Sarah Burkill, Fall Ings House; Mrs Elizabeth Burrell, 14 South Parade; William T Burton, agent, White Horse Yard; Thomas Burtt, draper, Market Place; Thomas Butcher, clerk, Westgate; John Calverley, herbalist, Monk Street; Mrs Lydia Camm, 40 Garden Street; J C D Charlesworth esq, Stanley; Mr Rowland Child, Thornhill Terrace; Benjamin & Mrs Child, master & mistress of the Union Workhouse; John Child, builder, house York Street; James A Chipstead, police superintendent, King Street; George Christian, traveller, 3 St Johns Terrace; Mrs Clapham, 22 Burton Street; Mr Joseph Clark, York Street & Mrs Clark, 110 Northgate; Benjamin L Clarkson, clerk, Westgate; Misses My & A Clarkson, Westgate; Joseph Clarkson, house & c agent & clerk to Street Commissioners, Quebec Cottage; Mrs Sarah Clarkson, Hatfield Road; Rev Thomas Clarkson, Chaplain to the Asylum, Northgate; Mrs Eliza Clay, Mount Pleasant; Mr Thomas Clayton, Northgate; Joseph Clement, dispenser, Dispensary; Mr John Henry Coates, 18 Burton Street; Rev W Colcroft (Bapt) Providence Place; John Connor, Calder & Hebble Navigation agent, Fall Ings Locks; Rodney Cooper, traveller, 124 Westgate; Misses Ann & Catherine Copley, Kirkgate; William S Cordingley, traveller, 174 Kirkgate; Mrs & H B Craven, clerk, Park Street; William Craven, founder, Westgate Common; Samuel Croft, police inspector, Back Lane; Mr John Crosland, Queens Place; Barak Crossley, smallwr dealer, 110 Westgate; John Crossley, postman, Laycocks Yard; Mrs Sophia Crowther, 44 Kirkgte; Mrs Harriet Cummings, Garden Street; Samuel Daggett, 32 St Johns; Miss Hannah Davies, Northgate; Mrs Sarah Dawson, Cheapside; Rev Henry Dawson MA, 169 Westgate; Samuel Dawson, spinner, Westgate Common; Pechard Denby, salesman, 185 Westgate; Simeon Denham, tailer, house Southgate; Mr Thomas Depledge, Back Garden Street; John Edward Dibb, deputy registrar of deeds, Westgate; William Dickinson, executive officer, Thornes Lane; David Dippie, tax clerk, York Street; Mrs Mary Dixon, York Street; Benjamin Dixon, solicitor & deputy sheriff and deputy clerk of the peace, 55 Kirkgate; G M Dixon, cow leech, 32 Garden Street; Rev Francis William Dobbs, curate, Bond Street; Misses Drake, Southgate; William Drake, railway, truck & patent arm & axle manuf, Ings Road, house Garden Street; Rev Jno Draper, chaplain, Bond Terrace; W H Drew esq BA, 26 St Johns; Dd Duncan, founder, house Doncaster Road; Rd Dunn, merchant, house Woolgreaves; Rd Dacre Dunn, corn merchant, house Heath; William Henry Dykes, bank manager, 76 Westgate; Miss Ann Dyson, Northgate; Rev John Eastmead, incumbent, Thornes Road; Amon Ellis, machine maker, house Westgate End; Samuel Ellis, vessel owner, house Doncaster Road; William Ellis, vessel owner, South Street; William Ellis, manager, 154 Westgate; William Errington, deputy West Riding Treasurer and High Constable of Lower Agbrigg, Cliff Terrace; Miss Eliza Evers, 25 Rishworth Street; Alfred Everson, police inspector, Hatfield Road; John Farrar, prison clerk, Back Lane; Benjamin Fawcett, builder, house Heath; Mr Joseph Fawcett, Thornhill Terrace; Mrs Emma Fawcett, yard 76 Kirkgate; Samuel Fearnside, traveller, Cheapside; Joze Luis Fernandes, house Sandal; Joze Luis Fernandes jnr, house Pledwick; Nowell Luis Fernandes, house Bridge Cottage; George Firth, clerk, 56 Southgate; Mr Joseph Firth, providence Street; Misses Forster, 21 St Johns; Mrs Elizabeth Foster, Fairground; James Foster, manager, 10 Wood Street; Benjamin Foster, contractor, Garden Street; Mrs Elizabeth Frances, 24 Burton