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Abscent Voters List 1918 for the

Constituency of Wakefield

each box includes - house number, if given, name, army number, regiment and rank and as per original entry.

No 1~John Quinn, 200 Pte KOYLI


Polling DistrictsA B C D E F G H I J K                          Abbreviation Explations


Polling District "G" Qualifying Address Kirkgate Ward
Albion Yard
No1~ John R Cartwright 21096 Pte 4th KOYLI No7~ John James Illingworth 32507 Pte Army Veterinary Coy No20~ John Patrick Murray MGC
No22~ Walter Mellor 239029 Pte 520th HS Emply Coy No24~William Edward Pape 193317 RE  
Almshouse Lane
No7~ George Albert Ekert 325054 Pte KLR No7~ Frederick Ekert no furthur information No19~ Laurence Starkey Leach 157361 RE ROD
No27~ Gerald Binns 21666 Pte Lab Corps Northn Command    
Avison Yard
No9~ Richard Charles Cleife HMS "Furious" SPO RFR No6~ William Metcalfe Steel 199176 RE Driver  
Back Russell Street
No1~ William Arthur Dickinson 235348 Pte Leicesters No3~ William Penrice 77775 RAF No9~ James Dixon 33246 Gunner 175th Bde RFA
No9~ Harold Whitaker 23865 Pte 40th Lab Coy No11~ James Arthur Todd 19478 Cpl C/13160 RFA  
Bakers Yard
No10~ Thomas Smithwaite 3/2604 Pte KOYLI No16~ William Fisher 10463 L/Cpl 9th West Yorks No18~ Thomas Howell Bingham 582657 Pte 166th Lab Batt
No20~ Frank White 92577 Pte 104th Rgt RAMC    
Beehive Yard
No2~ Clarence Manterfield 35226 Cpl Yorks and Lancs James William Padgett 79833 Pte RAMC Ord Dpt  
No9~ James Fallon 400089 Pte D Coy RAMC No13~ Fred Ernest Hunt RN 12260 1st Class Stoker No13~ William Hoyle K18284 Stoker RN Portsmouth
No31~ Joseph Oxley 201922 Pte 4th KOYLI No33~ Leonard Riding SS.115680 Stoker RN HMS "Minion" No35~ Charles Arthur Haselgrave 36906 Pte South Lancs
No37~ Arthur Haughton 133683 Pte MGC No39~ Thomas Purcell 10826 Pte Duke of Well'ton No43~ Vine Arundel 2952 Pte 9th KOYLI
No53~ Darce Crossland M/41108 ASC MT No55~ Fred Everett 26040 Pte 1st KOYLI No59~ Alfred Ainsworth 202006 Sgt Major 4th KOYLI
No63 George Guet (junior) 644 Royal Naval Div No61~ William Shillito 328090 Pte Lancs Fus No65~ Arthur Harold Walker 41824 Pte Yorks and Lancs
No69~ Fred Brickwood 52833 Pte East Yorks No14~ George Thomas Clayton 796032 Gunner RFA No18~ Alfred Brunt 202053 Pte 4th Batt Royal Welsh Fusilers
No18~ Timothy Brunt 77447 Pte DLI No28~ Thomas Martin Lisle 200805 Pte KOYLI No28~ William Smith Lisle 202209 Pte KOYLI
No36~ Patrick Joseph Tarney 419736 S/Sgt 54th Lab Batt No36~ William Tarney No furthur information No38~ John William Dalton SS 4405 AB RN Mine sweeper
No38~ Martin Dalton No furthur information No40~ Thomas Gardner 3915 Pte DLI No50~ George Arthur Driver 8672 Gunner RGA
No52~ John Henry King 15103 Pte KOYLI No54~ Sam Shaw 200802 Pte KOYLI No58~ Ernest Emerton 222061 Gunner 1104/216 Bde RFA
No64~ Allen Eastwood 33672 Pte 154th Coy RDC No66~ Thomas James Long 15892 Cpl Yorks and Lancs No70~ Herbert Thompson 201696 Sgt KOYLI
Boundry Street
No3~ Ernest Reginald Dunstone Pte Northd Fus No2~ Charles Arthur Hartley 50912 Pte Nortd Fus  
Chadwick's Terrace
No5~ Fred Jones 200474 Cy S/Major 1/4th KOYLI    
