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Abscent Voters List 1918 for the

Constituency of Wakefield

each box includes - house number, if given, name, army number, regiment and rank and as per original entry.

No 1~John Quinn, 200 Pte KOYLI


Polling Districts A B C D E F G H I J K                         Abbreviation Explations


Polling District C Qualifying Address Eastmoor Ward
  Ash Street  
No3~Samuel Lewis Allen, KOYLI 26889 Pte No5~Herbert hart, 165 Pte KOYLI No7~Lewis Eccles, (no further information)
No2~Ernest Hoe, 89822 Pte 74th Gen Hosp RAMC No6~Arthur Grave, (no further information)  
  Back Mount Pleasant  
No1~George Willie Mortimer, 164994 Gunner RGA No3~Richard Williams, Yorks Regt 2434284 Ptr No5~William Henry Coe, 2nd KOYLI
  Back Providence Street  
No8~Andrew Carney, 520282 Pte 147th Lab Coy No10~Alban Smales, 201329 Cpl 1/4 KOYLI No16~Thomas Kelly, 34964 Pte E Yorks
No20~George Eyre, (no further information)    
  Bagnall Terrace  
No3~Frank Ramsden Jessop, RN HMS 'Liven' K24393 Stoker 1st No7~Joseph William Parkin, 891068 Gnr 37/DAC RFA No17~Geroge William Surguy, 50840 Pte 3rd Royal Scots Fus
No47~Herbert Parker, WRR Inf 26609 No4~Alfred Wood, KOYLI 200452 Pte  
  Bramham Yard  
No3~James Jackson, 3531 Pte 1/4 KOYLI No7~Thomas Henry Taylor, 252136 Driver RFA  
  Brickmakers Yard  
No2~Benjamin robertshaw, Gunner RFA    
  Camelia Walk  
No3~Charles Robert Spurr, 306963 RE No5~Willie Septon, ASC M/397300 Pte No5~Joseph Padgett, 10724 RE
No11~Joseph Fordham, 14614 Pte 25th Lab Coy    
  Camplin Yard  
No9~Kendrew Cliff, RGA No11~Hector Gordon Gittos, 38172 RGA No11~William Lisle, (no further information)
No6~John Williamson, 81533 Gunner RFA No14~George Henry Wiles, 35534 Gnr 22/130 Bde RFA  
  Chapel Yard  
No6~George Eccles, 19502 Pte KOYLI No8~Ernest Shaw, 200774 Pte KOYLI No5~Herbert Jones, 5th London Regt
no9~Herbert Heald, 22934 Pte 3rd Colstrm Gds No11~James Wightman, KOYLI 19561 Pte  
  Collett Row  
No5~Arthur Broomhead, 200965 L/Cpl KOYLI    
  Davy Street  
No9~Harry Spurr, ASC M/331875 Pte No13~Herbert Reynolds, 161939 Gunner RGA No17~Harold Hartshorn, KOYLI 200807 Pte
No8~George William Hutchinson, KOYLI 47585 Pte No14~James Griffiths, 9th York & Lancs 40095 Pte  
  Denstone Street  
No11~Thomas Edward Pugh, (no further information) No15~Ernest Gibson, 022809 L/Cpl AOC No21~George Albert Mason, 144250 Royal Engineers
No29~George Cooper Evans, 165721 RE No29~Charles Henry Evans, 78856 Pte Durham LI No10~George William Small, 241033 Pte 5/6 Batt Sc Rifles
No10~Leonard Arthur Small, (no further information) No16~Stephen Louis Clarke, 173 Infantry Brigade Sinking Section 67563 Pte No18~Thomas William Whitehead, 89971 RE
No22~Horace Whitehead, T/386132 Pte ASC No28~James Frazer, 58843 Pte 2nd West Yorks No30~James Gilrain, HMS 'Murray' 65001
  Duke of York Street  
No43~Claud Nicholeon,S295495 Pte ASC No51~Geroge McTernan, 95490 2nd AM RAF No51~John McTernan, 126967 Pte 1st Gen Hosp RAMC