Street; Mrs Mary Frances, Wentworth Street; Henry France, manufacturer, House of Correction; Edward Frost, clerk, Kirkgate; William Garbutt, traveller for prisons, Northgate; Samuel Gifford, bird dealer, Market Street; John Gill, agent, Westgate;Miss Harriet Glover, 109 Northgate:Matthew Glover jnr, draper, house St Johns; Mr John Goodhay, Howard Street; Mrs Jane Gosnay, 4 St Johns Terrace; Mr John Gotthardt, Garden Street; William Grace, agent to the West Riding Trade Protection Soc, 59 Westgate; Charles Grace, builder, house Park Street; William grainger, clerk, Garden Street; Mrs Elizabeth Graham, Pinchon Street; Mr George Henry Green, Hatfield Row; Mrs Hannah Green, 101 Northgate; John C Green, clerk, Back Lane; John Gregory esq, Duncan House; W Grimes, police inspecter, Sharps Square; John Hatfield, rate collector, 86 Northgate; Joseph Hague, horse dealer, Providence Street; Mrs Elizabeth Haigh, Little Bull Yard; Edward Haigh, water works manager, Southgate; Mr William Haigh, Tavern Street; Thomas Haldane, farmer, Parkgate; Samuel Halliay, traveller, Bond Street; Charles Hall, market Superintendent; Mrs Elizabeth Hall, Back Garden Street; G & J Hall, daguerreotype portrait rooms and fancy depot, 26 Westgate; William Hall, constable, Mount Pleasant; Mrs Henry Halliday, 48 Southgate; William Isle Hanson, gent, Warren House; William Hardesty, Pemberton Place; Mrs Mary Hardy, 38 Southgate; William J Harger, clerk, Sandal Road; William Hargett, manager, Fall Ings; Mrs Maria Hargreaves, Rodney Yard; James Harnew, draper, house King Street; Mrs Elizabeth Harrison, Mount Pleasant; Mr R & Misses Harrison, 123 Kirkgate; Mrs Ann Harrison, 135 Kirkgate; Thomas Harrison, coal agent, Westgate Common; Thomas M Harrison, assistnt clerk of County Court, Bond Terrace; Mrs Elizabeth Hartley, 11 South Parade; Mrs mary Hartley, York street; William Wade Hartley, farmer, Heath; Mrs Elizabeth Haywood, 16 Back Garden Street; Samuel Fenton Heald, clerk, 109 Kirkgate; Misses Hebbelthwaite, Howard Street; Mr Peter Hembrough, Bond Street; Mr Francis Hemingway, Mount Pleasant; Jno Hemingway, builder, house Brunswick Street; James Heptonstall, parish clerk, yard 3 Kirkgate; Price Heptonstall, clerk of St Johns, Northgate; Joseph Hepworth, vessel owner, Savilles Buildings; William Hepworth, printer, Rodney Yard; Rev E Higginson (Unitarian) 113 Westgate; Pp Hillman, supervisor, Albion Place; Edw Hinchcliffe, inspector, 118 Kirkgate; Miss Ann Hind, Hadfield Road; Joseph Hirst, carrier, Pemberton Place; Ellis Hodgson, West Riding Treasurer, Cliff Terrace, house Skelton; John P Hodgson, law clerk, Pinchon Street; John Hodgson, herbalist, 42 Northgate; John Hodgson, supervisor, Mount Pleasant; Robert Hodgson, gent, South Villa; Samuel Hodgson, gent, 7 St Johns; Thomas Bent Hodgson, registrar of deeds for the West Riding, Westgate; Mrs Frances Holden, Grove Terrace; Edwin Holder, printer, Pinchon Stret; Joseph Holder esq, Belle Vue; Richard Holdsworth, cabinet maker, Grove House; Mrs Sarah Holdsworth, New Wells; Miss Ann Holdsworth, 141 Westgate; Mr James Holgate; Westgate; Edm S Holmes, traveller, Thornhill Street; Joseph Holmes, cork manuf., yard 3 Kirkgate; William Holt, bill poster, yard 77 Westgate; George Horan, salesman, Thornhill Terrace; Benjamin Horn, cattle dealer, Legh Street; Misses Horsfall, 24 St Johns; Mrs Sarah Howell, Thornhill Terrace; Thomas Howden, iron founder, Saville Street; Rd J Howson, clerk, Providence Terrace; Mr Eli Hoyle, Mount Pleasant; Joseph Hudson, carter, 71 North Street; Mary