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Abscent Voters List 1918 for the

Constituency of Wakefield

each box includes - house number, if given, name, army number, regiment and rank and as per original entry.

No 1~John Quinn, 200 Pte KOYLI


Polling Districts A B C D E F G H I J K                            Abbreviation Explations


Polling Distrct D
Qualifying Address
Primrose Hill Ward
  Armitage Yard  
No 5~ Harry Mook 200884 Pte 2/4 KOYLI No 7~Ernest Walter White 23593 Pte MGC No 7~Walter White 61634 18th Batt Yorks Regt
No 2~ John Benton 200751 Sgt 2/4 KOYLI No 2~ John Benton (Junior) 107115 RE No 6~John Albert Higgins 591232 Pte 4th KOYLI
NO 8~ George Henry Scaife 200766 2/4 KOYLI    
  Back Epsom Place  
No 6~ George Sayles 203182 Pte 1/4 KOLYI    
  Baxendale's Yard  
No3~ Edward Harold Smith H.M.S. "Cyclops" Stoker 42002 R.N. No 2~ George Henry Swift 304208 Gnr 13th Tank Corps  
  Beaumont's Yard  
No 3~ Joseph Kirk 201156 Pte 2/4 KOYLI No 5~John Turner 10254 Pte Depot Royal Berks No 5~ Thomas Lane 121263 L/CPL 203 AE Coy Lab Corps
No 9~ Arthur Bird 22/341 Sgt 22nd DLI No 8~ James Bottomley T4/219554 ASC MT No 10~ Francis Walsh 13103 RFA
No 14~ John Lane 21429 East Yorks No16~ Fred Bottomley ( no furthur information )  
  Berners Street  
No 11~ Oliver Richard Turner 133529 Royal Engineers No 17~ Percy Robertshaw T4/234121 ASC L/Cpt MT

No 25 ~ Cyril Burgess R H A


No 2~ William Thomas McDermott Hussars 13956 Pte No 4~ Maurice Marshall 67733 R F A Driver No 10~ John Gregory 7512 Cpl 2nd Drgn Grds Cavy
No 12~ Allan Harry Kirby H M S "Caledon" AS No 12~ Henry Kirby 037462 A O C Pte No 14~ Wallace McNab 289010 RE
No 28~ Thomas William Finnigan KOYLI    
  Brigg's Yard  
No 6~ Charles Eugiene Skelton 71459 R F A Bombadier No 6~ Fred Elwis Skelton 114096 R F A  
  Brunswick Street  
No 3~ West View~ John Herbert Bedford 50677 5th Res Batt North Staffs Lewis Gun Section No 3~ Leonard Perry 39575 Pte 2nd Batt East Yorks No 3~ Albert E J Firth 47581 L/Cpl R S F
No 7~ Charles Hinchliffe 342488 R E No 9~ Thomas Bowers 201153 2nd KOYLI No 25~ Percy Wetherill S/361673 A S C
No 27~ Frank Holt 80279 R E No 31~ Harvey Farrand 165940 N F No 37~ Joseph Morris 16211 L/Cpl Yorks & Lancs
No 53~ Joseph Oliver Howden 295323 R G A No 55~ John Thomas Tonks ( no furthur information ) No 55~ Thomas Edwin Williamson Rifle Brigade
No 50~ Albert William Goddard 129734 R F A Driver No 54~ Reginald Arthur Hillard 10427 Army Pay Corps Cpl No 2 West View~ Spencer Dunn HMS "Ganges" II 3rd Writer M 8412 R N
No 11~ George Henry Jones 131869 Pte M G C    
  Burrell Street  
No 7~ William Lockwood M/273872 ASC 7th Aux MT Coy No 11~ Mathew Henry Horton 20082 KOYLI No 2~ George Wilfred Wade 47364 Pte KOYLI
