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Books and publications on subjects such as :people, places, notable and notorious events, art, family history sources etc for the Wakefield area.

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Title Author/Editor Published by and/or purchase from
Family History Starter Pack Public Record Office The National Archives; ISBN: 1873162995
East Ardsley - Reflections    ** N & M Brittlebank c/o   carol@wakefieldfhs.org.uk
Wakefield in old picture postcards   ** John Goodchild ISBN90 288 4823 1 CIP

Aspects of Wakefield - 2      **

Kate Taylor

Wharncliffe Books & Amazon books ISBN1871647681

Aspects of Wakefield - 3   ** Kate Taylor

Wharncliffe Books & Amazon Books ISBN903425069

Bygone Wakefield and District vol 2 ** Norman Ellis MTD Rigg Publications
Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths in Wakefield   ** Kate Taylor Wharncliffe Books & Amazon Books ISBN 1 903425 077
George Gissing and Wakefield Clifford Brooke The Gissing Trust ISBN 0-9519658-0-8
More Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths in Wakefield ** Kate Taylor Wharncliffe Books & Amazon Books ISBN 1-903425-48-4
Memories of Wakefield     **   True North Books Ltd ISBN 1 900 463 652
More Memories of Wakefield   **   True North Ltd; ISBN: 190046389X
Wakefield District Heritage vol. 1 & 2 (this book may only now only be available in 2nd hand book shops.    ** Compiled by Kate Taylor Wakefield EAHY committee
50 years of the ABC Regal, Wakefield   ** Kate Taylor Kings England Press & Amazon Books ISBN 0901869236
Naval & Military Press   www.naval-military-press.com
Wakefield & Towton -The Battle of the Roses Phil Haigh

Pen & Sword Books                                                ISBN: 0850528259

The Vicar of Wakefield Oliver Goldsmith Penguin Books; ISBN: 0140431594
Right Royal: The History of the Theatre in Wakefield C M P Taylor The King's England Press; ISBN: 0901869384
Old Wakefield in Photographs    ** Harold Speak & Jean Forrester Hendon Publishing Co Ltd; ISBN: 0902907107
Railway Memories: Ardsley, Wakefield and Normanton Stephen Chapman, Peter Rose Bellcode Books; ISBN: 1871233054
George Gissing and Wakefield: A Novelist's Associations with His Home Town Clifford Brook
Gissing Trust; ISBN: 0951965808
Wakefield Mystery Plays M Rose W.W. Norton; ISBN: 039300483X
The Battle of Wakefield Phillip A. Haigh Sutton Publishing; ISBN: 0750913428
Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush: House of Correction 1595 - HMP Wakefield 1995 Robert Stephen Duncan, etc., R.S.Duncan; ISBN: 0952532808
Sandal Magna: Poverty and Prosperity in the Nineteenth Century Mary Ingham, Brenda Andrassy Andrassy & Ingham; ISBN: 0950644226
Using Birth, Marriage and Death Records (Pocket Guides to Family History) Public Records Office The National Archives; ISBN: 187316288X
Getting Started in Family History (Pocket Guides to Family History) Public Records Office The National Archives; ISBN: 1873162871
Using Birth, Marriage and Death Records (Pocket Guides to Family History) Public Records Office The National Archives; ISBN: 187316288X
House History Starter Pack Public Records Office The National Archives; ISBN: 1903365422
The Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers   ** Cecil R. Humphrey-Smith (Editor) Phillimore & Co Ltd; ISBN: 1860772390
Family Trees: Design, Layout and Display: A Manual for Their Design, Layout and Display Marie Lynskey Phillimore & Co Ltd; ISBN: 0850339804

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Private Publications / Leaflets
Title Publication Contact
Letters from the Front Letters and related news items from the Driffield Times 1914 - 1920 dg.petch@btinternet.com
Boer War Letters from the Veldt ** Letters and news stories about local (Driffield) people serving their country during the Boer War period. Incl. info of the crossing, clothes, food and the fighting. dg.petch@btinternet.com
Criminal Chronology of York Castle Register of convicts sentenced to death 1337 - 1867** All the public executions of those sentenced to death in the three Riding. dg.petch@btinternet.com
Driffield Cemetery MI's Nearly 3000 transcriptions dg.petch@btinternet.com
Kilham Cemetery MI's 350 MI's from 1885 to present day dg.petch@btinternet.com
North Frodingham and North Dalton MI's   dg.petch@btinternet.com
The Blockhouses of Kingston upon Hull and who went there The 16C onwards, the people that were imprisoned and the punishments endured until their death or execution dg.petch@btinternet.com
The Sykes Lodge of Freemasons (Driffield) The First 50 years Inc. members directory to 1919. Contains the history, the annals and directory of Masons + some photographs dg.petch@btinternet.com
Beverley Minute Books 1707 - 1835 100's of entries from the minute books of the old Beverley Corporation dg.petch@btinternet.com
From the Cradle to the Grave 100's of entries from the Driffield Times and General Advertiser during the Victorian period dg.petch@btinternet.com

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