No61~James Richard Watson, The Queens Infantry 158374 Private No61~ David Owen Holden, 214352 2nd Res Bde HA RGA Gunner No63~Walter Saxton, 45083 3rdYork & Lancs
Sandon House~Herbert Pascoe, 270196 517tg Lab Coy Pte No2~Fred Nettleton, RFA 5414179 FB Bombr No2a~Albert Crossland, KOYLI 2nd Lieut
No2a~Norman Platt, RE 2nd Liuet No2a~Thomas Herbert Crossland, Tank Corps 2nd Lieut No4~Charles Frederick Lawrence, 1644 Driver RFA 40/DAC
No10~John William thatcher, 295520 Gunner RGA No12~Albert Edward Waterhouse, 17519 York & Lancs Pte No20~John Auty, 66509 Pte KOYLI
No26~Herbert Sherry, Pte Machine Gun Corps No30~Ernest Auty, 34325 Pte 5th Wilts Regt No32~Harry Milson, 450562 Royal Engineers Sapper
No34~Oswald Yates, 315761 Pte Northum Fus No36~Reginald Avison, (no further information) No40~Frank Parkinson (jun), 46358 Pte Yorks Regt
No40~Fred Parkinson, 235195 KYLI Pte No40~Harold Parkinson, 26808 RFA 5th Res Bde Gnr No44~Nathan Boulton, DLI Lab Batt
No44~Percy Boulton, 11942 Gnr C/168 Bde RFA No48~William Carr, 400092 Cpl 83 Fld Ambu RAMC No52~Harry Goldthorpe Speight, 400103 RAMC
No54~Andrew Armitage, 52654 147th Bde RFA No54~George Armitage, 29018 Driver RFA 11th Bde Amm Col No54~Harry Armitage, 38587 Pte 17th Hamp Regt
No54~Joshua Armitage, 200172 KOYLI Pte    
  Earl Street  
No1~William Peacock, 78727 Pte to HS 'Kalyon' RAMC No7~Herbert Cecil Small, (no further information) No17~Frederick Summer, M/298993 MT ASC Pte
No19~Harry Bedford, 106953 Pte MGC No35~James Boulton, KOYLI Private No35~Samuel Small Boulton, 2nd West Yorks Pte
No4~Arthur Scott, 35939 2nd AM Royal Air Force No24~David Arnold Hazell, 21039 KOYLI Pte No24~Gilbert Frederick Hazell, 244686 RE
No32~Tom Oxby, 7/2637 Royal Munsters    
  Eastmoor Road  
No10~John Phillips, RE Inland Water Transport No20~Ernest Winter Sidebotton, West Riding 2nd Lieut No24~William Clifford Abell, 251779 Royal Engineers
No30~John Fullerton, S11045 Sgt 14th London Regt No34~Roland Hepworth, Leinster Royal Canadiasn 15289 Private No34~Henry Archibald taylor, 211509 RE
No40~Cyril Sykes, London Scottish Infantry 418598 Private No46~John thomas Etheridge, 2nd Res Bn Aldershot AB Thot AB T/9179 No48~Lawrence Hammond, 148th Trench Mortar Batt 204008
No48~Leonrd Hammond, 545242 Pte RAMC 2nd Sanitary Section No52~Wyndham Richard Treasure, 27189 Gnr RFA 5th Res Bde Garden Cottage~Ward King, ASC M4/252244 Driver
  Edward Street  
No2~Edwin Nettleton, KOYLI 200997 Pte No2~Frank Walter Nettleton, (no further information)  
  Fawcett Row  
No1~John William Price, 97639 Pte 4th Gen Hospital RAMC    
  Firth's Yard  
No1~Alfred Waltham, KOYLI No3~Thomas Brannan, 200694 Pte KOYLI No9~Walter Craven (no further information)
No15~William Oldroyd, 158143 RE No10~Joseph Allen, 235389 Pte 1st Leiceste No14~Walter Hodgson, 201249 Sgt KOYLI
  Frederick Square  
No3~Harry Green, Royal Marines 1053 Pte 'Hesla' (for 'Medway') No5~Allan Scott, AB 6180 No4~Moses Eyre, 420000 PteDepot Worcesters
  Goodair Square  