Charlotte Street
No1~ John Arthur Kirk 5/306868 Butcher ASC No5~ Colin Whitlam 167740 Gunner RGA No9~ Arthur Eustace Snowden 58118 Pte MGC
No9~ Frank Bernard Snowden 106272 Pte RAF No9~ Thomas William Snowden 30995 Pte 2nd KOYLI No9~ Harold Snowden 57664 Pte K Liverpool Rgt
No13~ Ernest Hemingway 202230 Cpl 2/4th KOYLI No13~ William Hemmingway 201144 Bugler 2/4th KOYLI No15~ Frederick Brown HMS "Roxbough" 34642 Stoker
No15~ Samuel Brown 23580 Gunner RGA No19~ Willie Longbottom 311095 Pte Northd Fus No19~ Arthur Leonard France 10860 Pte 2nd KOYLI
No19~ Willie France 144 Pte 12th KOYLI No23~ Walter Parkin 200034 L/Cpl KOYLI No25~ Harold Whitam 19499 Gunner RGA
No31~ Ernest Woodcock 67762 Cpl RAMC Base Depot No33~ Albert Edward Moon 11123 Coy/S.Major Depot Chesre Regt No37a John Hayton 40043 Pte Yorks Regt
No2~ James Frankland 3709 Pte 1/4th KOYLI No16~ Fred Pilling 185079 Pte RFA Driver X50 TM Batty No18~ Arthur Rothery 34825 Pte Yorks Regt
Grove Cottage~ James William Reginald Taylor HMS "Revenge" GO 15859 Pte RM No42~ George Henry Bushell 63564 Driver C/156th Bde 33rd Div RFA  
Fenton Heald's Yard Kirkgate
No3~ John Shelmerdine M2/019911 Pte ASC No5~ Daniel King 020330 Driver AOD No7~ Walton Denton 49470 pTE Nothd Fus
No9~ Fred Roebuck 52610 3rd KOYLI    
George Street
No7~ Francis Lawrence Smith 242236 Pte HLI No43~ Rowland Wilby No furthur information No12~ Thomas Edgar Cowell 295320 Cpl RGA
No14~ Arthur Warwick 361354 RE Sapper No18~ Haydn Cockell 24719 ROTD No32~ Ernest Field 139310 Pte MGC
No36~ George Marshbank 19702 Gnr RFA B/293rd Army Bde No44~ Horace Clark 220763 Pte KOYLI No50~William Edward Quirk 242872 Sgt 5th KOYLI
No50~ John Arthur Quirk R4/235677Pte ASC No52a~ William Brear 510607 Lab Batt 715th Coy Private Frederick Harold Hauxwell M/2/020206 S/Sgt ASC MT
Golden Lion Yard
No4~ Albert Smith 200988 Pte KOYLI No4~ Joe Smith 377041 Pte Manchester Rgt  
Graham's Terrace
No2~ Charles William Blacker 206046 Pte Northd Fus No4~ Reginald Newton 200883 65/28th Bde RFA  
Grove Road
No5~ William Henry Turner 17241 Pte 798th Area Emply Coy No13~ Austin Divine 20087 Pte KOYLI No21~John Wood 27758 RFA A/Bdnr C/135th Army BBde Driver
No21a~ Walker Booth (junior) 119053 FAF 3rd AM No25~ Charles Richard Jeffs MF 66360 Pte No27a~ Robert Stowell RN K33299 Stoker 1st
No35~ Robert Butcher 46575 Pte 1/4th KOYLI No37~ John William Wilson 63640 L/Cpl Welsh Regt No49~ John Alfred Carr 34087 Pte 9th KOYLI
No49~ Walter Johnson Carr 134053 FGA Driver No49~ William Harold Carr 241815 Pte Yorks and Lancs No55~ James Henry Hudson 198679 RE
No57~ Thomas Arthur Bates 210110 Bg RE 455644412 RFM No65~ Thomas Sharo No Furthur Information No4~ George Percy Blagden 8142 Pte 154th Coy RDC
No4a~ William Henry North M/303679 ASC MT No14~ George Dipple 84499 RGA Karachl Gunner No18~ Alfred Everett 400076 795th AE Coy Lab Corps Pte
No20~ Malcolm Megson 2322 Sgt KOYLI No24~ Albert George Trafford 175525 S.Smith North Somerset Yeomany No24~ James Alfred Trafford 134059 RAF Pte
No24~ Ernest Edward Trafford 186615 RE No48~ Henry Elkington 545661 S/Sgt RAMC 40th San Sect John Henry Houseley S/4/072057 ASC. MT.
