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Try looking through the following list of prisoners for Wakefield Prison for the census night of 1901

part 4

Census R13/4286

Number of Officers 12 female

Number of Prisoners 479 male ; 123 female = 602

Children of Prisoners 1 male ; 1 female = 2

I have used abbreviations for married (m), single (s) and widower/widowa (w)when the person is born in Yorkshire I have just put the place. I have tried to decipher some entries but where I am totally unsure I have used **. The 1901 enumerator has placed his 'tick' marks through the profession and age headings, therefore, quite a few will have **. I have placed (?) before full missing words and after words if there is doubt over the word. I have used a copy Postal Addresses and Index to Postcodes to help with place names.

!! Note: As with all transcripts - if in doubt, try and check with the original !! The transcripts are only as good as the deciphering of the person doing the work.

part 1 ¦ part 2 ¦ part 3part 4 inc. additional entries out of alpha sequence ¦ part 5 additional entries contd.


Name Relation Condition Male Female Profession Born
George Parkinson Prisoner S 45   Hawker Sheffield
Martin Quinn   S 34   Cook (?) Cheshire Runcorn
William Ross   S 19   ? Lancashire Liverpool
Alfred Rushley   S 46   General Labourer Bawtry
John Rodgers   S 36   General Labourer Middlesex London
John Richardson   S 58   General Labourer Carlton with Snaith
Patrick Robinson   S 24   General Labourer Ireland
William Race   M 59   Joiner Carp Yorkshire Not Known
James Roach   S 29   Soldier Nottingham Nottingham
Louis Rollo   M 39   Architects Draughtsman Austria Foreign Subject
Joseph Roper   M 47   Miner Coal Hewer Barnsley
James Reed   M 49   Miner Coal Hewer Gloucester Forest of Dean
John Ryan   S 21   Soldier Middlesex Chelsea
Thomas Rodden   S 19   Soldier Ireland
George Raynes   S 33   Tailor Sheffield
John Stenhouse   S 18   General Labourer Northumberland Newcastle
James Schofield   M 45   General Labourer Greenfield
Edward Slatterley   S 35   General Labourer Rotherham
Alfred Stearnton   S 24   Miner Coal Hewer Denaby
William Shackleton   M 30   Fitter Engineer Machine Bingley
Arthur Stodart   S 19   General Labourer Lancashire Liverpool
Edward Scrivener   M 29   Glass Blower Essex Stratford
Edward Spencer   S 23   Soldier Bradford
Richard Smith   M 48   General Labourer Nottingham Mansfield
George Smith   M 40   Fitter Engine Machine Middlesex London
William Smith   S 19   Painter India Hombella (?)
Thomas Swift   S 54   General Labouter Lancashire Manchester
Thomas Saunders   S 30   General Labourer Lancashire Liverpool
James Sugden   S 21   Bootmaker Lockwood
Albert Steventon   M 29   Miner Coal Hewer Nottingham Shireoakes
Fred Sheppard   S 26   Soldier Doncaster
William Sharpe   S 31   Groom Domestic Nottingham Carrington
Fred Sawyer   S 24   General Labourer Sheffield
George Smith   S 28   General Labourer Leeds
Myles Surr   S 24   Vocalist Music Lancashire Manchester
Henry Sykes   S 34   General Labourer Mirfield
James Sherwood   S 26   General Labourer York
William Smith   S 24   Railway Porter Goole
Samuel swindon   M 50   Painter Sheffield
Watty Smith   S 26   Bricklayer Lancashire Liverpool
Charles Smith   S 34   Furnaceman Iron Sheffield
George Skinner   M 40   Cab Driver Groom Lincoln Scotter (?)
John Shefton   M 40   General Labourer Knottingley
Wilkinson Steward   M 18   General Labourer Norfolk Diss
Arthur Simmonite   S 44   General Labourer Sheffield
Thomas Smith   S 46   Miner Coal Hewer Barnsley
Charles Torr   M 39   Miner Coal Hewer Chapeltown Sheffield
Robert Th**burn   S 32   General Labourer Sheffield
James Tolan   M 29   Dyer Tex Dyer Heckmondwike
John Thompson   S 23   Soldier Northumberland Newcastle
Dominic Toole   S 36   ? Lancashire Blackburn
James Tighe   M 37   Ironmoulder Lancashire Manchester
Henry Tyris   S 33   Pitchfork Manufacturing (?) Northumberland Newcastle
William Thompson   S 24   ? Newport
Thomas Trickett   M 45   Furnaceman Sheffield
Albert Tomlinson   S 27   Soldier Lancashire Blackburn
William Tracy   S 19   Soldier Ireland
Richard Thorneloe   M 45   Waterman Warwickshire Birmingham
George Thornes   S 42   General Labourer Dewsbury
George Townend   S 68   General Labourer Howarth
George Thompson   M 28   Clerk Commercial Warren Sheffield
George Wakeford   S 28   Soldier Middlesex Shoreditch
Charles Winkley   S 23   Packer Cloth Lancashire Pendleton
Richard Wilson   S 37   Miner Coal Hewer Durham Crook
George Wilson   S 22   General Labourer Wakefield
Frederick wood   M 21   Soldier Middlesex London
John Ward   S 40   Agricultural Labourer Heckmondwike
Sykes Walls   M 47   Cloth Dresser Mirfield
Charles Watson   S 24   General Labourer Leeds
Thomas Walker   M 39   Butcher York
ARthur Webb   S 57   Stoker (Manufactory) Northumberland North Shields
Harry Ware   M 28   Hawker Middlesex London
John Wood   M 39   Miner Coal Hewer Deryshire Clay Cross
Baildon Wroot   S 17   General Labourer Halifax
Gordon Walsh   S 36   General Labourer Ireland
Edward Waters   S 34   General Labourer Shropshire Minsterley
Walter Wainwright   S 22   Carter farm Halton
William Wilby   S 24   General Labourer Dewsbury
John Waring   M 24   Miner Coal Hewer Swinton
William Walk(?)er   S 62   General Labourer Redcar
John Worth   S 26   Clerk Commercial Sheffield
John Yarwood   M 32   General Labourer Derbyshire Charlesworth
Charles Yates   S 51   General Labourer Agr Doncaster
Wilfred Collins   S 17   Engineers Apprentice Sheffield
Horace Culley   S 18   Carter Com Sheffield
Albert Shelton   S 35   File Cutter Sheffield
Patrick Mooney   M 34   Stoker Manufacturing Sheffield
James Whorley   S 20   Hawker Worcestershire Worcester
William Durrant   S 18   ******* Forger Tickhill
Samuel Maltby   Wid 51   Schoolmaster (?) Sigglesthorne
Thomas Henderson   M 32   Hawker Sheffield
William Clayton   S 28   Forgeman (ironworks) Sheffield
William Partridge   M 25   Packer or tram* fact (?) India Burmah
John Beal   M 39   Grinder Sheffield
James Connolly   S 17   Clocksmith Watch Sheffield
Samuel McDermot   S 12   Moulder (iron) Ireland
Harry Hesling   S 17   Postman (letter carrier) Batley
Walter Spencer   M 25   General Labourter Leeds
Charles Thompson   S 20   Postman Rosedale Abbey
Fred Hellas   M 27   Joiner Lingwellgate




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