No1~Arthur Mellor, 30019 Pte KOYLI No3~John Henry Dade, 191507 RE  
  Gosnay Terrace  
No5~Charles Nicholson (Jun), 92561 Pte RAMC No5~Harry Nicholson, HMS 'Laertes' No4~Tom Nicholson, 122002 3rd Air Mechanic Royal Air Force
No6~Peter Corcoran, 26247 Pte KOYLI No6~Robert William Dean, (no furthe information) Joseph ball, 19630 Pte 2nd B Leicestershire regiment
James Pickup, 19055 Pte York & Lancs    
  Govenor's Yard  
No4~Alfred Walton, HMS 'Broke' No8~Walter Huntington, 433 Royal Marine Engineers  
  Grantley Street  
No4~Thomas Robert Ellis Oakland, Bandsman 2/4 KOYLI No6~Harry Sharp, 12685 Pte MGC No10~Albert Victor Randall, (no further information)
No22~Charles Albert Milson, 9053 Pte Coldstream Grds No28~Charles William Harrison, 533207 London MB Field Ambul RAMC No34~Walter William Wade, 154th Coy RDC 8113 QMS
No36~Geroge Harry Darbyshire, 103807 125th Hy Bty RGA No40~Herbert Western Schofield, 12763 Sgt RAF No52~James Grime (jun), 27193 2nd Border Regt
  Green Hill Road  
No7~Harold Wilson, 51749 Pte Manchester Regt No9~James Henry Duce, KOYLI 20019 Private No11~ William Kershaw, 19695 Driver RFA 42 DAC
No17~ Robert Mathery, 3rd KOYLI No27~Herbert Wilcock, (no further information) No29~ Arthur Iveson, 202300 Pte 11th Royal Scots Fusiliers
No37~John Thomas Willoughby, 27735 32 DAC RFA Driver No45~Thomas Henry Powell, (no further information) No47~Herbert Parker, Duke of Wellingtons
No63~John Small, 21713 Pte York & Lancs Regt No65~Geroge Henry Williamson, 201428 Pte KOYLI No2~Vincent Hepworth, M332445 Corpl ASC
No28~Henry Brown Lancaster, HMS 'Appollo' Poipose AB N37765 RN No28~Geroge Margrave, 52997 Pte 1st North Staffs No32~Ernest Lund, 2/4 KOYLI
No34~Hampshire Laurence Hardy, S/27907 Royal Highlanders No34~John Saxton, 725523 RE Herbert Mallinson, 76199 Pte Notts & Derby Brig FA
  Haigh Moor Street  
No7~Chalres Beridge, 286950 RGA Gunner No9~William Ives, 132526 RE No11~Charles Bentley, 187826 RE
No13~Albert Townend, C/7356 18th Barr KRR No4~Alfred Edward Smith, 89825 Class P Res RAMC No8~Herbert Sowden, 48414 Pte 1st Northamptons
No8~Silvanus Ellis, 5756 Bomb RFA B/69 Bde    
  Halliday Yard  
No3~Hubert William Parker, Staff Hut IUnfantry Command Depot Scottis Camp Catterick 22494 CQMs No5~John Scholes, 128398 RE No4~Edward Tomlinson, 47829 Pte KOYLI
No6~John Rayner Ward, 210973 Pte KOYLI    
  Ivy House Lane  
Robert Arthur Iveson, 4163 KOYLI    
  Jacob's Well Lane  
No7~Robert Ashby, 201325 Pte KOYLI No17~John William Heald, 34167 Pte KOYLI No31~Eric Henry Woodthorpe, 13377 L/Cpl Army Pay Corps
No33~Gilbert Wallace Loft, 270439 RE No39~ Reginald Moxon Armitage, 11792 Cpl Army Pay Corps No41~William Thompson, 205536 Pte KOYLI
No45~Harry Oxley, RAMC 78369 A/Cpl No55~Ernest Rogers, 6729 1st AM RAF No37~Arthur Buckle Harrison, DM/2/112854 ASC Corpl
No65~Percy Lees, HMS 'Achilles' ACM 13625 No71~Claud Cowper, 026958 Pte Army Ordn Corps No75~Herbert Wilson, 88465 S Sgt RHA
No77~Herbert Boulton, 310876 L/Cpl RFA No85~Edward James Martin, 35393 KOYLI No101~Arthur Smith Highley, 349125 RE
