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Try looking through the following list of prisoners for Wakefield Prison for the census night of 1901

part 3

Census R13/4286

Number of Officers 12 female

Number of Prisoners 479 male ; 123 female = 602

Children of Prisoners 1 male ; 1 female = 2

I have used abbreviations for married (m), single (s) and widower/widowa (w)when the person is born in Yorkshire I have just put the place. I have tried to decipher some entries but where I am totally unsure I have used **. The 1901 enumerator has placed his 'tick' marks through the profession and age headings, therefore, quite a few will have **. I have placed (?) before full missing words and after words if there is doubt over the word. I have used a copy Postal Addresses and Index to Postcodes to help with place names.

!! Note: As with all transcripts - if in doubt, try and check with the original !! The transcripts are only as good as the deciphering of the person doing the work.

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Name Relation Condition Male Female Profession Born
Jonas Becket Prisoner Wid 57   General Labourer Knottingley
Evenezer Gilroy   S 25   Soldier Scotland
John G**bham   M 37   Wood Sawyer York
Joseph Guy   S 24   Soldier Sheffield
William G**nold   S 20   Soldier Middlesex London
William Gibbons   M 33   Soldier Northampton Northampton
Henry Gordon   S 19   Soldier Middlesex London
Saml Gill   S 60   General Labourer Batley
Frank Graham   S 28   Smiths Striker Black Leeds
Richard Hope   S 23   Traveller Commercial Glamorgan Swansea
John Hinds   S 23   Miner Coal Hewer Huddersfield
Charles Hardwick   S 31   Painter Malton
Bernard Hope   S 23   General Labourer Sheffield
Charles Hassell   S 23   Miner Coal Hewer Stafford Stoke on Trent
James Hilton   Wid 70   General Labourer Lancashire Rochdale
Ernest Hood   S 21   Carter Leeds
Nowell Hopkinson   S 22   Painter Wakefield
Benjamin Hammersly   S 26   Stoker Manufactory Warwickshire Coventry
John Howley   M 27   General Labourer Ireland
Joe Haley   S 22   Miner Coal Hewer Saddleworth
Patrick Hopkins   S 64   General Labourer Huddersfield
John Hibberts   S 23   Soldier Lancashire Salford
John Hackett   S 42   General Labourer Pocklington
Samuel Hunter   S 23   Hawker Sheffield
John Hall   M 29   Canal Boatman Barge Wakefield
James Husthwaite   S 24   Groom Domestic Leeds
William Hindle   S 40   General Labourer Leeds
Thomas Holdsworth   M 36   General Labourer Halifax
William Holdsworth   S 52   General Labourer Manningham
Arthur Horton   M 29   Soldier Bedford Luton
Henry Haigh   M 36   Miner Coal Hewer Halifax
John Hindle   M 46   Joiner Carp Durham Darlington
William Holmshaw   S 21   Carter Sheffield
Charles Humphreys   S 20   Soldier Warwick Birmingham
Walter Hanson   S 20   Soldier Lancashire Liverpool
Saville Hobson   S 35   Groom Domestic Bradford
Henry Hillaby   M 40   Clerk at a colliery Lowthorpe
George Hodgkins   M 27   Soldier Essex Manningtree
Charles Humphreys   M 24   Soldier Kent Deptford
Herbert Horne   S 24   Fireman Railway York
John Johnson   M 25   Athlete Exhib Sheffield
William Jackson   S 29   Miner Coal Hewer Derbyshire Belper
JohnJackson   M 59   Moulder (iron) Middlesex London
Thomas Jones   M 26   Horse Deaker Stable Middlesex London
George Johnson   S 22   General Labourer Sheffield
Arthur Johnson   S 45   General Labourer Middlesex London
Seth Jennings   M 32   General Labourer Castleford
Patrick Kelly   S 26   Hawker Ireland