No 4~ Percey Ibbertson 4th KOYLI No 8~ Archie Fisher Houghton 881892 Gunner RFA  
  Calder Vale Road  
No1~ John Penrice M2/272853 ASC MT No 12~ Robert Fraser 65500 Pte Northumbld Fus No 38~ George William Whitehead 202027 KOYLI
George Chester 166568 Gunner RFA    
  Charles Street  
NO 5~ Harold Dunford 132209 20th Coy RAMC Pte No 11~ Alfred Hardman ( no further information ) No 15~ John William Chappell 41258 Pte 1/7 West Yorks
No 21~ Thomas Ward 201886 Pte Seaforth Hghld Inf No 39~ John William Eggleston 314614 KEH No 39~ Robert Eggleston 216600 RE
No 45~ John William Chesham 83951 RGA Gunner No 47~ Rowland Sharp M/2/296241 ASC. MT No 55~ William Richardson 18417 Pte Lab Corps
No 59~ George Alfred Kilner Cadet 23 OCB No 61~ Ernest Wigglesworth KOYLI No 73~ Fred Tattersall 66424 Pte 3rd KOYLI
No 2~ Albert Benson 413181 Pte 1st Royal Lancs No 4~ Arthur Sadler 12/209 Pte 12th Bat KOYLI No 6~ James Murkett 544264 Pte 360 Res Empl Coy
No 12~ Frank Nottingham 305252 RE No 16~ George Robertshaw 1893758 RGA No 32~ Percival Bell Depot RM Deal PL 2715 Pte
No 42~ William Inganells White M2/176822 Pte ASC No 46~ John Simpson 41840 Pte South Staffs Regt No 48~ Charles Bradley M/317831 MT ASC
  Connor's Buildings  
No 5~ Frank Jevens 201380 2/4 KOYLI No 9~ George Parker 265832 Pte 18th Yorkd Regt No 4~ John Henry Stertton Junior PTE Yorks & Lancs
No 12~ John William Timmins 47896 Pte 12th Yorks Pioneers    
  Crystal Place  
No 1~ Ernest Aldred 55374 Pte 4th West Yorks No 9~ Arthur Heptonstall 38552 Pte 1st HS Gar Batt Suffolk Regt No 21~ George William Broadbent 67721 RGA
No 27~ Walter Rodwell 2826 5th KOYLI No 14~ Edwin Thornton Leadbeater 107249 RE No 16~ Samuel Taylor 20696 Pte 4th KOYLI
No 18~ Harold Walsh 10636 RAMC No 20~ William Ford M/2/193627 MT ASC  
  Dickinson's Building's  
No3~ Ernest Womack 251679 RFA No 4~ Charles Arthur Baldwin 208348 Driver RGA No 4~ John Baldwin 44790 Pte 19th DLI
  Epsom Place  
No3~ Wilfred Selwyn Burnley 252137 Employ Coy Lab Corps Attached 4th KOYLI No5~ Marsall Rutter 526070 23rd Field Ambulance RAMC No 9~ Thomas Southwell 61205 Pte 300th Prov Coy RDC
  Farrar's Yard  
No 1~ Richard Hartley 238093 Sgt 823 Area Emply Coy Lab Corps No 4~ John Henry Diggins 331503 18th Scots Rifles  
  Fawcett's Yard  
No 9~ Joseph Edward Schofield 200311 Pte 1/4 KOYLI No13~ John William Taylor M2/045677 MT ASC No2~ Richard Dixon 12045 Driver RFA
No 4~ Tom Pendle 419083 Pte RE Workshops    
  Firth's Yard  
No 5~ George Boffey 9599 L-Cpl 9th KOYLI No 2~ Herbert Collinson 132009 RE  
  Haigh's Low Yard  
No 1~ William Jaques 200714 Sgt KOYLI No 3~ John Goodall S/307001 Pte ASC No 7~ Roland Batty 63658 Driver RFA
