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Try looking through the following list of prisoners for Wakefield Prison for the census night of 1901

part 4

Census R13/4286

Number of Officers 12 female

Number of Prisoners 479 male ; 123 female = 602

Children of Prisoners 1 male ; 1 female = 2

I have used abbreviations for married (m), single (s) and widower/widowa (w)when the person is born in Yorkshire I have just put the place. I have tried to decipher some entries but where I am totally unsure I have used **. The 1901 enumerator has placed his 'tick' marks through the profession and age headings, therefore, quite a few will have **. I have placed (?) before full missing words and after words if there is doubt over the word. I have used a copy Postal Addresses and Index to Postcodes to help with place names.

!! Note: As with all transcripts - if in doubt, try and check with the original !! The transcripts are only as good as the deciphering of the person doing the work.

part 1 ¦ part 2 ¦ part 3part 4 inc. additional entries out of alpha sequence ¦ part 5 additional entries contd.


Name Relation Condition Male Female Profession Born
Patrick Keegan Prisoner M 28   Baker Breadmaker Ireland
Henry Dixon   S 20   General Labourer York
Joseph Chappell   M 43   General Labourer Rothwell
Albert Atkinson   M 31   General Labourer Wakefield
James Docherty   M 37   General Labourer York
Thomas Briggs   M 56   Stonemason Ossett
John Barraclough   M 33   Miner Coal Hewer Barnsley
Joseph Myers   S 36   Stonemason Shipley
George Ellis   M 22   Fishmonger Sheffield
Joseph Cross   M 34   Miner Coal Hewer Halifax
Herbert Ryan   S 21   Fitter Engine & Machine Cumbrland Carlisle
Alfred Gray   M 22   mMetal Chaser Sheffield
William Cusworth   M 60   General Labourer Elsecar
Joseph Muscroft   M 41   Miner Coal Hewer Rotherham
James Shepherd   M 19   Miner Coal Hewer Staffordshire Hednesford (?)
George Hardy   M 41   Bricklayer Sheffield
George Milner   Wid 43   General Labourer Huddersfield
Martin O'Malley   M 39   Pit Sinker Well Staffordshire Stafford
George Simpson   S 59   Stone Mason Sheffield
Crispin Carr   M 24   Potter Earth Hunslet
Herbert Lawson   M 25   General Labourer Rotherham
Patrick O'Connor   S 18   Groom Domestic Selby
Richard Abbott   M 46   Cutler Sheffield
Robert Kelly   M 28   Miner Coal Hewer Conisbrough
William Fidler   S 31   Knife Grinder Cutler Sheffield
Arthur Beaumont   M 23   Tobaconist Dewsbury
James Laing   M 25   Clerk Commercial Derbyshire Chesterfield
Henry Wilson   M 25   Moulder (iron) York
Benjamin Wilkinson   M 43   General Labourer Potter Newton
James Senior   M 32   Moulder (iron) Chapletown Sheffield
James Waite   M 44   Engine Tenter Manufacturing Durham Hartlepool
William Price   M 38   Not Known says none Derbyshire Willington
Joseph Swaby   M 27   Miner Coal Hewer Kilnhurst
William Davidson   M 42   Miner Coal Hewer Durham Sunderland
Maurice Copley   M 35   Miner Coal Hewer Tankersley
John Kerr   M 25   Fitter Engine & Machine Sheffield
Patrick Cruise   S 24   General Labourer Ireland
Daniel Taylor   M 31   Miner Coal Hewer Derbyshire Belper
Henry Oglesby   Wid 50   Bricklayer York
John Hodgson   S 40   Mint Commissioner (?) Saddleworth
Nugent Sinclair   M 27   Electrician Surrey Norwood
John Norton   S 18   Coal Miner Hurrier in pit Batley Carr
James Burns   S 18   Coal Miner Hurrier in pit Dewsbury
Ernest Hill   S 18   Agricultural Labourer Wetherby
John Moorhouse   S 18   Coal Miner Hurrier in pit Dewsbury
George Allsopp   M 35   Miner Coal Hewer Staffordshire Tipton
John Simpson   M 52   General Labourer Hull
Sam Dyson   M 35   Barber Hair Mirfield
Michael Commins   S 30   General Labourer Ireland
John Caine   S 39   General Labourer Lancashire Burnley
John Gibson   S 40   General Labourer Lancashire Rochdale
Frank Ruglets (?)   S 18   General labourer Lancashire Fleetwood
Samuel McDonald   S 42   Iron Moulder Iron f Scotland
John Featherstone   S 54   Miner Coal Hewer Ireland
Elija Bondurant   S 50   General Labourer U.S. America (Foreign Subject)
William Stevens   S 33   General Labourer Monmouthshire town not known
John Clarke   M 39   Dock Labourer Goole
William Riby   S 37   Stomper Metals Warwickshire Rugby
James Wiltshire   M 26   Hawker Norton ****est
