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Abscent Voters List 1918 for the

Constituency of Wakefield

each box includes - house number, if given, name, army number, regiment and rank and as per original entry.

No 1~John Quinn, 200 Pte KOYLI


Polling DistrictsA B C D E F G H I J K                          Abbreviation Explations


Polling District F
Qualifying Address
South Westgate Ward
Albion Court
No3~ Ernest Dunhill 309965 RE Bank House Ernest George Holt 218985 RE No4~ George Ainsworth309965 RE
No6~Alfred Hobkinson T/278200 ASC Driver No6~ Thomas Pape Hobkinson 48238 Rfm Rifle Brigade No6~ William Hobkinson 34024 Bandsman KOYLI
No14~ John William Hauber 367419 Pte Lab Corps No14~ Sidney Hartley 7629070 Pte West Yorks  
Albion Yard
No1~ Richard Cartwright 201096 Pte KOYLI    
Back Garden Street
No7~ John Arthur Rothery M/299099 Pte ASC No9~Lawrence Nettleton Howe 33410 Pte 151st Coy RDC No13~ Willie Jewson 13757 Pte 1/ Coldstream Guards
No13~ Howden Jewson 2430 Pte KOYLI No15~ William Ernest Wilcock 17266 Pte Lab Coy No17~ Joshua Henry Senior 11218 Pte Lab Coy
No16~ Henry William Jackson 2nd Lieut Shropshire LI No16~ Herbert Seabrook Jackson 9122 Sgt 4th King's Royal Rfls No30~ Albert Burnell 106761 RE
No32~ Fred Spencer Butler 104539 RE No34~ Frank Harper 59612 2nd AM RAF No38~ Walter William Smuin 12263 Pte AVC
No36~ Henry Mellor 11415 Pte SWB    
Bank Street
No10~Willie Moxon (junior) 305650 Sgt 5th West Yorks No14~ Robert Percy Wray 30750 Pte 16th Yorks & Lancs No18~ Joseph Woodhead Laycock S/253847 L/Sgt ASC
Brighton Street
No1~ Arthur Beaumont P/14786 Military Foot Police No1~ Harry Beaumont 20442 Pte 35th Lab Coy No15~ Percy Sykes 41825 Pte Yorks & Lancs
No6~ William M Cole 33241 Driver RFA A/175th Bde No8~ Horace James Lindsay 2343 Gunner RFA No14~ Frederick Pugh T/393946 ASC
No22~ David Webster 200586 Sgt 1/4th KOYLI No24~ Frederick Nash 42814 RFA  
Calverley Square
No1~ Joshua Firth 136468 3rd AM RAF    
Carlton Street
No1~ Charles Drewery M/2175858 Pte ASC No1~ Alfred Firth 166584 RE No1~ John Firth 205088 Pte Duke of Wellingtons
No1a~ Harold Laycock 1413 North'land Fus No1a~ John Laycock 47788 Pte KOYLI No1a~ William Laycock 18838 Sgt Yorks & Lancs
No5~ Arthur Smith 334187 TMB No5~ Joseph Race Batty 140786 Pte 11th MGC No11~ James McDonald Cameron S4/359529 Pte ASC
No13~ Ernest Hepworth 60062 Pte RAF No15~ Harold Smith 174058 Gunner RFA 95th Bde No17~ Walter Thomas Willmot 26900 RE
No19~ Percy Weston 201279 KOYLI No21~ Holdsworth Saville 201529 Pte KOYLI No23~ William Humphrey HMS "Warspite" AB J12784 RN
No31~ Harry Brusby 200288 Bugler KOYLI No31~ Percy Brusby 313320 RGA No33~ Charles Bradley 138467 Pte 343rd Fld Ambul RAMC
No35~ Edwin Derwitt HMS "Tenacious" Warrant Officer No8~ James Brown 70112 Pte 169th RDC No12~ Albert Edward Siddle 04930 Cpl AOC
No14~ Wilfred Brayshaw Richardson 41222 Pte KOYLI No26~ Frank Crossley 200847 RAF No26~ Frederick Crossley 207885 Driver RGA
No30~ Joseph Wilkins 1/8177 Pte 1st Res Regt of Cavalry No34~ Leonard Bank M/340771 Pte ASC No36~ Frederick Varley 205582 Pte 2/4 KOYLI
No46~ John Henry Ingham 2nd Batt (Res) Aldershot OP R6568    
Chald Lane
No7~ Harry Scarborough 200581 Pte KOYLI No10~ William Speak 144205 Pte Labb Coy No18~ Elijah Tennant 17236 Pte Lab Coy
Chald House 50033 Pte Lance Fus    
City Road
No5~ Geprge Edward Marshall 176262 QOYD    
Claremont Terrace
No1~ John Robert Mallaby 201928 Pte KOYLI No3~ Joe Hartley 2555 KOYLI No5~ Albert Bentley 182001 RE
No13~ Herbert Battye 847th Area Empl Coy 298862 L/Cpl No19~ John Wilson 153029 Pte E Coy Depot RAMC  
Clarkson Street
No1~ Alwyn Duncan Radley 097565 Cpl ASC No1~ Reginald Burdekin Radley 200109 CQMS KOYLI