No 6~ Arthur Isacc Mitchell ( no furthur information ) No 8~ Joseph Roberts 74180 Pte 10th Sher Foresters  
  Haigh's Top Yard  
No 3~ John William Mitchell 35692 Driver RFA No 4~ Harry Starkey 37757 Pte KOYLI No 6~ Arthur Isaac Mitchell 44352 Driver RFA
  Hampshire's Yard  
No 3~ George Varley 66966 Cpl RGA    
  Hanson's Terrace  
No 1~ Charles Blakey Robinson 146171 Pte RAF No 20~ John Richard Birkinshaw 122727 RGA No 24~ Horace Andrew 42233 Pte 2/6 S Staffs
  Hardy Croft  
No1~Thomas Walter Sykes M/40932Pte ASC MT No1~ John William Sykes T4/249758 ASC MT No5~ Claud Hamshaw Pickering 89689 Gunner RGA
No5~ Claud Hamshaw Pickering 89689 Gunner RGA No 15~ Squire Hemmingway 49594 Pte3rd KOYLI No23~ John Arthur Whitaker 52418 Pte 3rd KOYLI
No 25~ John William Roper 242180 Pte 9th KOYLI No 27 Edwin Siddle 2nd WRVAD Hosp 268976 Private No 27~ Herbert Siddle 242874 Pte 1/4 KOYLI
No 35~ Harry Clarence Bull 47960 East Yorks    
  High Street  
No1~ Charles Lever Chester ERA HMS "Repulse" No1~ George Guthrie Chester RFA  
  Heslings's Yard  
No 1~ Herbert Carver 200749 Signaller 1/4 KOYLI No 5~ Herbert Booth 18747 Pte KOYLI  
  Hudson's Yard  
No1~ Norman Field 205064 Pte 1st Bat KOYLI No1~ Harold Denison 26059 Royal Irish Regt No5~ William Laycock 032994 AOC
No8~ George Barber Wood 1453 Pte KOYLI    
  Ingwell Street  
No1~ Claud Ainley 12790 Rflm 11th KRRC No5~ William Lancaster DM2/163111 Pte MT ASC No9~ William Oxley (junior) 15461 Pte MT ASC
No 13~ Richard Bradley 167637 Pte 505 Agricul Coy Lab Corps No 19~ Bartholomew Binns 37911 Pte 1/5 Yorks & Lancs No 23~ Joseph Robinson Oxer 241410 RE
No25~ John Dowd H/23409Pte 7th Hussars (2R ) No33~ James Thomas Downing 15386 Pte 1/4 KOYLI No2~ Allen Haywood Owen 19469 Pte 1st Batt Suffk Regt
No4~ Horace Broadbent 24496 Pte Coldstream Guards No8~ George Hatton KW 460 PO 63RD RN Div No14~ Thomas Barnard 132011 RE
No28~ Robert Reader 33405 Pte 1/5 KOYLI No28~ Fred Grysdale 219759 Gunner RFA No 30~ James William Sowden (junior) 51386 Pte 3rd KOYLI
No30~ John Robert Sowden 17212 Pte Labour Batt No 30~ William Frederick Sowden 67715 Gunner RGA No32~ James Clark (junior) 35185 13th Gloucesters
No34a Herbert Walton Gay 399432 Pte 83rd Lab Corps    
  Ingwell Yard  
No 4~ William Lee 61419 Pte 168th Prov Coy RDC    
  John Street  
No1a~ Charles Carr 167568 RGA No 3~ Harry Holmes S/408033 Pte ACS No 11 Edmund Goodison 106927 RE
No12~ Walter Woodcock 83558 2nd Class Pte RAF    
  Johnson Street  
No11~ Ralph Tomlinson M2/102023 Pte ASC MT No23~ Arnold Lloyd 92553 Pte RAMC No37~ Ernest Hattersley 22725 Pte AVC
No 43~ Francis Beevers 43914 Pte Royal Innisk Fus No12~ John Thomas Beety 174035 Signaller RFA No16~ George Sands 177164 Gunner RGA
