St Andrews WWII Memorial

WWI Memorial ¦ WWII Memorial

Royal Navy
Sto 1st Cl Thomas Black  
AB Robert Brown  
Mid Arthur C Rattray Bros  
AB John Buddo  
L Off Stf David Black Christison  
Cook Joseph Alexander Graham  
Tel Angus Hall Hunter  
AB Joseph Hutchison  
Mid Ronald Kennedy  
AB James MacFadyen  
O Sm Thomas Glass Mackie  
AB Douglas Ian MacPherson  
L Sto Andrew M Robertson  
O Sm Andrew Suttie  
Lt Cheney Williams  
Royal Naval Reserve
AB George Buchan  
  Thomas Hutchison  
Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Lt Nigel Colquhoun Irvine  
CPO James Mackie  
Sub Lt John Greves Paton  
Lt William Neil Paton D.S.C.  
Merchant Navy
  Ronald Thomas Black  
  John docherty  
R Off William Stark Thomson  
Royal Armoured Corps
Fife and Forfar Yeomanry
Cpl Peter Duncan Campbell  
Sgt Frederick Christie  
Tpr John Duncan Grant  
Lt William dudley Logan  
L Cpl James Hay Robertson Low  
Sgt Archibald McLaren Lumsden  
  Harold Nicholson  
L Sgt James Law Watson  
Royal Tank Regiment
Lt George Vincent Simson  
Royal Artillery
Gnr James Wann Douglas (Lanark Yeo)  
  William Hampton  
L Br William MacDonald Lindsay  
Lt Col John Foster Marshall M.C.  
Gnr William Muir  
Lt George Christie Underwood  
Gnr Francis James White  
Royal Engineers
Dr Lindsay Kinsman Kirk  
L Cpl Andrew Scott Mackie  
Scots Guards
Lt Russell Oldfield Stewart  
CSM James Allan Tulleth  
King's Own Scottish Borderers
CQMS George C Ferguson  
Pte James R MacPherson  
Black Watch
L Sgt David Black Balsillie  
RSM Duncan Carmichael M.M.  
Pte Andrew Gray  
  Alexander MacCabe  
  Edward Niven  
Lt James Ritchie  
Pte Stewart Craig Robb  
L Cpl William Saunders  
Pte Samuel Dawson Smart  
Cpl David Waters Spark  
Pte John Ritchie Steele  
Royal Army Service Corps
Dr James Cameron Duncan  
Pte Edward James Holmes  
Other Corps
Pte Thomas K L P Alexander KSLI  
2nd Lt Leslie Muir Brown Gen List  
Cpl George Watson Dewar RAMC  
Pte John Johnstone ACC  
Lt Osmer Ogilvy Lamb Intell Corps  
L Cpl James Reid Munro RCO Sig  
Pte John Suttie NZ Exp Force  
Lt Thomas Michael Turner KORR  
  Robin Alexander Watt R Sikh R  
  William Wilson ARP  
Royal Air Force
F Lt Robert Clifford Vacy Ash  
FO Henry Black  
Sgt Obr James Clelland Caldwell  
FO Edwin Cook  
W Cdr Geoffrey Farnhill  
Sgt Hugh Forbes RAAF  
Flt Ronald Tetlow Forgan  
FO Harry Green  
Sgt James Small Grieve  
  John Henderson  
  Edward John Holman  
PO David Nicholas O Jenkins  
Cpl Ronald Lamond Thomson Joy  
Sgt AG A G Robert Niven Lamond  
Sgt PT Thomas William Little  
PO James Allan Logan RCAF  
LAC John Dickson Lorimer  
S Ld David Duncan MacPetrie  
PO William Thomas Mathison  
Sgt Pt John Morgan Mitchell  
LAC Robert MacGregor Mitchell  
Sgt James Murray  
F Sgt Paul Mintefiore Myers  
Sgt Pt Ian Pearson  
FO James Wood Rae  
WO David James Reoch Ritchie  
Capt Richard C Stafford D.F.M. ROAC  
Sgt Pt James Myles Thom D.F.M.  
PO John Horsburgh Wilson  


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