William Tate Houseley M/2/79343 Pte MT. ASC    
Grove Street
No3~ Frank Croft WRV 871 Pte No3~ Fred Croft 18749 Pte 163rd Lab Coy No3~ George Henry Croft 10658 Pte 3rd KOYLI
No3~ Wilfred Darley Holdsworth T/4216910 Pte ASC No3~Christopher Zebidee Jackson 860103 Driver RFA 1091/217th Brigade No13~Harry Sutton 223330 RFA A/55th Bde Gnr
No21~ Herbert Walton Middlesex Regt 260057 Pte No4a~ William North M/303678 A/Cpl MT ASC No6~ Charles Herbert Harrison 13413 Pte 23rd Lab Coy
No10~ Ronald Davison 34267Pte 12th KOYLI No10~ Clifford North 202223 Pte 2/4th KOYLI No10a~ George Arthur North 111301 Tank Corps Gunner
Haigh's Row
No1~ Ernest Freear 1307 Pte MGC No3~ Humphrey Charles Winterburn 30310 Pte 7th KOYLI No13~ Henry Milton Royston 175683 FGA Gunner
No15~ Ernest Largeant No furthur information No17~ Henry Dickinson 57896 Pte Yorks Regt No19~ Willie Exley No furthur information
No10~ William Ellis No furthur information No16~ Charles Henry Smith 3rd KOYLI No18~ Harry Thorpe no furthur information
  Hargrave Square  
No1~ Harry Hinchcilffe T/291256 Driver ASC No6~ Frank Hemingway 26790 RE. ME.  
Harrison Yard
No10~ James Dunnill 62465 Sgt 21st DAC. RFA. No10~ John William Dunhill 175022 1/1st Yorks Dragoons No16~ Fred Holiday 421028 Pte 1/5th KOYLI
Hartley's Yard
No1~ Ernest William Crowcroft 42047 Pte Northd Fus No7~ William Parkin 41136 Pte 1st Batt HLI No9~ Harold Froggett 209214 RE
No13~ John Henry Gooch 58/407105 Pte RGA 873rd Batty No13~ Arthur James Green D/12639 Pte 2nd DG Queens Bays  
Horner's Yard
No3~ Harold Smith 42581 Pte 2nd West Yorks No9~ Harry Hemmingway 13414 Pte 23rd Lab Corps  
Ings Road
Albion Cottages~ Robert Clifford Powell No furthur information Albion Cottages~ Lewis Walstow No furthur information No39~ Thomas Clayton 183560 669th Lab Corps Pte
No39~ Fred Sutherland 424574 183rd Lab Corps Pte No59~ Arthur Stanley Battye M2/130071 ASC MT Driver No61~ Leonard Blackmore 480350 RE
No69~ William Wilfred Ward D.M.2/170519 ASC.MT. No69~ Joseph William Horne 252165 Pte 377th Lab Corps No71~ Charles Austin Elley 200883 Pte KOYLI
No71~ Francis Gunn 506531 RE No73~ Albert Benson 134103 Pte ASC No73~ Fred Dobson 201399 Pte 1/4th KOYLI
No83~ John Henry Reid 510570 Pte 11th Canadian Fld Ambulance No83~ John Monseat Dearnley 184566 RFA.RATC. RA. Collect Station Catterick Gnr No95~ Harry Aldred 1/4th KOYLI
No95~ C Gomersall 200392 CMS.KOYLI No97~ James Alfred Lizemore 206196 A. Siege Depot RGA No109~ John Ernest Eastwood 57988 Yorks Regt Pte
Johnson's Place
No3~Joseph Edwin Pickles 63885 RFA Driver 82nd Sect SAAC 120th Bde No6~ Edgar Hoult 30271 Pte 1st KOYLI No8~ John Simmons 31520 RE
No18~ Charles Edward Dixon HMS "Victorious" SS 7045 OS. RN Travoli~ William Hampshire 202254 Pte RSF 4th Res Batt No42~ Arnold Clement Coates No Furthur Information
