St Andrews WWI Memorial

WWI Memorial ¦ WWII Memorial

Pro Patria 1914 - 1918
1939 - 1945 
To the Glory of God
and the Honoured Memory 
of the men of St Andrews
who with courage and faith at their country's call
laid down their lives that we who remain
might live in Freedom and Peace
Royal Navy
AB Jas G Alexander  
Lt Com Jas R Boothby  
AB Jas Brown  
L Sign Wm W Cooper  
AB John Drummond  
  Jas H Gerrie  
STO Thos Litster  
Mid John MacPhersonb  
LS W G Newnham  
AB David Bennet Smith  
Engn Jas F Terris  
STO Wm Thomson  
Eng Lt Wm Watty  
Royal Naval Air Service
F Officer Wm F Ferrier  
Fife and Forfar Yeomanry
Tpr Jas M Henry  
  John Maloney  
Cpl John M Roger  
Royal Artillery
Gnr David Allan  
Sec Lt John N Bennett  
Capt Jas Brockie  
Gnr Andrew Brown  
  Andrew Waters-Brown  
Maj A P Dunlop Hill      Att RAF  
Bomb John Leitch  
Gnr Geo M'Gregor  
Lt Thos J White  
Royal Engineers
Sapr Arch Dickson  
Lt Gerald F Grogan  
Sec Lt Colin R J Watt  
L Cpl Peter J Whittett  
Scots Guards
Pte Jas Anderson  
  Francis R Barr  
  David Bonthrone  
  Peter Cunningham  
Royal Scots
Pte Thos Campbell  
Sec Lt Wm R B Caseby   M.C.  
Pte J Donaldson Grieve  
  E C Stuart Johnson  
Sec Lt Cecil W Mason  
Lt Lambert Playfair    Att RFC  
  John A H Smith  
Pte G N R Walker  
Lt Ralph E Wilson  
Royal Scots Fusiliers
Pte Thos Baptie  
  Alex Bonthrone  
Capt Geo C Miller  
King's Own Scottish Borderers
Capt Maurice A N Becher  
Lt John H T Graham  
  J Colin Grogan  
  G Conway Jackson  
Pte Jas Keddie  
  Alex B MacIntyre  
Scottish Rifles
Pte Robt Cross  
Lt Richard Graham  
Black Watch
Pte Robt Alexander  
  Andrew Anderson  
  Thosw Balsillie  
Sergt Henry Black  
Pte Robt Brunton  
  Hope Campbell  
  W J M Cook  
  Alex Crowe  
  Thos Cunningham  
Cpl Wm Cunningham  
Pte Jas Dickson  
  A W Dredge  
  George Durie  
CQMS Jas Forbes  
Capt Jas Gillespie  
L Cpl David Gilmour    M.M.  
Pte Chas G Gordon  
CSM Jas N Gordon  
Pte Jas T Imrie  
Capt J N Inglis   M.C.  
Pte David Ireland  
L Cpl Jas Ireland  
Pte Wm Kirk  
  David Laing  
  Thos Lumsden  
  David Marshall  
  Alex H Mason  
Capt Leonard G Morrison  
Pte Jas Parsons  
  Wm Patterson  
  Wm Peattie  
  Alex G Petrie  
  Hugh Philp  
Capt P Lyon Playfair  
Pte Andrew Pringle  
L Cpl E D Robertson  
Pte Wm Stark  
Maj Harry Studley  
Pte John Taylor  
  Lewis C thomson  
  Thos L Wallace  
L Cpl David Wemyss  
Pte Andrew Wilkie  
  Arch G Wilson  
L Cpl J B Wood  
Pte Geo Young  
Highland Light Infantry
Sec Lt Chas H Anderson  
Pte David Anderson  
Maj Henry D C Craig    M.C.  
Pte Robert Cullen  
  R M Fraser  
Sec Lt Chas gillespie  
Sergt Jas G Gourlay  
Pte John Holmes  
Capt Wm G Stevenson  
  W M D S Strettell    Att RFC  
Sergt Walter Ward  
Seaforth Highlanders
L Cpl David Anderson  
Pte John M Anderson  
  Y M Anderson  
Gordon Highlanders
Pte Thos J Allen  
Capt Charles Beattie  
Pte John Campbell  
  John R Douglas  
  Wm Dunne  
Cpl David Fernie  
Pre Peter Hedderick  
  David Lowrie  
  Robt W Lyell  
  David Nicol  
  John G Taylor  
L Cpl Robt Waters  
Pte R B Wilson  
Cameron Highlanders
Pte A Butters Eddie  
  David Hardie  
Maj Arthur D Nicholson  
Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Capt John C Aitken   M.C.  
Sergt Wm H Blyth  
Pte Wm F Brown  
L Cpl Peter Clement  
Pte Stewart Corstorphine  
  Alex M'L Farquharson  
Lt Jas Farquharson  
Cpl Alex Halkerston  
Pte Robt Herd  
Cpl Peter F Norie  
Pte Robt H Robertson  
Capt Alan D Shewan  
Lt Robt Stirling  
Other Corps
Maj WRN Annesley D.S.O. RW Kents  
Pte Geo Armstrong AVC  
  Falconer Bayne RAMC  
Sig Fred L Beaven M.M.   RF  
Col Wm Bertram Manchr Regt  
2nd AM Robt Berwick RFC  
Cpl Frank Black MGC  
Pte Jas Carstairs RDC  
Dr Thos Cunningham RASC  
Lt Nevil W Curran 5th DG  
  K Stuart Hall Northumd F  
Capt Henry M Mackenzie RAMC  
  J R Purvis Rifle Bde  
Pte A R B Radley W Yorks  
L Cpl Wm Robertson K L'Pool R  
Sec Lt Louis A Rusack Border R  
  Wm R Scroggie Royal N Lancs  
  Logan Studley E Yorks  
Cpl Wm J Taylor 1st RD  
Pte Wm Thomson 17th Cycle C  
Thos L Traill Amer RC  
Sec Lt Cedric G Watson R Berks  
  Alex Wilson Lanc F  
Indian Army
Capt J R Cook 21st Punjabis  
Sec Lt C S Cunningham 36th Sikhs  
Maj H M Mactier 39th Garhwals
  J E Moir 20th DCO Lancers  
Australian Forces
Pte David donaldson  
  Harry Duncan  
  Daniel N Peters  
  Inglis Scott  
  Wm Scott  
  Jas Greig Smith  
Canadian Forces
Capt Jas Baird M.C.  
Cpl John B Christison M.M.  
Sergt J S Cunningham  
Sapr Henry Law  
RSM Robt Lindsay  
Pte Isaac M'Intyre  
  Alfred Morgan  
Cpl J Thomson  


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