No22~ Harry Woodcock 201786 Sgt 4th KOYLI No28~ Charles William Pfaffley 030930 Pte AOC No 28~ Christopher Albert Pfaffley 70677 Sgt 6th Inft Lab Coy Middlesex Regt
No30~ John Rowbottom ( junior ) 10414 Pte 1st Field Ambul RAMC No32~ Bayler Dyson 59396 Pte Depot RAMC  
  Kaye Street  
No1~ Louis Nichols 14838 Pioneer 5 Coldstreem Grds No9~ Thomas Walter Brice 60250 Pte North'land Fus No9~ Tom Collins 19887 Gunner RGA
No13~ George Herbert Tingle 40041 Yorks Regt No 15~ Charles Albert Parker 39020 Pte 8th Yorks & Lancs No6~ Edgar Pilbrow 11187 19th Lab Coy
No6~ George Alfred Pilbrow 441284 Pte 737 Area Empl Coy No6~ Horace Pilbrow 38867 Pte 3rd Yorks & Lancs No14~ Harold Smith 62889 Driver RFA
No53a~ Frank Bonner T/360029 Pte ASC MT No59~ Joseph Hubert Powell 235981 Pte West Yorks No61~ Samuel Thorpe 14720 MGC
No197~ William Henry Lee 323486 RE WR No111~ George Albert Wyatt 45317 Pte KOYLI No119~ John William Tomlinson 152911 Pte MGC
No 121~ Joseph Edwin Biltcliffe T/ 255149 Driver ASC No129~ Alfred Edwin Darley Morton 89616 RFA No131~ George William Lovell DM2/164423 Pte ASC
No131~ Joseph Lovell 8869 Pte 20th Hussars No135~ Arthur Victor Thompson M2/133781 ASC No141~ William Marshall 241876 KOYLI
No149~ William Cookson 286952 Gunner RGA No167~ Walter Vasey 38253 1/AM RAF No171~ John Lenard Osborne 351808 4th Royal Scotts
No 179~ Robert Walton R Batty No 2 SARBI 177099 Gunner

No181~ Charles Edward Stuart Dixon "Victorious" Ord Sec RN


No185~ Arthur Wroe 201648 Pte KOYLI


No187~ Ernest Ashton OM/3/112169 Pte ASC No191~ Wilfred Harrison 127099 Gunner RGA No 219~ Robert Parkinson RX4/263654 Pte ASC
No229~ Thomas Stokes 037895 AOC No233~ John Edgar Winter 047272 New Zea Trans RND AB R4921 No247~ Frank Bernard Holley 106774 Driver RE
No 257~ Sydney Hill 291537 Pioneer No257~ John Joseph Denney 41302 Pte 18th Batt HLI No257~ Arthur Hartley 291537 Pioneer 703rd Lab Coy
Railway Tavern Wilfred Bradbury HMS "Barham" AB 36399    
  Knowle's Buldings  
No1~ Herbert Stringer 200701    
  Leigh Street  
No5~ Charles Chapman 24023 Northumbd Fus No10~ Charlesworth Dyson M/376516 Pte ASC MT No18~ Ben Waldron 48730 Pte MGC
No28~ John Sheridan 200591 2/4 KOYLI No32~John Hardcastle Taylor T4/219109 Pte ASC No34~George Percy Micklethwaite 73379 Pte MGC
No34~ Claude Micklethwaite 41981 5th Cavalry Brigade No34~ Harold Westmoreland Micklethwaite 322204 RFA No34~ Harold Rossal Micklethwaite 543199 Pte H Coy Blackpool RAMC
  Low Mills  
No5~ Albert Turner 13183 Pte 5/ Coldstream Grds Foot Guards No4~ Fred Warriner 9968 Pte 1st Yorks Regt No4~ John Wilson 32273 Pte 54th Lab Coy
No4~ Richard Wilson 35391 Driver RFA No4~ Leonard Wilson Pte 4th Yorks & Lancs No4~ George Henry Stuart 64815 Pte 17 Gar Batt Worcestershire Regt