No107~John Outhwaite, M/5125 ASC MT No121~Joe Norton, DM2/075214 ASC MT No46~John William Williams (no further information)
No42~Henry Smales, 22407 PteSeaforth Highlds No52~Harry Jackson, 13789 Pte Coldstream Grds No52~Joseph Edward Jackson, 13178 Pte 2nd Coldstream Grds
No54~Albert Glazebrook, 8935 Pte South Lancs No56~Edmund Brear, 214286 Gunner RGA No85 Orchard Terrace~ ASC Remounts R/366160 Pte
Albert Taylor, West Yorks (Leeds Rifles) No4 Shires Buiildings~ William Arthur Walker, 200870 Pte KOYLI Jacob's Well Tavern~ John Watkins, 63rd Machine Gun Battery AB HP 21
East Moor Working Mens Club~ James Henry Davis, 40023 Depot Blackpool RAMC No4 Shires Buildings~William Henry Dickinson, 53rd Lab Coy 509257 Pte Sandal Cottage~Alfred Wright, KOYLI 200464 L/Cpl
  Mattock Street  
No5~Austin Pickersgill, 202467 Pte Class D Army Res Lincolnshire No9~Albert Tattersley, 1507 20th Manchesters No13~Harry Robinson, 18636 L/Cpl 3rd Coldstream Guards
No2~John Taylor, HMS 'Caroline' SPOSS III 238 No2~Albert Taylor, West Yorks (Leeds Rifles) No6~James Percy MacTiernan, 201025 Sgt KOYLI Attachd
No8~Walter Kellett, H/37884 Pte 13th Hussars No10~John Dykes, 157939 MGC No12~Geroge Hudson, 121559 RE
No18~Walter Smith, 235160 Pte KOYLI No20~Richard Banks, (no further information)  
  Mount Clay Brick Yard  
Ernest Leather, (no further information) No7~Sm Hird, 18094 Gunner RGA  
  Mount Clay Terrace  
No48~John Ambler, 92533 Pte RAMC No60~William Lister Wilson, (no further information)  
  Mount Pleasant  
No15~Harold Luige Stott Hisgett, 402355 Royal Flying Corps No10~Clifford Herbet Fallas, M/2082795 Pte ASC MT No20~Henry Walter George Legg, Middlesex Yeomanry 230822 Trooper
No24~Horace Varley, HMS 'Lord Nelson' 51742 No24~Oswald Varley, 11961 Gnr B/55 Bde RFA No24~Sidney Varley, 1635 Pte KOYLI
No28~William Ernest Horsfield, 96079 Pte 6th Field Ambul RAMC Attached No30~Fred Standring, B/275 MGC Bde 44546 Driver  
  Moxon's Square  
No1~Tom Harrison, HMS 'Drake' AB j 45419 No7~William Tennant (Jun). 152089 Gunner RGA No11~William Henry Wilcock, 47831 1st KOYLI
No2~Albert Edward Sharp, West Riding Field Ambulance 405466 Private No8~Herbert Wray, 506272 Pte 176th Lab Coy No18~George Ernest King, 277317 RGA
No18~Ward Haw King, ASC M/4 252244 Pte    
  Nicholson Row  
No1~Harry Reed, 3664 Pte KOYLI No5~William Hewson, MGC 39089 Signaller No6~Frank Milner, 021818 Pte Army Ordn Corps
  Norton Road  
No5~Rouse Robinson, 200790 Pte 2/4 KOYLI No4~George Thomas Armitage, 201319 Pte KOYLI No6~Louis Parkinson (no further information)
  Oak Street  
No3~William John Robinson, 202118 Pte KYLI No5~Harry Hartley, 19777 Pte KOYLI No5~David Ward, 2/4 KOYLI (no trace)
No7~Albert Race, RFA 6568455 Driver No11~William Teasdale, Miners Batt 223rd Grenadiers No19~Edwin Roberts, 12011 C/168 Bde RFA Gnr
No2~John Mark Wassell, 53959 L/Cpl 2nd Monmouth Rg No4~Albert Rayner, 26885 Pte 3rd KOYLI No4~Wilfred Rayner, HMS 'Leviathan' Stoker 28203