No102~ Thomas Druery Jackson RGA 307589 Gunner No102~ Herbert Edward Smith 69986 Tank Corps No108~ William Rose Lee 127098 RGA Gnr
No168~ John Reginald Newbold 41249 L/Cpl KOYLI No220William George North Speight 670 Pte Depot Lincolns Regt No254~ Frank Hodgson 200235 RAF POE
No264~ Ernest Teaque 503 HS Emply Coy 254955 Pte Railway Tavern~ Joseph Hamshaw 201620 KOYLI Pte  
Laycock's Yard
No3~ Johnathan Hotham 400072 Pte 1/3rd M. Mid. FA. RAMC No11~ Edwin Mullins Yorks Garr Regt 21664 L/Cpl No13~ Harry Levitt 33253 HQ/122nd Bde RFA
No4~ William Hill 134961 Gnr RFA Base Mespot No6~ Samuel Page 132684 RE No8~ Martin Nestor 151361 RE
No8~ James Haslam 41088 Driver 23rd DAC RFA    
Little Bull Yard
Myrtle Cottage~ Rowland Noble 216941 Sapper RE    
Mark Lane
No3~ Arthur Lancaster no further informationn No3~ Arthur Edwin Peel 1999 L/Cpl KOYLI No3~ James Hager Wilson No furthur information
No7~ Joe Helme M/397602 ASC MT Pte No7a~ Rayner Watson 46070 Pte 7th Yorks and Lancs No7a~ Arthur Watson 383147 Pte 913rd Area Embly Coy
No4~ Thomas Richard O'Connell No furthur information No13~ Henry Melson Driver 126th Siege Batty RGA  
Market Street
No19~ Sidney William Robotham M2/233671 ASC MT Sgt No23~ John Fletcher 28211 Pte Seaforth Highlds No25~ Guy Henderson RFA Lieut
Mellor's Buildings
No6~ John Copley Bates 34483 Sgt 3rd KOYLI    
Mollacreas Yard
No3~ Charles Stephen D'Arcy 200764 2/4th KOYLI Buglr No3~ William D'Arcy no furthur information No6~ Richard Peasland 63536 Driver 62nd DAC RFA
No14~ John Wilfred Field 200592 L/Cpl 13th KOYLI No16~ Percy Ernest Taylor 23965 RAF 1st AM No22~ Herbert Nicholson 30805 Pte 1st GB Lincolns Regt
New Brunswick Street
No17~ George Thomas Clayton 106884 RE No21~ Thomas Henry Ward 92576 Pte 49th Fld Ambu RAMC No25~ John Edward Burton 35325 Pte 2/4th KOYLI
No6~ Norman Ernest Stanley Wessex Div Sig Co 510099 Dr No8~ Sidney Varley 201645 Pte 4th KOYLI No28~ Michael Finan 37386 D/159th Bde RFA DR
No34~ George Henry Turner 23601 Cpl RAF Mech No38~ Fred Mellor 503887 Pte Inland water Trns No58~ Robert Hodgkinson 30401 Pte RIF
No60~ William Hodgkinson 19674 Dr 881st Batty RFA No27~ John George Blackburn TZ/11511 OS. RNVR. HMS "Attentive" No76~ Thomas Charles Shaw No furthur information
Portland Place
No1~ John Danson 201464 Pte KOYLI    
Princess Yard
No7~ James Gill S/22531 Pte Seaforth Highlanders No7~ John Gill 29076 RE No13~ Charles Ward 201393 2/4th KOYLI
No17~ James Morris 6409 Cpl MF Police No4~ Hugh Francis Bennett 15397 Pte 2nd KOYLI No6~ Harry Woodson 30776 Pte West Yorks
No12~ Frederick Largeant 15336 Pte West Yorks No12~ William Henry Largeant 14th Entrenchmt Batt 202082 No14~ John Dobson 20859 Pte West Yorks
No14~ William Dodson 202157 Pte 1/4th Yorks and Lancs    
Providence Place
No1~ George Henry Grimes M/305663 Pte ASC MT No3~ William Perkin 106854 RE