  Marsland Place  
No3~ Arthur Burkill 202301 KOYLI No3~ Harry Burkill DM/125698 Pte MT ASC No11~ Arthur Moxon 76197 Pte 19th Coy RAMC
No20~ Claude Moorhouse 31653 Cpl RAF    
  Marsland Street  
No1~ Harold Marsh 52247 Pte DLI No1~ Edward Pursell KW125 RNVR Hood BMAB No3~ John Woodcock 320705 Pte 15th Yoe Suff Reg
No7~ James William Ball 84781 Driver RFA No7~ Walter Ball 84780 L/Bdr RFA No13~ Percey Gilbert 88210 RSM RFA
No17~ George Harnell 2nd Lieut Duke of Wellingtons No19~ Ernest Hall 407009 17 CCS RAMC No19~ James Hall 443278 KOYLI
No19~ Joseph Hall 54394 2/9 Manchesters No23~ Arthur Garvil 152377 RFA No12~ Sanuel Gooch 74887 Driver RGA
No18~ John Ellis Broadhead 117358 Gunner RGA No 20~ Bertie Webster 54655 Rfln 12th Rifle Bde No20~ Clarence Webster 354552 RE
No20~ Clifford Webster 82727 85th San Coy RAMC    
  Marsland Terrace  
Joe Dodgson 308851 RE Sapper Ernest Hitchen Schwab 9692 Cpl Army Pay Corps Albert Wright 34846 Pte 6th East Yorks
Herbert Stanley Seed 108277 Gunner RGA Harry Mallows 92527 72nd Gen Hosp RAMC William Travis Peel 365753 Gunner RGA
Charles Johnson Brooke 516947 London Scottish Leslie Stevens Parris M2/204324 Cpl MT ASC Edward Greaves 202451 2/4 KOYLI
Charlie Blackburn Writer HMS "Egmont" Frederick William Turner Mills 18652 Pte West Yorks  
  Monk Street  
No3~ James Alfred Gledhill 205613 Pte 1st KOYLI No9~ John Holbrook 400097 Sgt 111th Field Amb RAMC No12~ John Johnson 27688 Pte Lancs Fus
No32~ Thomas Arthur Smith (junior) HMS "Kent" K35461 Stoker 11 RN No32~ James Smith 73183 RFA No32~ Willie Smith 202759 Pte KOYLI
  Monk Yard  
No1~ Patrick McDonald 175452 RE Sapper No4~ Arthue Dunnill 35718 Pte QOYD No6~ James Arthue Gooch (no furthur information)
No6~ John Patterson 25922 Pte 2nd Batt RIF    
  Navigation Yard  
No1~ Joseph Taylor 194674 Pte 358th Lab Corps    
  Northorpe Yard  
No3~ Herbert George Benton M/315134Pte ASC Trac Dpt    
  Ough's Yard  
No1~ Ernest Wilson 201882 Pte 6th KOYLI No3~ Tom Smith ( junior ) 60923 2/1 Yorks Hussars No2~ Lawrence Henry Gill 201461 2/4 KOYLI
  Park Hills  
Hertford Arms Alfred Caton AB. KWI. RND. No2~ William Slater Grafton 2nd Lieut KOYLI  
  Park Lane  
N018~ Robert Peel 211645 Signaller RE No24~ Cyril Kaye Moseley 2nd Lieut KOYLI No24~ Joe Edward Moseley ( no furthur information )
No30~ Edward Eldridge 12 CAC    
  Park Place  
No4~ James Whyte ( junior ) 25232 2nd Warwickshires    
  Park Street  
No1~ Ernest Wilson 201882 Pte 6th KOYLI No5~ Thomas Horne 82555 Pte RAMC No11~ Oscar Skelton 1289 Sgt 1/4 KOYLI
No11~ William Golden Craven 322969 Sapper 98th Light Rly Train Crew No15~ Albert Henry Plimmer 84907 RFA No15~ Charles Edward Plimmer 11987 RFA