John Kent   S 25   Soldier Scarbro
Ernest Kenoe   S 22   Soldier Ireland
John Kenny   S 24   Hawker Lancashire Oldham
William Kitson   Wid 79   Fitter Engine & Machine Liversedge
John Kennedy   S 52   General Labourer Northumberland Newcastle
John Kelly   S 34   General Labourer York
James Kallehan(?)   S 22   Soldier Lancashire Oldham
David Kelly   S 29   Soldier Northumberland Bellington
John Kirkby   S 35   General Labourer Lancashire Rochdale
John King   M 28   Painter Leeds
Robert Kelsey   S 25   General Labourer Lancashire Broughton
Thomas Lunn   S 31   Miner Coal Hewer Rotherham
Robert Laverick   M 45   Clerk Cheshire Stockport
William Leach   S 26   Miner Coal Hewer Rotherham
Edward Linney   S 32   Miner Coal Hewer Rotherham
William Logan   S 24   Miner Coal Hewer Ireland
George Lee   S 21   Soldier Middlesex London
Thomas Lennon   S 28   General Labourer Leeds
Stephen Leach   S 22   Miner Coal Hewer Kiverton Park
James Livesey   M 25   Soldier Lancashire Blackburn
William Lyons   S 25   Shoemaker Boot Leicestershire Leicester
Thomas Laughton (?)   S 18   Soldier Durham Hartlepool
John Morgan   S 21   Soldier Halifax
Terence Murray   S 26   General Labourer Ireland
Michael McCann   S 23   Soldier Ireland
Joseph Mulvane (?)   M 28   Wood Sawyer Scarboro
James Midwood   M 33   Spinner (?) Heckmondwike
Patrick Murphy   S 27   Soldier Scotland
John McAndrew   M 37   Hawker Hunslet
Michael McMahon   S 17   Soldier Ireland
George Metcalf   S 24   Joiner Pateley Bridge
John Mayee(?)   S 21   Clerk Commercial Leeds
George M**thwaite   S 19   Soldier Northd Newcastle
Thomas Morris   S 20   Soldier Warwick Birmingham
John Meakin   S 20   Soldier Nottingham Nottinghamshire
Lawrence McDonald   S 23   Soldier Halifax
Richard McDermot   S 23   Soldier Lancashire Liverpool
Thomas Meggitt   M 32   Sheet (?) Glass Blower Lincoln Crowle
Robert Matthews   M 53   Miner Coal Hewer Leeds
Henry Messenger   Wid 43   General Labourer Thornhill
George Monnelly   S 20   Pavior Road Lab Ireland
James Mitchell   S 20   General Labourer Halifax
James Maylan   S 21   Soldier Ireland
Edward McIntyre   S 20   Soldier Ireland
George Martin   M 29   Timber man (?) in a coal mine Sheffield
Thomas McDonough   M 35   Hawker Warwickshire Birmingham
Patrick McCoy   S 20   General Labourer Ireland
Frank Moxon   S 30   Bricklayers Labourer Stairfoot Barnsley
Henry Morton   S 33   General Labourer Wakefield
Thomas Marr   S 39   Bricklayers Labourer Sheffield
Patrick Murphy   S 25   Soldier Ireland
Francis McH**y   S 20   Soldier Ireland
James Mitchell   M 46   General Labourer Baildon
James Mulligan   S 33   Miner Coal Hewer Wakefield
Thomas Noble   M 36   Furnaceman (?) Mexboro
James Noble   S 20   Soldier Middlesex London
James Nixon   M 36   General Labourer Sheffield
William Ne*con   M 25   General Labourer Linconshire Grimsby
Walter Needham   Wid 56   General Laboure Sheffield
Frank Oxley   M 24   Miner Coal Hewer Sheffield
John O'Brien   Wid 44   General Labourer Derbyshire Claycross
Matthew O'Sullivan   S 29   Soldier Ireland
James O'Hara   S 46   Woollen Weaver Burley in Wharfedale
John Oliver   S 30   Soldier Sheffield
Joseph Owens   S 23   General Labourer Dewsbury
Michael O'Brien   S 21   Soldier Ireland
Thomas Prince   S 24   General Labourer York
Rowland Padgett   S 33   Carter Barnsley
Edwin Priestley   M 35   Whitewasher & Paperhanger Wibsey
James Petty   M 34   Moulder (Iron) Lancashire Manchester




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