No14~Tom Bateman, 39916 Pte East Yorks No14~ George Jarup, 172 L/Cpl 12th KOYLI No16~ Tom Parkinson, 92565 Pte 49th Field Ambul RAMC
  Parker's Hill  
No3~Percy Birkin (no further information) No7~Wilfred Smith, (no further information) No2~Charles Varley, 151225 Gunner 43/Sge Bty RGA
No4~Henry Smith, 55523 RE    
  Park Lane  
No9~ Frederick Garrett, KOYLI No13~Luke Camplin (Jun) (no further information) No21~Percy Morton, (no further information)
No23~Herbert Bayley, 275 Employ Coy Private No35~Frederick Gordon Lowery, 175116 L/Cpl Yorks Dragoons No18~Robert Peel, 311645 RE
Park Hill~ William Salter Grafton, 2nd Lieut KOYLI Park Hills Farm, George Crowther Turner, 202206 KOYLI L/Cpl  
  Pentonville Place  
No3~Harry Small, 201259 Pte KOYLI No9~Gordon Smith, 27609 Gnr A/168 Bde RFA No8~Charles Swanson, 205239 Gunner West Yorks
  Pinderfields Road  
No88~Charley Smith (no further information) No88~Clarence Smith (no further information) No88~ Joe Smith (no further information)
No88~John Smith, (no further information) No92~Alexander William Albert Purton, (no further information) No116~Henry Vollands Taylor, Cadet D Coy No4 Officer Cadet Batt Oxford
No118~Herbert Clarence Potts, 30282 Pte KOYLI No124~Eric William Nurse, 2nd Lieut RFA BEF  
  Providence Place  
Herbert Heald, Coldstream Grds 22934 Pte No11~James Whiteman, KOYLI 19561 Pte No4~George Wilcock, 1196 Gunner RFA C/168 Bde
No6~Charles Henry Eccles, 15734 Pte KOYLI No8~Harry Darrell, 837 L/Cpl 2/4 KOYLI No8~Andrew Carney, 520282 Pte 147th Lab Coy
No20~George Henry Eyre, 52596 Pte KOYLI    
  Providence Row  
No1~Ernest Gelder, 200879 Pte KOYLI No3~Norman Berkinshaw, Manchesters 54262 No5~George Thomas, 219708 Gunner 408/96 Bde RFA
  Rawling's Yard  
No3~Alfred Spurr, 201613 Pte KOYLI No14~Maurice William Jennings, 200181 Pte 4th Res KOYLI  
  Selby Street  
No1~George Dean, (no further information) No5~Joseph Wall, (no further information) No7~John Kelly, 476309 Sapper Area Employment Company
No11~George Alfred Crawshaw, 23588 Sgt Machine Gun Corps No11~Armandier Plimmer, 26811 Bomb RFA Sig Training Centre No15~Lawrence James Matthews, 12889 Pte 22nd lab Coy
Mo21~George Thomas Pannell, 16461 Pte Northumbld Fus No25~George Andrew Hossack, 15078 Pte KOYLI No27~Wilfred Yates, 72559 RE
No37~Albert Cofield (Jun), 285337 RGA No41~Arthur Buckley, 656 Cpl 10th Lincolns No43~Harry Nicholson, 461534 Sapper Northumbriam RE
No45~Tom Milsom, C700 Pte 16th Batt King's Royal Rifles Murton House~Arthur William Crowthe, RFA 33242 C QMS A/211 Bde  
  Seller's Yard  
No3~Benjamin Robertshaw, 44542 Driver RFA B/116 Bde No5~James Lapish, 19492 Driver RFA  
  Shale Street  
No3~Arthur Cowling, 36243 RGA Gunner No7~Albert Taylor, (no further information) No6~Ernest Davis, 214565 Gunner RGA
  Spurr Yard  
No3~Charles Henry Palmer, (no further information) No11~Joseph Burnley, 21408 Pte KOYLI No6~Thomas William Marshall, 77814 Pte RAMC
No12~George Goodair, ASC 366160    
  Stanley Main Street  