No15a~ Ernest Donald Henry Barnes 200365 1/4 KOYLI No21~ Arthur Doggett 24797 Driver RFA No25~ George Heptonatall ( no furthur information )
No10~ Charles Wilson 31741 Pte Yorks & Lancs No10~ Charles Henry Miller 9170 Pte Yorks & Lancs No10~ Benjamin Longley 56413 3rd AM. RAF
No12~ George Ernest Moffatt 175069 2/1 QOYD Park Hotel William Wood 17300 Gunner RGA  
  Pearson's Buildings  
No4~ Tom Bennett 603000 L/Cpl Can Lab Pool Field No8~ William Austerberry 195408 Labour Corps DLI  
  Peterson Road  
No3~ Edgar Isherwood 325584 RE No3~ William Isherwood 775455 Bombr RFA No2~ Harold Shipman 3/3008 L/Sgt 3 Coldst Grds
No12~ Bernard Brown 201989 Pte 2/4 KOYLI No12~ Francis Arthur Brown 131591 Pte MGC No22~ John Capstick 181814 RE
No26~ Harold Burnett 144679 RE    
  Phoenix Street  
No4~ James Henry Thresh 121519 Gunner RGA    
  Pincheon Street  
No11~ Robert Bert Crisp 20480 35th Lab Coy No15~ Fred Clemenson 142656 Gunner RGA No23~ William Swinson Army Reserve Class W
No 25~ George Henry Broadbent 33433 Pte Duck of Welling No27~ John Kilburn 319331 RE No29~ George Kelly 201365 Pte KOYLI
No33~ John William Wood 144561 RE Sapper No37~ Harvey Grice 53329 Pte KOYLI No16~ John Mitchell 11943 RFA
No16~ Herbert Mitchell VAD Hospital No16~ Joe Mitchell 308289 RE No16~ Jonas Mitchell 268059 RE
No26~ Arthur Storrs 202173 KOYLI No34~ Walter Wormald Pte 181st Lab Coy No 38~ John Longwood Agar (junior) 355146 RE
No42~ Fred Baldwin 55703 Pte West Yorks No 23~ Ernest Chappell 30769 Pte AVG No44~ William Henry Cockell 59597 Pte 1/5 R W Surrey
No46~ Charles Ball 92535 64th Field Ambul RAMC No46a~ Albert Senior 124634 3rd AM. RAF No46b~ Joseph Grice 201346 Pte 4th KOYLI
No48~ Charles William Doggett 252145 Labour Coy No50~ John Thomas Gordon 208249 Gnr Y Batty No2 Reserve Bde RGA No52a~ George Edwin Dews 40536 RE. WR
No52b~ William Edward Eaton 200315 L/Cpl 4th KOYLI No54~ Herbert Gosnay 82403 Driver RFA No14~ John Rothery 47666 Pte 1st Garr Batt Liverpool Regt
  Rhodes Yard Kirkgate  
No5~ John Mellor 265829 Pte RFA No5~ Joseph Murray 369391 Pte 283rg Area Employ Coy Lab Corps No9~ Thomas Murphy 3601 2/5 KOYLI
No17~ Alferd Davis 2835 4th KOYLI No19~ Albert Edward Smith 47171 1/5 Yorks & Lancs No 25~ Levi Smith HMS "Vernon" KW 621
No2~ John Clemenson 17404 Pte 3rd KOYLI    
  Rhodes Yard Pinchion Street  
No1~ Allem Smith (no furthur information )    
  Sanderson Street  
No1~ Samuel Small C/6822 Rfln Rifle Depot No3~ James Norman 138498 2nd WS.Hospt 19th Coy RAMC No5~ Arthur Waters 16306 Pte 8th Yorks & Lancs
No7~ John Henry Kirby 381158 Pte 1/4 KOYLI No13~ Dyson Bell 102728 Regtl Depot Shrd Fos No2~ George Barker ( no furthue information )
