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Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

Where did our relatives attend school ?

If they were lucky they may have attended the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School.

Schools also need Headteachers and Govenors - could a family member of yours have held those positions ?

Wakefield over the years has lost many of its historical buildings to what some call modernisation, there are however, some of its institutions that have survived and I am pleased to say that the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, or QUEGS, as it locally known, is one of those buildings.

When my family trod the streets of Wakefield in the late 1500's and one of them had the foresight to give a small gift to the newly founded seat of learning - would he have believed or even been able to imagine that some 400 years later, that very institution would still be thriving and held in high regard all over the country.

In the words of Philip Gill, former pupil and Govenor of the School '...............gives us cause to remember the debt which we owe individually to the generous and far-sighted benefactors who ensured that the school should flourish'


The Benefactors

The Govenors pt 1 ¦ pt 2¦ pt 3¦

The Pupils

Grammar School, 1891 census


Thanks are given to :-

Mr J F Wilkinson JP MA FRSA, who has kindly given permission for the use of items in the book 'For Grammar and other Good Learning'

published for the 400th Anniversary of the school 1591 - 1991


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Wakefield Family History Sharing