Hudson, matron, House of Recovery; J Hunter, coal owner, house 137 Westgate; William Hunter, bank clerk, Queen Street; Rowland Hurst, postmaster, Westgate;Mrs Hannah Hutchinson, St Johns; Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Ianson, Northgate; Thomas N Ince, clerk, Rishworth Street; Mrs Ann Ingram, 17 St Johns; Mrs Elizabeth Irwin, Burton Street; Mrs Jane Jackson, 18 Wentworth Terrace; John Ley Jackson, wool merchant, house 3 St Johns; Mrs Steward Jackson, 30 St Johns; Miss Mary Jackson, Librarian, Wood Street; William Jackson, clerk, Park Street; Rev Francis Jarratt (Catholic), Wentworth Terrace: William Jessop, vessel owner, Ings Road; Mr William Johnson, White Horse Yard; James Kelly, Northgate Row; Joseph Kershaw, builder, house College Grove; William George Kershaw, house Stamp Office Yard; Rev Thomas Kilby, incumbent of St Johns; Mr William Kitching, St Johns; William Lake jnr, bone & cake crusher, bridgefoot, house Hardy Croft; Miss Harriet Lamb, Northgate; James Lassey, tripe dresser, New Street; Richard Latham, traveller, Warren Terrace; George Lawrence, schoolmaster, Chestnut Grove; Mrs Ann Leach, Cheapside; Alderman Edwin Leatham esq, Heath; William Henry Leatham, banker, Hemsworth Hall; George Lee, yarn spinner, house Westgate; Henry Lee, yarn spinner, house Quebec Street; Mrs Maria Lee, 152 Westgate; Robert Lee, yarn spinner, house York Street; Mrs Mary Lindley, Mount Pleasant; James Lister, fulling miller, Bridge Foot; Mrs Lister, 12 Back Garden Street; Thomas Little, commisioners agent, Warren Terrace; Mr Abraham Lockwood, 23 Rishworth Stret; John Lodge, jobber, Eastmoor; Mrs E M Lofthouse, York Street; James Longley, machinist, house Westgate Common; Rev John Douglas Lorraine (Independent), Drury Lane;Henry Ludlow, traveller, Warren Terrace; Frederick Lumb, solicitor, house Southgate; Henry Lumb, solicitor, house Southgate; Robert John Lumb, solicitor, house Cliff House; Joseph Lupton, lerk at Savings Bank; Alexander Mackie, sorter, Cheapside; Robert Mackie, corn factor, house West Parade and Robert B Mackie, corn factor, house Portobello; Mrs Alice Mann, St Johns; Mrs Harriet Marriott, 3 St Johns; Mr Joseph Marriott, Westgate Mills; William Thomas Marriott, manufacturer, house Plumpton House; Thomas Marriot, manager, Westgate Common; John Marsden, solicitor, house Denby Grange; Mrs Mary Marsden, 10 Back Garden Street;Mrs Sarah Marsden, 94 Northgate;Mr Peter Marsden, College Grove;George Martin, traveller, 20 Burton street; Broadbent Mason, clk, Back Garden Street; Mr Richard Mason, Providence Street; Joseph Maud, machinist, house Laycocks yard; James McDonald, chief constable, Howard Street; Mr Arthur Megson, Thornes Lane; Mrs Jane E. Melton, Park Street;William Marriot Micklethwaite, coal owner, house 8 South Parade and James Micklethwaite, house Rishworth House; James Milner, manufacturers, house Dewsbury Road; Mrs Mary Milner, Whites Yard Westgate; Mrs Marriane, Milnes, Providence Place; Mr Thomas Milson, Westgate Common; William Milson, manager Gas Works; Geo B Milthorp, lessee of Baths and printing ink manuf, Wood Street; Mrs Richard Moon, Strafford Square; Henry Morgan, clerk, 77 Kirkgate; Charles Morton, coal miner inspector, Wentworth Terrace; James Morton, clerk, 6 Hansons Terrace; Jacob Moxon, traveller, Crystal Cottage Legh Street; Leiut. John Neale, 15 South Parade; William Nettleship, clerk of Corn Exchange, house Queen Street; Mr John Northorp, Burton Street; Reuben Ogden, agent, Sandal Common; Mrs Charlotte Oglesby, Warren Terrace; Benjamin