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Try looking through the following list of prisoners for Wakefield Prison for the census night of 1901

part 1

Census R13/4286

Number of Officers 12 female

Number of Prisoners 479 male ; 123 female = 602

Children of Prisoners 1 male ; 1 female = 2

I have used abbreviations for married (m), single (s) and widower/widowa (w)when the person is born in Yorkshire I have just put the place. I have tried to decipher some entries but where I am totally unsure I have used **. The 1901 enumerator has placed his 'tick' marks through the profession and age headings, therefore, quite a few will have **. I have placed (?) before full missing words and after words if there is doubt over the word. I have used a copy Postal Addresses and Index to Postcodes to help with place names.

!! Note: As with all transcripts - if in doubt, try and check with the original !! The transcripts are only as good as the deciphering of the person doing the work

part 1 ¦ part 2 ¦ part 3part 4 inc. additional entries out of alpha sequence ¦ part 5 additional entries contd.

Name Relation Condition Male Female Profession Born
Mary McGough Prisoner S 24 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Elizabeth Smith M 55 Herringthorpe
Amelia Carr Wid 36 Spoon Buffer Cutler Scotland
Clara Seed S 18 Sheffueld
Annie Heap S 25 General Servant (Domestic) Cheshire Macclesfield
Catherine Caley S 32 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Catherine Connor M 29 Not Known Northowram
Catharine Rice(?) M 36 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Eliza Willoughby S 27 Woollen Weaver Wakefield
Julia Hallam M 42 Woollen Weaver Monmouth Treager (?)
Mary Smith Wid 66 Not Known Sheffield
Appalina Bastin M 38 Not Known Altofts
Mary Ginnelly S 28 Rag Sorter Ireland
Kate Hope S 31 Lead Worker Sheffield
Sarah Ann Phillips M 25 Worsted spinner Bradford
Jane Rogerson M 64 Crockery Printer Newell (?)
Mary Senior M 24 Castleford
Sarah Dunderdale S 23 General Servant (Domestic ) Ardsley nr Barnsley
Emmaline Travis Wid 31 Lodging House Keeper Aberford
Elizabeth Raines Wid 49 **** Spectacle Case Maker Sheffield
Rose Braithwaite S 39 Spoon Buffer Cutler Sheffield
Emily Ward S 28 Charwoman Sheffield
Annie White M 38 Charwoman Lancashire Liverpool
Florence Maskery M 31 Charwoman Sheffield
Emily Bluff S 31 General Servant (Domestic) Huntingdon Huntingdon
Margaret Smith S 36 Not Known Ireland
Elizabeth Connor S 48 Not Known Lancashire Manchester
Mary Dunn S 22 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Emma Thomas S 23 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Bridget Riel M 39 Not Known Ireland
Alice Smith S 32 Not Known Lancashire Manchester
Margaret Saunderson S 42 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Ellen Davis S 40 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Annie Fleming S 32 Ordinary Agricultural Labourer or Field Worker Northumberland Newcastle
Emma Padfield M 38 Ordinary Agricultural Labourer or Field Worker Methley
Annie Mosley M 42 Charwoman Sheffield
Mary Padgett Wid 45 ******* Weaber Barnsley
Annie Manning M 43 Cloth Spinner Leeds
Annie Lyle M 26 Laundress Wash Lancashire Pendleton
Mary Cleary M 48 Charwoman Ireland
Annie Douglas S 35 Not Known Lancashire Warrington
Catherine Conroy M 29 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Bridget Johnson M 34 Not Known Ireland
Janet Gowan S 44 Not Known Scotland
Mary Gordon M 32 Bottle Washer Ireland
Mary Hill S 21 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Bridget Lister M 36 Not Known Ireland
Mary Nolan M 54 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Mary Jones S 27 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Mary Wright M 40 Not Known Shropshire Shrewsbury
Bridget Beswick Wid 50 Not Known Ireland