No3~ Harry Perkin 650889 Pte 2nd Protection Co private No11~ Richard Nicholls 50258 22nd Batt Roy. Fus No2~ Frederick Duce 41089 RFA Cpl 23rd DAC
Providence Place Thornes Lane
No8~ George William Herbert Steele 517792 87th Lab Coprs Pte    
Queen Street
No21~ Nornam Copley M2/167354 Pte ASC No23~ Walter Largent 29891 Pte Kents Cyclists No 23~ George Edward Woller 4300060 RAMC Munitions
No 39~ James Bickerdyke 161672 RGA No41~ Edward Henry Wright 480255 RE No41 Henry Wright 305459 HLI 8th BW
N043~ John Heseltine WR/26510 Pioneer RE No12~ Charles Henry Fisher 175130Yorks Cycling reg Pte  
Queen Victoria Street
No3~ Harry Haley 110909 Pte MGC No14~ Walter Wilby M/133783 Pte ASC MT No20~ Samuel Robert Dalzell 149990 Pte 460th Agric Lab Coy
No20~ Edgar Howden 105397 RE No20~ Thomas Reynolds 213159 Sapper RE No24~ Thomas William Hutchinson T/260671 Driver ASC
No24~ Herbert Hutchinson 213159 RE No28~ William Bilney 47533Pte KOYLI No34~ John James Hutchinson 438812 ASC Pte
  Rodney Yard  
NO21~ James Ives 34422 Pte KOYLI No25~ Joe Milnes ( no further information ) No25~ Norman Milnes 775859 310th Bde Gnr
No35~ Edwin Numa Lister 1808 Pte 4th KOYLI No35~ Osbert Lister RN Barracks Portsmouth J41780 AB No49~ John Speight 202096 Pte 5th KOYLI
No51~ Ernest Walker 151669 RE No53~ Arthur Curzon Hawe 2097 C/S Major Welsh Regt No55~ Joseph Hey 2945 Pte 708th Lab Coy
No63~ Joe Benton 686900 A/286th Bde RFA No63~ Lancelot Benton 186318 A/286th RFA No10~ Haydn Lodge 31785 Pte 4th KOSB
  Russell Street  
No3~ Leonard Dickinson 67714 Cpl RGA No5~ Harry Frost 201105 Pte 4th KOYLI No7~ Frederick Pettitt 46098 Pte DLI
No17~ John Whitaker POW Staff Peak Dale Quarries 8262 Segt No25~ George Henry Turner RFC 23601 No8~ Harry Dobson ( no further information )
No12~ Bertie Wilson ( no further information )    
Saw Yard
No1~ Darcy Lindley 201047 Pte 2/4th KOYLI No7~ Alfred Sutton 46196 Pte 454th Co RDC No2~ Richard Facer 37622 Pte Yorks and Lancs
No10~ Percy Hudson ( no further information ) No16~ Clifford Victor Oates 200220 Pte 1/4th KOYLI  
Shuttleworth's Yard Kirkgate
No4~ Albert Arthur Hubbard 63183 Pte RAF    
Simpson's Bulidings
No1~ Walter Ellis 268692 Pte West Yorks No2~ Albert Wilkinson T4/2494759 DriverASC No2~ Clarence Wilkinson 242883 L/Cpl 2/4th KOYLI
No2~ Gilbert Wilkinson 35249 Pte East Yorks No4~ John William Hartley 200641 Sniper 1/4th KOYLI No6~ Tom Leighton 19698 Driver 155th Bde Amm Col RFA
No6# William Leighton 427883 Pte 474th Agric Coy    
Simpson's Yard
No2~ George Whitehouse 205095 KOYLI    
No13~ Frank Emmett M/7303677 MT ASC No21~ Harry Tattersfield 87662 RAF 1st AM No21a~ James Gadney 14633 Pte Lab Corps
No27~ Edwin Thresh 27618 Gnnr RFA D/168th Bde No26~ Fred Howe ( no further information ) No30~William Henry Jones S4/218091 Pte ASC
