?? Worried about Viruses ??

Follow a few simple steps

There are some 'very nice' people out there - NOT - who think it is funny, big or whatever other feeling they get from passing bugs, viruses or other name, but, polite words only please. Not to pay a compliment but these programmers are good at making a pc's do tasks - why can't they get a kick out of programming for good and not 'mischief'.

After being, 'caught' along with a few friends who are committee & members of a family history group. E-mails were sent when no physical being had sent them. The subject looked authentic, but the content was not pleasant for the recipiants. I was getting emails from people who I'd never heard of with the only message being 'you have a virus'. I had to run a virus check and to make fully sure I ran the programme three times. Better safe than sorry!

How can I protect my computer against viruses?

A few snippets of advice to help minimise the risk

1- Make sure you install a reputable anti-virus programme

2- Do not open attachments on e-mails when you are unsure of the content

3- Do not open files when you do not know or trust the sender

4- Do not click on a link from an email unless you know the content or the sender

5- Delete chain mail and junk mail. Do not reply to any, even not to get no more mail, once they get your correct address you will get more and more mail.

6. Don't let the subjet on an email drive your curiosity insane until you just have to open the message.

7-. If downloading programmes from the internet be sure the source is a legitimate one. If unsure download to a floppy, run a virus check.

8- New viruses appear all the time, try to keep your virus checker updated on a regular basis.

9- Back up files on to floppy disks or cd's. Then at least you have your data safe.

10- Keep your operating system updated, e-mail programme and web browser.


Macafee & Pc-cillin run an on - line virus checking service Free

If you receive an e-mail message about a virus, check with a reputable source to ensure the warning is real.

Visit McAfee.comís Virus Hoax page (http://vil.mcafee.com/hoax.asp)

Some of these hoax messages cause as much trouble as the real thing by friends and colleagues sending there own message to warn others.

Look out for virus checker programmes from:-

Mcafee --:--Norton --:--PC-cillin

these will be available from local retailers


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