No3~ George Boydon 2733S Pte RME


No3~ Cyril Buckley 142982 Gunner RGA No7~ John Thomas Mottershead 129745 392nd Bde Cpl RFA  
Clayton Street
No5~ Albert Edward Saxton 200099 Sgt KOYLI No9~ Herbert Tolson Artist 118802 Pte 367th Lab Coy No2~ John Smith 5593 Driver 155th Bde RFA
No12~ Norman Crowther Toulson 169897 RE No14~ Joe Cliff 206002 Gunner RFA  
Denby Dale Road
No2~ Albany Clossland 121150 Pte Disemb Staff RAMC No12~ John Walter Pickering 55354 RE NO16~ Harry Jacques41322 Pte KOYLI
No28~ Harry Norman 340499 Cpl North'land Fus No52~ Sidney Poulston AO Depot Lieut No64~ Ralph Neal Cresswell FAF 2nd Lieut
Clarence Park Vincent Pearson 397434 Pte ASC No16 Hawthorne Villas Henry Gordon Smith 3rd Coldstream Guards 13236 Drummer  
Elm Place
No2~ Albert Charles East 10354 Pte 18th Lab Coy No2~ Charles Philip East 2nd King Edwared Horse Res No4~ Percy William Brown 94862 Pte MGC
Garden Street
No3~ William Charles Robinson 16565 Pte Lab Coy No7~ John Arthur Rothery 299099 Pte ASC No2~ William Henry Hughes 17753 Pte 30th Lab Coy
No4~ Albert Edward Mais 2367056 RE No6~ Arthur Parker 42249 30th Driver Lab Coy No6# Fred Parker 26711 Pte 45th Lab Coy
No6~ John Parker 6th North Staffs 37025 Pte No8~ Harry Ainsworth 205101 Pte KOYLI No8~ Clarence Vernon Hudson Ainsworth 308817 RE
No8~ Joseph Ainsworth 19509 Driver RFA 161st Bde No8~ Colin Hudson "Halcyon" OS J72357 RN No14~ Thomas Netherwood 187518 Pte Lab Coy
NO32~ Alfred Flood 27749 Farrier Segt 155th Bde RFA No36~ George Frederick Airey S4/217598 Cpl ASC No38~ Thomas H Linsey 173643 RE
No40~ Herbert Easter 16369 Pte Lab Coy No44~ Robert Ives Broadbent 5646 Driver RFA HQ 155th Bd  
Gaskell Street
No1~Richard Keenan 23600 MGC N03~ James Holmes "Swift" No5~ Rowland Hardwick 200513 WRD
N02~ Alfred Woodhead 796704 RFA No2~ John Woodhead 201577 Pte 1/5th West Yorks No6~ William Nicholson 35397 L/Cpl KOYLI
No12~ Thomas Leonard Winn 22451 Pte Yorks Regt    
George Street
No60~ Harry Scott 20384 RFA No68~ Nathan Jackson A29 HMAT  
Globe Yard
No3~ John McLoughlin 46321 Pte KOYLI No3~ Micheal McLoughlin 185365 Pte Lab Coy No7~ John Dale 201619 Pte KOYLI
No2# William Hough 85505 Pte RAF No4~ Thomas Kilbride Lab Coy 359261 Pte No6~ Ernest Hall RDC 29404 Sgt
No10~ Edward Kilner 62464 Driver 89th RFA No12~ Thomas Trotter 294758 L/CPL Lab Coy  
Grange Street
No1~ Alfred Nettleton 141st Siege Batty RGA 67731 Gunner No16~ Horace Meezon 204020 L/Cpl 4th KOYLI No34~ Herbert Richardson RN Ord Seaman