No42~ John Jessop T3/025669 ASC No42~ William Jessop ( P. of War) 265846 L/Cpl 1/7th W Yorks  
South Parade
No3~ Edmund Cecil Nicholson 200985 RAF Leading Mechic No9~ Harry Adamson Lumb DM2/162830 Pte ASC MT No13~ David Purdie Major 35th Fld Ambul RAMC
No2~ Walter Avison W Corps 484134 Pioneer No8~ George William Webster West Yorks Lieut  
Stamp Office Yard
No18~ Albert Ernest Copley 20139 Pte AVC No24~ Henry Charles Beck 88417 RAF No24~ Horace Bolt Beck 400002 3rd FA RAMC
Sunderland Yard
No5~ William Maddock 11326 Bugler KOYLI No6~ Thomas Clayton 295881 Pte 710th Lab Coy No8~ Harry Gawthorpe 201158 Pte KOYLI
No12~ Edward Parkin 12153 L/Cpl KOYLI No16~ George Barker 3979 Pte Lab Coy Joseph Hardaker 387641 Pte Lab Coy
Taylor's Yard
No11~ Gerrard Davis HMS "GREENWICH" P7305 AB No11~ John Henry Davis s/256325 Pte ASC No11~ Richard James Davies 86190 RE
No11~ William Davies 16380 Gnr RFA 18th Army Bde AC    
Thornes Lane
No2~ Alfred Oxley 307552 RGA Bombbardier No12~ William Mellor Foster 69809 Pte RAMC 136th FA No36~ Sam Conyers 11575 Cadet Nortld Fus
No46~ Owen Edwin Preston Whiteside M/405547 Pte ASC MT No48~ Alfred Edward Haigh ( no further information ) No48~ George Haigh 34692 Pte AVC
No48~ Hubert Haigh S5/243106 L/Cpl ASC No48~ George William Artle 5/6634 Pte RMF No50~ Donald Foulds Palmer 286 Siege Batty RGA
No56~ Percy Halstead 347723 RE No60~ George Bolton 45848 RE No64~ John Batstow Marshall 121846 2nd AM RAF
No68~ Alfred Nordan Destroyer "Rattlesnake" No68~ Herbert Nordan HMS "Thunderer" 61804 AB No68~ Arthur Vayro 20761 L/Cpl KOSB
No78~ Fielding Harrison 92552 Cpl RAMC No78~ William Harrison London Scottish 515091 No82~ Harry Penrice M/339505 Pte ASC mt
No86~ William Laycock 200009 Sgt KOYLI No90~ Fred Platt 77767 Pte RAMC No94~ Arthur Rayner Brown 7241 L/Bambr RGA
No94~ Harold Ramsden Brown 236589 RFA Gnr    
Thornhill Street
No27~ Edward Ernest Hall 801015 Pte DLI No27a~Albert Rowland Harrison (no further information ) No37~ Levi Douglas Whitehead Argic Coy 545137 Segt 136th TF Depot
No37~ James Arthur Whitehead 241860 Pte KOYLI No41~ Arthur Edmond Robertshaw 52400 Pte KOYLI No43~ Ambrose Catmull 444711 Pte 838th Lab Coy
No45~ Joseph Fennell 2/5th KOYLI No55~ William Dale Smith 102843 Pte 7th Batt Sherd Foresters No53~ Charles Crossland 68240 Pte 107th FA RAMC
No12~ New Wells Terrace Arthur Croft 12001 RFA Driver Base Egypt No14~ New Well Terrace Arthur Simpson 112th Lab Coy475591 Pte No16~ New Wells Terrace John Victor Jackson RE 484130 Sapper
No22~ New Wells Terrace George Gosnay Labour Corps 481065 Pte No22~ New Wells Terrace Dixon Warrender ASC MT M/2/297801 Pte No39~ New Wells Terrace Frank Megson 6714 Pte London Regt
Thresh's Yard Southgate
No3~ Robert George Swinton Howe Batt R/6250 AB    
Trinity Church Gate
No9~ Albert Edward Hepworth 201763 Pte KOYLI No4~ Rowland Ward T4/275599 ASC No6~ Fred Everett 26040 Pte KOYLI