Joseph Smith   M 20   General Labourer Sheffield
Henry Fleischer   M 27   Student Austria (Foreign Subject)
George Shannon   S 29   General Labourer Lancashire Bury
Thomas Dougherty   S 30   General Labourer Bradford
Fred Sanderson   Wid 40   Miner Coal Hewer Derbyshire Dronfield
James Child   M 61   Traveller commercial Lepton
Herwin Wilkinson   M 27   Joiner Carp Dewsbury
Matthew Ibbotson   Wid 42   Miner Coal Hewer Bradford
Benjamin Clegg   Wid 49   Miner Coal Hewer Ossett
Thomas Briggs   M 56   Stonemason Barnsley
John Tonks   M 25   Miner Coal Hewer Lancashire Hulme
Spivey Scott   M 20   General Labourer Batley Carr
John White   Wid 59   Puddler (iron works) Rotherham
Arthur Hoyle   S 37   General Labourer Bradford
Thomas Gairns   M 29   Miner Coal Hewer Batley
Tom Jackson   S 17   Boilermaker Halifax
John Boyle   S 32   Coil(?) Maker Ireland
George Woodhead   M 45   Quarry Man Stone Cutter Oulton
Benjamin Moore   S 38   Quarry Man Stone Cutter Blackhill
James Siddle   M 53   Dyer Tex Dyer Wakefield
Edward Dunn   M 28   Blackwmith Northumberland Newcastle
John Balmford   M 24   Miner Coal Hewer Lancashire Oldham
John Gregg   S 43   Iron (?) Turner Fitter Leeds
Eric (?) Smith   Wid 65   Pit Sinker Well Carmarthan Llanelly
William Hutchinson   S 52   General Labourer Durham Stanhope
John England   S 51   Butcher Lowmoor
Job Oldfield   M 21   Cobler (?) *** **eamer Lincolnshire Heckington
John Piggott   M 34   General Labourer Lincolnshire Boston
Ben Worth   S 35   Rope Maker Stanningley
James Connor   S 31   General Labourer Sheffield
Anthony McColl   S 25   Soldier Scotland
Thomas Cork   S 40   Soldier Cheshire Macclesfield
Joseph Mottram   S 21   Soldier Halifax
George Chapman   S 49   Groom Domestic Rutland Empringham (?)
Joseph Taylor   S 45   Fitter Engine & Machine Hampshire Portsmouth
William McGreary   M 24   Miner Coal Hewer Sheffield
Frank Barnes   M 56   Miner Coal Hewer Staffordshire Millinghall
John Wheelhouse   S 44   Cloth Dresser Brighouse
Law Dyson   M 31   Blacksmith Huddersfield
Richard Hardcastle   M 56   Cabdriver Groom Halifax
Albert Stephenson   M 33   General Labourer Ossett
John Cooke   M 36   Puddler (ironworks) Rotherham
Frank Marriott   M 32   Steel Worker (steelworks) Rotherham
William Manning   S 19   Soldier Bradford
Lawrence Gilder   S 21   Soldier Ireland
Thomas Sharp   M 26   General Labourer Bradford
Thomas Kelly   S 22   Soldier Lancashire Rochdale
Edgar Bentley   S 26   Cloth Designer wool Huddersfield
Patrick McLaughlin   M 41   Soldier Ireland
John Mooney   S 21   ? Ireland
William Meagan   S 50   General Labourer Ireland
Joseph Massey   M 48   Miner Coal Hewer Cheshire Stockport
William Clay   M 45   Brickmaker Birchencliffe Huddersfield
Charles Lawry   S 22   General laboure Halifax
James Londale   M 34   General Labourer Lancashire Manchester
John Kelly   S 29   Miner Coal Hewer Dewsbury
John Harrott   S 30   Miner Fitter in Coal Pit Hollins End (?) Sheffield
Percy Jones   S 21   Soldier Shropshire Wellington
Walter Clarke   S 29   Labourer in Iron Foundry Lincolnshire Sleaford
John Watkinson   S 21   Miner in Coal Pit Hunslet
John Forrester   M 36   General Labourer York
Wilson Ward   S 18   General Labourer Parkgate
John Bailey   S 38   Cloth Weaver Holmfirth
Owen Roach   S 29   General labourer Sheffield
Sydney Newton   S 40   Coalminer Waycleaner(?) Worsbrodale
William Harper   S 31   Miner Coal Hewer Staffordshire Willenhall
Robert Hume   S 43   Painter Malton
William Speight   M 39   Miner Coal Hewer Lincolnshire Boston
Henry Siddons   M 52   Farmer Bradfield
Joseph Mitchell   S 21   General Labourer Todmorden
George Moody   S 22   General Labourer Normanton
James Martin   M 38   General Labourer Oxfordshire Oxford
Thomas Turner   S 20   Miner Coal Hewer Broomhill Sheffield
George Wainwright   S 35   Miner Coal Hewer Mapplewell
Tom Hirst   S 45   Dry Waller Mason Denby
John Barraclough   M 46   Miner Coal Hewer Lowmoor
George Hall   S 38   General Labourer Sheffield
Robert Walker   S 18   Miner Pony Driver Below Middlesborough
George Sharpe   M 27   General Labourer Ossett
Richard Downing Prisoners child S 6 mths     Wakefield
Elizabeth Dunn Prisoners child S   2 mths   Leeds




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