No 28~ Thomas Robert Surguy no further information No 38~ Sam Ward 28327 Pte West Yorks  
Hallilay Row
No 7~ John Lister 188063 Gunner 326th RGA No13# John Ellis M/350390 Pte ASC No 17~ Tom Gee 200818 L/Cpl 2/4th KOYLI
No2~ Joe Heald 201974 KRR Cpl No8# Walter Daniels 30063 Pte 1st KOYLI No10~ John William Binns 3351 Pte Yorks and Lancs
No10~ Thomas Jones 158139 RE No12~ Ernest Stainthorpe 27713 Driver RFA No14~ George Henry Clayton 90540 Gnr RFA
No20~ George Harvey Stuart 68288 Pte 4th Res Devon Regt    
Horbury Road
No5~ John Henry Redfearn 25512 West Yorks No11~ John Walter Anderson 31207 Pte KOSB No13~ Charles Clifford Crow "Renown" Stoker I K 41333 RN
No25~ Harry Guest 19668 Gnr XC Batty RFA No29~ John William Cook 414403 Pte Lab Coy No31~ Wilfred Townend 11263 Pte 19th Lab Coy
No45~ Hugh Vickers 233516 Pte Oxford and Bucks I No47~ Claud Milsom 182020 Pte 344th Empl Coy No53a~ George Halliwell 27640 Rfm West Yorks
No55~ Herbert Watson Tate C/12365 Pte KRR No67~ David Keld 352172 RE No69~ George Taylor 4/Coldstream Guards 13815 Pte
No77~ Benjamin Croft 4th East Yorks 39917 Pte No83~ James William Cooling 130893 86th TRB NO 89~ Harry Ramsden 133719 Pte MGC
No101~ Frederick Holcombe 200116 Pte 4th Res KOYLI No109~ Edwin Groves 36999 KOYLI No119~ Albert Lofthouse West Riding 200322 Pte
No121~ Thomas Harrison 2552 Empl Coy No123~ John Henry Gosnay 437266 Pte 413th Agric Coy No125~ Alexander Milner 13501 Pte Lab Coy
Westgate Lodge Thornes House James J Brown 201460 Pte KOYLI    
Ings Cottages
No11~ Allan Abraham 15041 L/cpl 3rd KOYLI No11~ Charles Abraham 23612 L/Cpl 5/ Coldstream grds No6~ George Land 200277 L/Cpl KOYLI
Ings Road
No3~ William Wales 19502 RFA No13~ David Braid 11005 Copl The School~ Henry Blanchett 564046 RE
No6~Francis Joseph Townend 202946 KOYLI No8~ Edward Kilner 624664 RFA No8~ Arthur Kilner 201687 Pte KOYLI
Albion Mills Yard~ Harold Walker KRR C/73571 Rfm    
Lawfield Cottages
No1~ Albert Edward Dobson 235330 Pte 4th Lincolns No2~ Frederick William Livsey (junior) 201258 KOYLI  
Lawfield Lane
No3~ George Boyden 2733 RME No15~ William Wood 175300 RGA No19~ Herbert Lowrie 66319 Pte DLI
No19~ Frank Lowrie 411953 Empl Coy No21~ John Gill T4/253754 Driver ASC No25~ Alfred Winterburn 21556 KOYLI
No77~ George Burnell2512 Pte 6th Royal Mnsters Fus No6~ William Henry Vickers TT04080 A/Cpl Pd AVC No14~ Henry Godfrey Bedford North'land Fusiliers
No20~James Briggs Audsley 8132 Pte 154res Coy RDS No30~ Albert Swanson KOYLI 47816 Pte No50~ Hugh Lancelot 490469 RE