No8~ George Albert Wheeldon 2913 Drummer Manchesters    
Union Square
No1a~ Ernest Dunhill 201491 Pte KOYLI No3~ Harry Greenwood 201594 Pte 1/4th KOYLI No5~ George Hampshire 1823 Pte 1/4th KOYLI
No11~ William Edward Jewitt 29821 Pte KOYLI No15~ Ernest Park 48416 Pte MGC No21~ Thomas Dobson 367607 Pte Res Lab Coy
No10~ Frederick Harold Hawxwell M2/020206 Sgt ASC MT No12~ Nathan Jubb 18417 Pte Yorks annd Lancs No20~ Ismael James Chadwick 3226 Pte KOYLI
Volunteer Yard
N03~ John Gallagher 87800 RE No3~ Martin Gallagher ( no furthur information ) No6~ Francis Foley HMS "Tamar " J31577 AB
No10~ Charles Henry Percival 33037 1/5th Norfolks atta RE No16~ John Ernest Dews 606473 Pte Lab Coy  
Waterloo Street
No7~ Clarance Dobson 49706 Pte KOYLI No7~ Harold Dobson 36381 Sgt 4th Batt Leicre Reg No2~ Albert Edward Wigglesworth 86436 Pte MGC
No6~ Wilfred Bowers 211064 Pte 84th Lab Coy    
No7~ Claude Leopold Clayton 47638 Pte 154th Coy Bombdr RDC No7~ Lonis Chadwick Clayton 235090 Pte 4th Worc'shire Rgt No21~ Herbert Henderson Gledhill YMCA. APO 85
West Parade
No15~ Jonas Alfred Seed No12 Ocb Cadet No2~ Ernest Mattewman 185555 RGA Gunner No4~ Eric Childe Stonehouse West Riding Div ASC Major
  West Parade Street  
No1~ Clement Christian Ogier 39032 RE No5~ Leonard Hodgson Holdsworth M/2/227375 ASC MT No12~ Ellis Crowe 78570 Pte 52nd Fld Ambul RAMC
No12~ Harry Crowe 143228 Pte 35th Coy RAMC No18~ George William Lillford 80th Traning Res Batt Infy 131038 Pte No20~ Edward Wilsonn 378952 259th Area Emp Coy L/Cpl
White Swan Yard
No20~ Norman Victor Smith 50531 Pte 12th West Yorks No28~ John Jessop 200933 Pte KOYLI No32~ John Squire Ward 19481 Sgt B/168th Bde RFA
No38~ Claude Hardwick 37782 Pte Yorks and Lancs No62~ Harry Appleby 205340 Pte KOYLI  
Wild's Yard
No13~ Ernest Dixon 2nd Res Batt (res) Dion KW/135 LS RN No15~ William Jewitt 23610 Driver RA Command Depot RFA Ripon No10~ Fred Smith 49882 Pte 2/Lincoln's Regt
John William Ellis 032705 Pte AOC    
Windmill Yard
No1~ Arnold Eaton 252224 Pte KOYLI No5~ Joe Wherritt Pte KRR No4~ Charles Melton Holberry 41285 Pte Royal Scots Fus
No4~ Joseph Holberry KOYLI Lieut No4~ William Arthur Holberry KOYLI Pte  
Wonder Street
No1a~ Ernest Brook 73524 L/Bombr RFA A/71st Brigade No3~ Joseph Edwards 165403 L/Cpl West Yorks Police 478803 RE No7~ Herbert Robshaw 478803 RE
No11~ William Thomas Heptinstall HMS " Deel Castle" J80195 OS No2a~ Thomas Brewinn 19540 Driver 32nd Div AMM Col RFA No4~ James Wilfred Bond 237744 Pte 297th HS Emply Company
  No4~ Lewis Harold Bond 237745 Pte 743rd Empl Lab Corps No8~ Richard Drewitt ERS (2) NARD 405041 2nd /AM
No16~ Thomas Webster Bradley 62012 Yorks and Lancs 18th Batt NNo20~ William Glew 70285 Pte 301st P. Coy  





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