Oldfield, clerk, Union Street; Mrs Elizabeth Oldroyd, Howard Street; Mr George Oldroyd, Hatfield Road; Mrs Mary Ottley, White Horse Yard; Mrs Paige, matron, Prison; Malin Park, clerk, Thornes Lane; Frederick Parker, manufacturer, Convict Prison; Miss Harriet M Parkhill, 112 Northgate; Miss Elizabeth Parkinson, 120 Northgate; John Parratt (Prim. Methodist), Whites Yard; Mr John Pate, Park Street; E S Perkin, cabinet maker, house 25 William Street; Mr John Pickard, Park Lodge; William Pickles, traveller, 14 Back Garden Street; Edwin Pickslay jnr, solicitor, house 171 Westgate; Mr John Pitchford, New Streetr; Mrs Pocklington, Providence Place; Mrs Caroline Potter, 11 St Johns; Mr John Potter, Drury Lane; Mrs Joseph Priestley, 37 St Johns; William Pullan, relieving officer, Eastmoor; William Pulleine, manager, Charlotte Street; Mrs Hannah Quarmby, York Place; Rev Thomas Ramsbotham, curate; Rev Charles Rawlings (Weslyan) house Drury Lane; John Thomas Rayner, colliery manager, house St Johns Grove; Thomas Rayner, carrier, King Street; Mrs Jane Rayner, Mount Pleasant; Rt. Rev Vincent Reynolds, chaplain of Convict Prison and John Rayner BA 16 St Johns; Abia Rhodes, wire worker and oil refiner, Wrengate; Frank Richardson, wine merchants at Leeds, house 15 St Johns; Archibald Robertson, accountant and arbitrator, 2, house 19 St Johns; Henry Robertson, cashier,Wood Street; John Robinson, shipping agent, Silver Street; William Robinson, steward at Prison; Mr John & Mrs Elizabeth Roodhouse, Cock & Swan Yard Westgate; Mrs Elizabeth Rothery, yard 60 Northgate; Elizabeth Rumford, court-housekeeper; George Sanders esq MP, corn merchant, house Alverthorpe Hall; Charles Saville, vessel owner, Thornes Lane; Samuel Saville, manager, Belle Isle; Mrs Martha Schofield, 3 Drury Lane; John Scholey, solicitor, 3 South Parade; Dalby Scoons, excise, Savilles Buildings; Mrs Elizabeth Scott, 120 Westgate; Mr Francis Scott, Mr Robert & Miss E Scott, Bond Street; Samuel Seal, stone merchant, Doncaster Road; William Secker, merchant, house Bond Street; Rev Joseph Senior LLD, incumbent of St Marys and lecturer at Parish Church, Warrengate; Mrs Elizabeth Senior, Southgate; Mr William Senior, Manor Bailiff and court crier, Bond Street; Rev Samuel Sharp MA, vicar, Vicarage; George Shaw, tax collector, Bond Street; George Shaw, potato dealer, Hardy Croft; Thomas Shaw, gent, 11 St Johns; William Shaw, contractor, Portobello; Mr William Shaw, White Hart Yard; Edward Shepherd, Govenor of House of Correction and Convict Prison; Mrs Elizabeth Sheppard, 15 Back Garden Street; Henry Shillito, merchant, house Hatfield Road; Thomas Shillito, town crier, Wrengate; Charles Shuttleworth, sexton of St Johns, Providence Street; Miss Charlotte Sigston, Bond Street; Mr Thomas Skelton, Thornhill Terrace; Jsa A Skidmore, agent, 29 St Johns; P G Skipworth, solicitor, house Bond Street; David Smirthwaite, gent, St Johns Grove; Alfred Smith, clerk, York Street; Mrs Ann Smith, Garden Street; Mrs Mary Smith, 5 St Johns Terrace; Mrs Jane D Smith, Strafford Square; Mr George Smith, York Street; Mr Thomas & Miss Smith, Warren Terrace; Vincent Smith, builder, house Thornes Lane; Mrs W Smith, Providence Place; Jsha Smithson, gent, 22 St Johns; Mrs Hannah Snaid, Thornes Lane; A H Spence, grocer, house Wentworth Terrace; John Spence, grocer, house Cliff Terrace; rs Mary Spence, Northgate; John stead, clerk, 130 Westgate; Thomas Stead, printer, house Northgate; Miss Mary Steer, 35 St Johns;



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