No52~ Harry Milner Hargreaves 18738 ASC No54~ Horace Weston Williams 62476 RAMC No78~ John Longbottom "Dido" AB J30482
Market Street
No6~ Harold Moore 40th Lab Corps 21299 Pte No8~ Leonard Marshall Chappell KOYLI  
Marriotts Buildings
No1~ Edward Parkin 176618 HSL No5~ James Edmund Padgett 35144 Cpl RFA 168th BDE No2~ Cyril Hardwick KOYLI
No2~ Joseph Heaton Hardwick KOYLI No6~ Thomas Price RFA No8~ John Dolan 201257 Pte 2/4th KOYLI
No8~ William Dolan 17295 KOYLI Pte No10~ Horace Senior 427946 Pte Agric Coy No10~ Joe Senior 63789 Gnr 2nd Div TM Co
No12~ James Davidson 6764 Seaman RND No12~ William Davidson 478809 RE  
Milton Street
No7~ Arthur Gasgoigne RGA 193463 Gunner No9~ Charles Bean 110732 RFA No11~ Patrick Gleeson2/4th KOYLI 200975 Pte
No27~ Oliver Baines 10661 Pte KOYLI No29~ William Hannon 2063302 Gnr RGA No33~ John Travis 201605 KOYLI
No41~ Arthur Sellars North'land Fus 25296 Pte    
Old Warehouse Yard
No2~ George Pinder RFA Inftry Bde Staff Segt    
  Park Avenue  
No12~ Harry North Woodcock 480522 RE No14~ George Frederick Hill M/271563 Pte ASC Harold Brook 125090 Pte MGA
William Egbert Seed 3rd Hussars 45049 Segt Major    
``No2~ Alfred Teale 400391 Pte ASC No4~ Luke Graham 18th Yorks Regt 63262 Pte No16~ William Hudson 51297 Pte KOYLI
No16~ John McParden 19th Lab Coy 11151 Pte No22~ John Hardwick 43879 Pte 1st Essex No26~ Tom Woolhouse Berrie 375752 KOYLI
No26~ George Edwin Woolhouse Berrie 388149 KOYLI No38~ Thomas Barratt Empl Coy 224152 Pte No42~ Henry Harkin 353255 RAMC
No42~ Arthur Hemmingway 69331 Bombr RFA 48/36TH Bde No44~ Samuel Beard 155907 RE No46~ Clifford Wainwright 3rd West Yorks 56486 Pte
No46~ Albert Wainwright KOYLI No48~ Arthur Lynas (junior) 157417 Pte 4th MGC No50~ Thomas Madley 174854 Pte 113th Tr Res
No54~ Harry Holroyd 110100 L/Cpl Tank Corps No74~ Sidney Naylor KOYLI 200647 A/CSM No82~ Albert Naylor 15398 Lab Coy
Quebec Street
No7~ George Henry Westmorland 242276 KOYLI No9~ Ernest Wheeldon 150348 Pte Essex No13~ George Walker Bates 78827 Pte DLI
No19~ Henry Dolan 51447 Pte West Yorks No23~ William Henry Baines 89867 Gunner RGA No37~ Ernest Wadsworth 52366 West Yorks
No47~ Claud William Wilby 260029 Pte Yorks and Lancs No49~ John Littlewood 10622 Atta 7th Army Sig Coy RAMC No49~ James Leadbeater South Lancs 19733 Segt
No2~ Alfred Rhodes 242032 Pte 1/9th HLI No4~ George Henry Rhodes 204 Pte KOYLI No8~ George Inkersley Lab Coorps 291371 Pioneer
No22~ Sanuel Gott 200613 Pte 1/9th KOYLI No28~ Fred Slinger 307322 L/Cpl 1/4th Duke of Wells