No4~ George Broadbent 203352 Pte 1/4 Yorks & Lancs No4~ John Mills (junior) 39723 Pte 1/2 North'land Fur No6~ Lawrence Kershaw 16286 Pte 7th Yorks & Lancs
No8~ Frank Hall 202872 Pte 8th KOYLI No8~ Peter Herbert Hall 39380 Pte 2/4 KOYLI No8~ William Hall 52659 1st West Yorks
Arthur Stead M2/077406 Sergt MT. ASC    
  Scotts Yard  
No1~ Edwin Platts 201771 Pte 4th KOYLI No3~ Charles Cole 204533 Pte 1/5 Yorks& Lancs  
  South Street  
No1~ Ernest Parkin 200049 Pte 4th KOYLI No3a~ Percey Wright 185365 RFA No9~ George William Milsom 15224 Pte 8th KOYLI
No11~ Herbert Chambers 43090 RAF No17~ Charles Kemp 35389 Pte KOYLI No17~ Rowland Kemp 11929 RFA
No25~ Albert Roffin 151163 Gunner RFA No27~ George Simister 4538 Pte 4th KOYLI No27~ James William Simister 13305 Pte 3rd Batt CG
No39~ Edwin Priestley 201280 Pte 1/4 KOYLI No41~ Frederick Bush 200019 Pte 4th KOYLI No47~ Arthur Ward 108004 2/AM
No47~ Albert Thompson 26682 Pte 18thBN Yorks & Lancs No12~ Rowland Hadfield Jaques 175178 Pte Yorks Dragoons No16~ Frank McCabe 205040 Pte 4th KOYLI
No18~ Arthur Clayton 8788 Pte 2nd Coldstrm Guards No22~ Fred Lunn 200892 Pte 2nd KOYLI No36~ John William Mountain 521354 Pte 33rd Lab Coy
No38~ Leonard Morris 201052 Pte 4th KOYLI No42~ Albert Smith 373312 Pte 749th Employ Coy No48~ Percy Pullan 9941 Pte 1st Batt Yorks Regt
No50~ Ernest William Huchinson 68615 Pte 100th F Ambul RAMC No54~ Daniel Morris 13535 Pte 4/Coldstream Grds No54~ Albert Morris 204705 Gunner RFA
No52~ Albert Bentley 136529 Pte 20th Coy RAMC No56~Harry Tricket 271931 West Yorks No62~ John William Stakes 35356 KOYLI
No66~ Thomas Morris 22592 Pte 1st West Yorks IW & DRE No74~ John Taylor Waite 11349 Cpl 20th Hussars No76~ Fred Parker 320784 RE
No84~ Frank Platts 240575 Sgt 4th KOYLI No88~ Harry Dews RGA No92~ Charles Harold Stead 024132 Pte AOC
No96~ James Speight Labour Corps No106~ Claude Wharton 578620 Lab Corps 955th ACS Cadet No114~ Francis Riley Oxley Cadet
No120~ Herbert Tingle 40041 L/Cpt Yorks Regt No122~ John William Stead 252210 Lab Corps Class P Army Reserves No140~ William Edwin Link 205576 Royal West Kents
No132~ Wilfred Bellamy 126214 Pte MGC No146~ Walter Brooke 5952 L/Cpt 8th Res M'chr Rg No150~ Albert Henry Wagstaff 214736 Gunner RGA
No152~ Fred Robinson 200354 L/Cpt 2/5 KOYLI No156~ Edgar Rowland Stead 405063 2A./M RAF No162~ Frank Jewson 298099 L/Cpt 2/4 London Regt RF
No162~ William Jackson M2/045653 Pte ASC MT No176~ James Frederick Baker 1655 Cpt 2nd KOYLI No180~ William Turner 200353 Pte 1/4 KOYLI
St Mary's VicarageCharles Fairclough Greenwood ASC. MT.attached to RFA 2nd Lieut St Mary's Vicarage Ernest Alferd Greenwood ASC MT T/L IEUT Primrose Hotel James Edward Smith 203041 Pte 421st Agric Coy