No5~George Gelder, (no further information) No7~Arthur Sheard, HMS 'Kent' Stoker I SS 106108 RN No9~Ernest Neal, 33776 Pte 871 Area Employment Coy Attached Tank Corps
No13~Lewis Birkby, 29319 Pte KOYLI No4~James Gordon, 200492 Pte KOYLI No10~Thomas Froggett Lodge, 268143 West Yorks Pte
No12~Edgar Fozzard, 200110 Pte KOYLI    
  Stanley Road  
No5~James Atmare, 18228 Pte Lab Corps No9~Reginald Walker, (no further information) No17~Raymond George Roberts, HMS 'Apollo' (unity) AB J40146
No19~Harry Bagnall, (no further information) No25~Alfred Poppleton, (no further information) No29~Harry Broadhead, 175797 RGA Gunner
No31~ Willie North Woodcock, (no further information) No43~Harold Roberts, Friends Ambul Unit No43~Tom haydn Batty, (no further information)
No49~Thomas Newton, (no further information) No65~ Frederick Arthur Adams, 43410 2nd Batt Royal Scots Fus No67~Herbet Farrar, 242727 Pte KOYLI
No77~Ledger Wilcock, (no further information) No85~Joseph William Brear, (no furthe information) No109~John William Jackson, 21600 Pte KOYLI
No109~Samuel Jackson, 21698 Pte York & Lancs No111~Arthur Wormald, 2/5 KOYLI No127~Herbert Long, 89351 RGA Gunner
No133~Ernest Chilton, S/22532 Pte 1st Seaforth Hlds No135~William Emmett, M/635102 PteArmy Service Corps MT No149a~John Bilney, 18253 Pte 31st Lab Coy
No2~James William Price, 97639 Pte RAMC No32~Arthur Steeples, 233026 RFA Gnr Base Firer No44~Thomas Johnson, (no further information)
No44~Albany Percy Lindley, HMS 'Castor' CKMT IM 10908 No46~Cyril Derwent Whiteley, 47855 Pte 1/4 Northamtn Regt No48~Herbert Wood, (no further information)
No76~Albert Edward Robinson, 407008 PteH Coy RAMC No78~Joseph Davis, 19560 Gnr 32nd DAC RFA No82~Harold Lister Wilcock, M/318840 Pte ASC MT
No82~Gordon Thewlis, 85306 Pte King's Livrpl Regt No86~John Gelder, 151 Pte KOYLI No88~William Shepherd, 201028 Pte 2/5 KOYLI
No94~Ezra Sidwell, 65777 Pte Cheshire Regt No118~Charles Bolland, S/4/126191 Cpl ASC No124~William Harrison, 14 Div Artillery 81242 Driver
No138~William Jones, 94671 Pte 38th Gen Hosp RAMC No144~George Rogerson, 19495 RGA Gunner No146~Joseph green, 365248 RE Sapper
No146~Sidney Bernard Greenall, 50521 306th Coy RDC No148~Oscar Walter Ormond, 09112 Pte AOC No172~Walter Philip Latham, 374334 753rd Area Employment Coy
No182~Reuben Jones, 40053 Pte King's Royal Lincs No182~James Percy Jones, T/403287 L/cpl 1/2 W Riding FA RAMC No198~Alfred Ernest Blackburn, 018944 Pte AOC
No212~james Barton Henderson, Cavalry Regt 39966 Pte No214~Edwardtheodore Walburn, (no further information) No216~John Edmund Kennedy, (no further informatiion)
No216~Augustine kennedy, HMS 'Warspite' Ableseaman J 33216 No220~John Robert Bell, 42784 Rifleman 12th Batt Royal Irish Rifles No224~Walter Dale, DAC 204723 Bombadier
No226~Harold Norman Thresh, (no further information) No230~James Hutchinson, Heavy Battery RGA 100846 Cpl No232~Fran Arnold, (no further information)
