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Parish Registers avialable on Microfiche

A quick guide so that when visiting the Archives you will have already taken note of the reference numbers of the Parish you would like to research before your visit. All the fiche for the Diocese of Wakefield are available at any of the West Yorkshire Archive Services repositories

This list includes Parishes in the Wakefield area aswell as Huddersfield, Batley, Barnsley, Cleckheaton, Morley (& part of Leeds), Halifax, Dewsbury & Todmorden. A very good part of West Yorkshire is covered

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Ackworth St Cuthbert WDP77 1558
Airedale with Fryston Holy Cross WDP185 1905
Almondbury All Hallows WDP12 1557
Altofts St Mary Magdalene WDP17 1878
Alverthorpe St Paul WDP43 1825
Armitage Bridge St Paul WDP85 1848
Athersley, Barnsley St Helen WDP219 1956
Badsworth St Mary the Virgin WDP19 1610
Barkisland Christ Church WDP106 1854
Barnsley St Barnabas WDP121 1959
Barnsley St Edward the Confessor WDP208 1902
Barnsley St George WDP96 1832
Barnsley St John the Baptist WDP199 1845
Barnsley St Mary WDP121 1568
Barnsley St Paul WDP121 1912
Barnsley St Peter WDP199 1893
Batley All Saints WDP37 1559
Batley St Thomas WDP22 1868
Batley Carr Holy Trinity WDP227 1841
Battyford, Mirfield Christ the King WDP133 1840
Birchencliffe St Philip the Apostle WDP49 1877
Birkby St Cuthbert WDP184 1913
Birkby St John St John WDP127 1853
Birkenshaw with Hunsworth St Paul WDP90 1831
Birstall St Peter WDP5 1558
Bradley St Thomas WDP44 1863
Brierley (see also Felkirk) St Paul WDP179 1869
Brighouse St James WDP76 1914
Brighouse St Martin WDP76 1831
Brotherton St Edward the Confessopr WDP74 1562
Brownhill, Batley St Saviour WDP101 1871
Bruntcliffe St Andrew WDP226 1891
Calder Grove St John WDP23 1951
Carleton St Michael WDP230 1848
Carlinghow St John the Evangelist WDP132 1879
Carlton, Barnsley St John the Evangelist WDP156 1881
Castleford All Saints WDP147 1653
Castleford St John, Lock Lane WDP147 1914
Cawthorne All Saints WDP148 1653
Chapelthorpe St James WDP23 1829
Charlestown, Halifax St Thomas WDP33 1858
Chickenley Heath see Gawthorpe    
Churwell (see also Morley) All Saints WDP195 1900
Clayton West & High Hoyland All Saints WDP118 1720
Cleckheaton St John the Evangelist WDP165 1832
Cleckheaton St Luke WDP211 1878
Cleckheaton Whitechapel WDP35 1761
Clifton St John the Evengelist WDO27 1859
Coley, Halifax St John the Baptist WDP38 1734
Copley St Stephen WDP59 1865
Cornholme St Michaels & All Angels WDP84 1903
Cottonstones (see Sowerby)      
Cragg Vale St John the Baptist WDP157 1815
Crofton All Saints WDP6 1615
Crosland Moor St Barnabas WDP86 1897
Cudworth St John the Baptist WDP188 1887
Cumberworth St Nicholas WDP150 1708
Darrington & Wentbridge St Luke WDP139 1567
Darton All Saints WDP62 1539
Daw Green St John the Baptist WDP126 1884
Deanhead (see West Scammonden      
Denby St John the Evangelist WDP155 1851
Denby Dale (see Cumberworth & Penistone      
Denby Grange (see Flockton)      
Dewsbury All Saints WDP9 1538
Dewsbury St James' Mission WDP9 1911
Dewsbury St Mark WDP228 1865
Dewsbury St Philip's Mission WDP9 1878
Dewsbury West Town WDP125 1848