Primrose Hotel Arthur Oxley MGC (car ) 41009 Sgt    
  Spurr Hill  
No2~ Albert Hodgson L/18913 F/Sgt RFA No4~ John William Eccles 433279 Pte 194th Lab Corps No6~ Ishmael James Edwards R4/087395 ASC
No12~ Edward Murray 433332 Pte 3rd KOYLI No16# Harold Walker 353392 RE  
  St Clair Street  
William Henry Horton 37912 Pte 7th Yorks & Lancs Rowland Peaker 113856 209th Sge Batty RGA Gunner No20~ Charles Henry Myres 483709 Labour Corps
  Stennard Island  
Charles E Spencer 64611 112th FA RAMC    
  Sun Lane  
No11~ Walter Broadbent 20143 T 2/4 KOYLI No13~ James Robinson 8256 Gunner RFA No 15~ George Timmins 12357 RFA
No10~ Henry Rayner 200654 Pte KOYLI No10~ Thomas Rayner 167459 Labour Coy No12~ Ernest Carr 175175 Yorkshire Dragoons
No14~ Arthur Asquith Brown HMS "Bristol" Ord Sea J 59069 RN    
  Tarvern Street  
No3~ Alfred John Jacob ( no furthur information) No7~ Joseph William Whitworth T 365161 Driver ASC No13~ Ephraim Lockey 15257 A/C 9th KOYLI
No15~ Michael O'Neil 3/9793 Pte 1st West Yorks Reg No19~ Matthew Clint (no furthur information ) No25~ William James Oates 202221 2/4 KOYLI
No33~ Thomas William Dixon 111092 Pte Lab Corps No2a~ Richard Wheater 49683 Pte 18th FARAMC No4~ Ben Waterhouse 47325 Pte RDC
No6~ Abraham Crossley 48414 Pte 16th Royal Warwk No8~ Albert Kitson On munitions at Sheffield No10~ Charles Alderson 266498 Pte 4th NF
No30~ John William Farrar 19760 Pte 1st KOYLI No34~ William Reeder 2nd Res Batt Aldershot AB KW/137 RNVR  
  Thompson's Buliding's  
No1~ Alfred Cooper 98684 RE No5~ John Robert Beverley M2/076202 MT ASC  
  Turton Street  
No1~ Ben Stoner 205334 KOYLI No7~ Ben Beck 201981 Cpl 4th KOYLI  
No36~ Arthur Dale Bateman 219097 RE No46~ Alen Henry Senior 400102 Pte 83rd F Ambul RAMC No46~ George Edwin Simpson 351822 Pte 2/9 Royal Scots
No54~ Rowland Hartley 307539 Gunner RGA No64~ George Herbert Denison 301335 RE No 76~ Fred Lee R/366110 ASC
  Warren Terrace  
No11~ George Lionel Beaumont 12091 Driver RFA No4~ Frederick William Andrassy 38574 L/Cpl 3rd Lab Coy Middlesex Regt No8~ Walter Ernest Burt 30064 A/Sgt 51st Leictr Regt
  West View  
No8~ Robert Norman Metford 27296 Pte 46th Lab Corps    
  William Street  
No7~ Harry Stephenson Stokoe 242031 Pte 1/9 DLI No9~ Bertram Lindley 195409 Pte 347th Works Coy No11~ Harry Hough 1/4 KOYLI
No19~ Thomas Benjamin Clarke 8800 Rifleman 3rd KRRC No23~ Percey Serven M2/134031 ASC MT No2~ David William Brunton 19084 Royal Fusilers
No4a~ Ernest Batty 22534 RE No6~ Norman Willie Mawson B/203483 Rfln Rifle Brigade No12~ Thomas Walker 594414Pte 505th Agri Lab Co
Khedive Hotel~ Edward Monaghan 1891 4th Grenadier Guards    

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