The Lodge West Riding Asylum~ Ernest Townsend, 428294 Lab Corps Pte Windhill~Silas Farr, 315790 Re Stonehaven Terrace~Richard Harold Moseley, 97886 Royal Air Force 3rd Air mechanid
No3~Patrick Joseph Hessian, 89858 Pte C Coy RAMC George Croft, (no further information) The Asylum~ Richard Ashworth, RGA 307531 Gunner
The Asylum~Oscar Burkinshaw, 400065 Pte 12th and 34th Coy RAMC The Asylum~John Phillips, 242243 Pte West Yorks The Asylum~Harry Carley, 400100 43rd FA RAMC
The Asylum~Benjamin Warcup, 77819 Pte 6th Specl Hosp RAMC The Asylum~Edward Roland Carlisle, 403233 Pte 1/2 WRFA RAMC The Asylum~Alfred Calton, 403238 Pte 1/2 WRFA RAMC
The Asylum~Robert Lunn, 403239 L/Cpl WRFA RAMC The Asylum~William Henry Harrison, 67789 Cpl 341st FA RAMC The Asylum~Joseph Harrop, RN Barracks Portsmouth 2nd EA PO/M 17612 RN
The Asylum~Albert Granelli, RGA 99507 Driver No11 Bentick Villas~Ernest George Papworth, 22770 Cpl RGA No20~Harry Legg, 230822 Pte London Yeomy
No10~John Ernest Fordham, M2/133920 Pte ASC MT No146~Herbert Wilson, 92580 Pte 83rd Gen Hosp RAMC  
  Stanley Street  
No146~Joseph Green, 365248 RE Harold Roberts, Friends Ambulance  
  Taylor's Yard  
No1~Albert Angelo Granelli, RGA 99507    
  Trilby Street  
No11~Herbert Miller, (no further information) No15~James Herbert Wilkinson, T/4/172615 Pte ASC M2/26 No19~Frank Hawkes, 202408 Pte KOYLI
No19~Clement Christian Ogier, 39032 Sapper RE No8~Herbert Wilsden Farrar, (no further information) No18~Harold Askham, 1174314 Pte MGC
No18~Arthur Clarkson, T/4/172615 Pte ASC    
  Walker's Yard  
No4~Thomas Gittos, 213924 Driver RGA    
No39~Arthur Kenney, (no further information) No39~Joe Gleeson Kenney, 61902 Pte 2/5 West Yorks No47~Herbert Wigglesworth, 15446 Pte 8th KOYLI
No55~Percy Cunliffe, 631715 Gnr 320th Bde RFA No61~Harold Gosnay, 154219 Sapper RE No2 Burton's Buildings~'Walter Birkin, 113 Pte 12th KOYLI
No58~Dvid Chappell, T/32007 Driver ASC No72~Dixon Warriner, M/297801 Pte ASC MT No76~Fred Lee, R/366100 Pte ASC
No3 Royal Oak Yard~James Kilfoyle, 1st Gar B South Staffs 35139 Private Fred Wadsworth, 35308 Pte 17th B Scots Rifles  
  Webster's Yard  
No5~Alexander White, 478346 Pte 199 Lab Coy No7~Thomas Kelly, 34964 Pte 2nd East yorks No9~James Smith, 204450 1/4 York & Lancs
No8~Arthur Gelder, 148 Pte 12th KOYLI No10~Ernest Kaye, 214305 Gunner RGA  
  Winn Street  
No5~William James Atkinson, 'Arranmoor' Gunner No7~Arthur Farrar, 9183 Pte MGC No7~harry Farrar, 200231 KOYLI
No7~George Alfred Farrar, 2/4 KOYLI (no trace) No8~Samuel Priest, 27619 Gnr A/152 Bde RFA No10~Samuel Paskin (Jun) (no further information)
No10~Samuel Paskin, (no further information) No30~William Sutcliffe, 383349 Pte 914th Area Employment Company No12~George William Abbott, 237102 Pte 414th Agricultural Company
No18~John Gay, (no further information)    
  Woodcock Square  
No5~Frederick Gunter, 'Centurian' Stoker No11~Geroge Dixon, 38615 Pte 3rd KOYLI No2~Samuel Whitaker, 241858 Pte 4th Res KOSB
No4~George Senior, (no further information)    






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