No28~ Kirby Slinger 202222 Pte 4th Res KOYLI

No30~ Claud Frost 28685 Grenadier Guards No36~ Ernest Oakes S/365016 ASC No40~ Wilfred Snowden 11156 Pte KOYLI
No42~ Rowland Gosnay 23517 Pte 6th Dorsets No46~ Charles Richard Davies 3829 Yorks and Lancs No58~ Joe Leonard Staynes Friends Ambulance
No3 Anvery Terrace~ Henry John Meemoth Indian Army Corps 37611 Sapper    
Robson's Yard
No15~ Sidney Warren 2/6644 Pte RMF No14~ Edward Browster 28893 Driver B 193rd Bde RFA  
Salt Pie Alley
No4~ Edward Birchell Messen 168304 Pte Lab Coy    
Schofield's Yard
No1~ Arthur Collinson 1608 Pte 1st KOYLI No4~ Claud Bradley 201395 KOYLI  
Smyth Street
No19~ William George Bradley 98629 RE No25~ Harold Stuart Fuller 63867 Driver RFA 130th Bde No6~ Joseph Hobson 8310 Pte 154th Coy RDC
No10~ Henry Watson 10587 Pte 26th Batt Royal Fus No12~ Benjamin Fleming 209271 Driver RFA No14~ John Edward Corley 123 Pte KOYLI
No14~ John Ernest Fordham 13392 Pte ASC No14~ Norman France Fordham S12090 Sig 190th RFA No16~ Richard Athy Swift 83854 Gunr 181st Siege Bty RGA
No24~ Burnley Dickinson 203072 West Yorks Vine Cottage~ Samuel Roberts Labour Centre N Co 169322 Cpl Rose Cottage~ William Cruikshanks 48790 L/Cpl KOYLI
Stubley Street
No4~ Thomas Hardman 200508 Pte KOYLI No4~ Ernest Pybus M/15380 Cook RAF No6~ Frederick Gunter "Centurion" Stoker I K24377 RN
No8~ Joe Leonard Dews 446755 Cpl Lab Corps    
Symons Street
No4# Charles Albert Lakin 2/2606 Pte RMF No16~ Eric Claude Lyon 341125 RE  
Vicarage Place
No3~ William Henry Randall 127416 RFA    
Walker's Buildings
No1~ Levi Haigh 27626 Driver 32nd DAC RFA    
Wauchope Street
No9~ Clifford Stainthorpe 133535 Pte MGC No15~ Hubert Edmaund Turton SMO. Res Camp Boulonge RAMC No17~ Joseph Benjamin Gledhill Infantry Brigade 205282 Rfm
No19~ Frederick Thomas Luther Stephenson 35291 Signaller 205282 Rfm No18~ Wilfred Edward Artist 194919 RE No22~ Harold Vincent Lambert 242024 L/Cpl 4th KOSB
No26~ George Robert Harrison 358341 RE May Terrace~ Herbert Dobson 117386 Gunner RGA  
Westgate End
No11~ Ernest Brear 38715 Pte Yorks and Lancs No19~ George Farrar 23581 Lab Coy No37~ Walter Walker 95314 RAMC
No43~ Cyril Hardwick 48409 Pte MGC No43~ Walter Millington 205356 KOYLI No59~ Harold Grace 56258 Pte West Yorks
No59~ Newman Summerscale 203187 Segt 1/5th Notts and Derby    
No61~ George Richard Hoyle 110436 Pte 1/1st DLO Yoe No97~ Richard Gordon Wilson M/268866 Pte ASC No97~ George Wilson 10597 KORLR
No115~ Charles Hirst North'land Fus 50554 Pte No133~ Fred Watson 10/11 HLI 202698 L/Cpl No139~ Ralph Beaumont 40484 1/7th Worcesters
No145~ John William Lunn 4/ Coldstream Grds 13175 Pte No151~William Walker M2/117396 ASC No159~ Ernest Wilson Ward 27734 Driver A/161st Bde RAF
No159~ Arthur Jackson Ward West Yorks 2nd Lieut No159~ Charles Harold Ward Yorks and Lancs 2MS No169~ Herbert Slack 22305 Pte KOYLI
No171~ Albert Haydon Goodair 19667 Driver RFA T4/Res Bde No171~ James William Hill 13496 Gnr RFA  
White Horse Yard
No13~ Albert Price M/340698 Pte ASC No15~ Willaim Wood 155573 Driver RFA 84 SAAC 38th Bde No16~ George King 942 L/Cpl 10th Lincolns
No16~ Harold King 235323 Lincolns No16~ Percy King 9th Coy 19th Batty RDC 42748 L/Cpl No18~ Horace Ramsden M/287650 Pte ASC
No22~ Charles Agar 38678 Pte KOYLI No24~ Arthur Brailford 41292 Pte KOYLI  





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