Bridget Castlello S 32 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Elizabeth Fairelough Wid 44 Not Knwoown Worcestershire Birmingham
Mary White M 36 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Mary Hughes S 23 Not Known Ireland
D**d Ryder S 43 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Sarah Stacey M 22 Not Known Ireland
Catherine Burns M 23 Hawker Ireland
Mary Stapley M 25 Flintshire Flint
Mary Burke Wid 40 Laundress Wash Ireland
Frances Bowers S 30 Housekeeper Domestic Attercliffe
Margaret Melody M 36 Ordinary Agricultural Labourer or Field Worker York
Mary Dyson S 30 General Servant Domestic Sheffield
Lilian Lloyd Wid 44 Not Known Greaseborough
Jane Hetherington M 32 Not known Goole
Kesiah Hamilton M 39 Charwoman Sheffield
Ellen Grant S 29 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Louisa Day S 25 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Mary Harrigan Wid 37 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Mary Thompson M 37 Not Known Lancashire Birkenhead
Bridget McHugh M 40 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Mary Watson Wid 37 Not Known Ireland
Margaret Spencer Wid 39 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Annie Caveney Mar 34 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Margaret Ball S 41 Not Known Lancashire Liverpool
Ellen O'Hare S 27 Not Known Lancashire Garston
Annie Moran Wid 32 Worsted Spinner Derbyshire Chesterfield
Rebecca Stewart M 48 Cotton Spinner Lancashire Manchester
Mary Goucher W 25 Tailoress Ireland
Harriett Dawson S 27 Tailoress Ireland
Annie Rowe M 28 Not Known Hull
Sarah Clayton S 24 Cotton card **** hand Lancashire Bolton
Alice Twigg S 34 Charwoman Sheffield
Mary Price S 36 Charwoman Lancashire Liverpool
Kate Norton Wid 40 Comb Polisher Bone Sheffield
Catherine Whelan M 32 Comb Polisher Bone Bradford
Mary Ryder S 20 General Servant Domestic Pontefract
Kate Fleming S 42 Wool Spinner Bradford
Hannah Brookes M 57 Ordinary Agricultural Labourer or Field Worker Staffordshire Stafford
Emily Hirst M 28 Ordinary Agricultural Labourer or Field Worker Park Nook (?)
Kate Lanaghan S 29 Liquorice Maker Spice Tadcaster
Julia Brown M 45 Hawker Ireland
Jane baylis S 31 Charwoman Not Known
Jane Duans(?) M 22 Rag Sorter Wool Durham Gateshead
Adelaide Jessop M 32 Rag Wool Sorter Sheffield
Sarah Bristol Wid 56 Woollen Cloth Weaver Bradford
Mary Whitehead M 40 Charwoman Malton
Mary Johnson M 49 Launderess Wash Brecon Brynmaw (?)
Johanne Gibson M 27 Laundress Wash Jersey Channel Islands
Eliza Shaw M 58 Confectioner Bread Huddersfield
Mary Melody S 25 Laundress Wash York
Emma Duffy M 45 Charwoman York
Annie Washington M 39 Charwoman Easingwold
Sarah Griffiths Wid 35 Laundress Wash Derbyshire Chesterfield
Ellen Cliff M 23 Ordinary Agricultural Labourer or Field Worker Derbyshire Chesterfield
Mary Battle Wid 44 Charwoman Sheffield
Mary Smith M 30 Hawker Leeds
Harriet Robinson Wid 52 Charwoman Tenbigh Llandulas
Jane James M 50 Charwoman Ireland
Sarah Heathcote Wid 41 Cigar Maker Tab mf Sheffield
Pheobe Williams S 29 Hawker Staffordshire Wolverhampton
Charles Alderton S 17 General Labourer Heaton
Tom Adsett M 22 Cotton Mill Worker Huddersfield
James Anderson S 32 General Labourer Kent Woolwich
Thomas Abel S 20 ? Durham Darlington
Joseph Addy M 46 Canal Boatman Knottingley
Martin Adams M 24 Bricklaying Labourer Sheffield
George Ashmore M 23 Coal Hewer Miner Rotherham
John Ambler S 20 Joiner Carp Halifax
Thomas Allen S 25 General Labourer Lancashire Manchester
Gr*en Booth S 36 General Labourer Skelmanthorpe
George Burrows M 41 Cloth Presser Halifax
Arthur Baines M 34 General Labourer Horbury
John Brannan S 21 General Labourer Wakefield
James Boyle S 24 Miner Coal Hewer Lancashire Wigan




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