Dewsbury Moor St John the Evangelist WDP174 1827
Dodworth St John the Evangelist WDP25 1848
Drighlington St Paul WDP124 1816
Earlsheaton St Peter WDP102 1827
East Ardsley St Micheal WDP16 1654
East Ardsley (see also Woodkirk)      
East Hardwick St Stephen WDP229 no registers are deposited
East Knottingley Christ Church WDP134 1848
East Scammonden (see Slaithwaite      
Easthorpe, Mirfield St Paul WDP122 1881
Elland St Mary the Virgin WDP79 1559
Emley St Michael the Archangel WDP2 1600
Farnley Tyas St Lucius WDP131 1840
Featherstone All Saints WDP91 1558
Featherstone St Peter WDP91 1917
Felkirk & Brierley St Peter WDP179 1701
Ferry Bridge (see Ferry Fryston & Airedale with Fryston      
Ferry Fryston St Andrew WDP95 1674
Flockton & Denby Grange St James WDP15 1813
Gawber St Thomas WDP202 1849
Gawthorpe & Chickenley Heath St Mary WDP7 1899
Gildersome St Peter WDP26 1813
Glasshougton St Paul WDP209 1902
Golcar St John the Evangelist WDP105 1829
Gomersal St Mary the Virgin WDP130 1851
Greetland St Thomas WDP116 1858
Greetland (see also West Vale)      
Grimethorpe St Luke WDP187 1901
Halifax - Haley Hill All Souls WDP78 1854
Halifax - Mount Pellon Christ Church WDP57 1854
Halifax Holy Trinity WDP109 1832
Halifax St Augustine WDP183 1872
Halifax St Hilda WDP201 1903
Halifax St James WDP170 1832
Halifax St James & St Mary WDP170 1953
Halifax St John the Baptist WDP53 1538
Halifax St Mary WDP170 1870
Halifax - Kings Cross St Paul WDP72 1847
Hanging Heaton St Paul WDP146 1825
Harley Wood (see Todmorden)      
Hartshead St Peter WDP31 1612
Hebden Bridge St James WDP67 1833
Hebden Bridge St John WDP67 1931
Heckmondwike St James WDP88 1831
Heckmondwike St Saviour WDP88 1890
Helme Christ Church WDP177 1858
Hemsworth St Helen WDP36 1654
Heptonstall St Thomas the Apostle WDP149 1593
Hepworth Holy Trinity WDP92 1860
Hightown, Liversedge St Barnabas WDP112 1893
High Hoyland (see Clayton West)      
Holmbridge St David WDP24 1840
Holmfield St Andrew WDP203 1897
Holmfirth Holy Trinity WDP50 1736
Honley St Mary & Brockholes St George WDP231 1812
Horbury St Peter & St Leonard WDP135 1598
Horbury Bridge St John the Divine WDP176 1868
Horbury Junction St Mary WDP175 1890
Hoylandswaine St John the Evangelist WDP224 no registers deposited
Huddersfield Holy Trinity WDP56 1819
Huddersfield St Andrew WDP32 1871
Huddersfield St Mark WDP32 1887
Huddersfield St Paul WDP32 1831
Huddersfield St Peter WDFP32 1562
Huddersfield St Thomas WDP115 1859
Illingworth St Mary the Virgin WDP73 1695
Kellington with Whitley St Edmund WDP145 1705
Kings Cross (see Halifax)      
Kinsley The Ascension WDP212 1907
Kirk Smeaton St Peter WDP69 1604
Kirkburton All Hallows WDP172 1540
Kirkheaton St John the Baptist WDP160 1653
Knottingley St Botolph WDP134 1724
Lepton St John the Evangelist WDP55 1862
Lightcliffe St Matthew WDP47 1703
Lindley St Stephen WDP129 1830
Linthwaite Christ Church WDP159 1828
Liversedge Christ Church WDP66 1816
Lockwood Emmanuel WDP97 1830
Longwood St Mark WDP83 1797
Luddenden St Mary the Virgin WDP39 1653
Luddenden Foot St Mary the Virgin WDP89 1873
Lunwood, Barnsley St Mary Magdalene WDP234 1933
Lupset St George WDP217 1929

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